Wanted All Lei Fei Players

Discussion in 'Lei' started by masterpo, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. RisenGlory

    RisenGlory Active Member

    Sup phanatik! Like those Lei combos you come up with!
  2. SwordSainte

    SwordSainte Member

    Ok, I FINALLY got the breaker problems taken care of in my house, which means that my PS3 cna be on at the same time the air conditioning is on. So I can finally start playing VF again. For those of you who sent me friend invites, send them again: I'll get them this time.
  3. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter


    So I'll put together a list of the PSN players that have indicated interest , and make sure that I'm on their friends list.

    Does everyone on the PSN side have a mic? Its gonna be kind-a -hard (but not impossible) to do the team thing without a mic.

    Theory is will be doing this in rooms of eight right?
  4. HunterX57

    HunterX57 New Member

    If I can find a charging cord, I do have a bluetooth headset I bought way back for my ps3, and may be able to get that working. But otherwise I tend to not talk anyways even if I have one.

    I however, play Lei Fei (and have been known in the past to use Lau), and just got FS and am in the process of sending lastmonk a psn message. I look forward to practicing with any and all of you if you'll have me. My online rank is incredibly low, because I only recently heard there was a new version of VF5 (and bought it the next day, which was yesterday)
  5. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
    Welcome. Make sure you check the commands and combos links for frame data and universal combos you can start memorizing, as Lei has changed a bit since Vanilla.
  6. HunterX57

    HunterX57 New Member

    Yeah after fighting a ridiculously jumping around Kage, I did a full command list run in the dojo to memorize all my various anti-air kicks. The stances don't seem to be any different than I remembered from Vanilla though. Been doing alright against less than 12k BP players with the exception of Jeffery players. Going to need to learn a long combo for that big damage dealer.

    Relatively surprised your post wasn't to yell at me for posting something almost a year after the last post. Didn't really check the dates on things before typing that last one up.
  7. phanatik

    phanatik Well-Known Member

    I phanatik I
    No yelling:) Some of the differences from VF5 are Lei's Kyo stance and his options from there (although his Kyo is used just like his Ura Nehan in Vanilla), and [1][P][+][K] launcher, and [4][P][+][K] bound for combos.
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    ETERNL GRACE New Member

    I'm starting a group called Lei-Fakers. If you like lei fei, main him, possibly even know how to use him, but won't represent....Sign up here!
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  9. GrandpaLoafers

    GrandpaLoafers Well-Known Member


    I'm a Lion player that is thinking about making the switch! The main thing is that Lion is too self-centered and superficial, and I'm looking for someone who is more mature, wise, and on the path towards enlightenment!

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