Wanted: HakushonLM

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by TomDC85, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. TomDC85

    TomDC85 Well-Known Member

    Does this guy actually ever bless anyone's machine? He sure don't mine. He's got two of the last three items I need for Lau- the shield greaves and the glorious pads- but I've never seen him. Anyone know why? Only other item I haven't got is the ochre pads. Dunno bout them either. On the plus, I got the three hats not listed on the items FAQ. Any ideas on HakushonLM and the ochre pads? (the methods on the items FAQ don't seem to work...tried for ages...)
  2. Dandy_J

    Dandy_J Well-Known Member

    Actually I'm about to be High King w/ Akira and I just fought him once, maybe twice today. He had shoulder pads that were white w/ a gold design (looked really nice w/ the white outfit). Too bad I wasn't using my Lau character at the thime...ah well he's only 8th Dan right now anyway.
  3. death_raven

    death_raven Well-Known Member

    you have to take in consideration that there's a lot of CPU HighKings in the game, just have a little patience, he'll show up
  4. CrYingCHoCoBo

    CrYingCHoCoBo Well-Known Member

    yeah, and aside from that, it seems like the cpu resists giving too many same character matches at a given time...beware, he's prolly gonna fight like crazy to keep those greaves /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif
  5. TomDC85

    TomDC85 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, just wanted to know if I was missing something or whether I am just unlucky. I'll catch the scoundrel some day. What about the ochre pads?

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