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Discussion in 'Aoi' started by kingo, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

    Ok, everyone already know about the magic property of [2_][3][P]![P][+][G] going through moves / opponent with Aoi ending up behind her foe :p.
    But I Just want to share some more random and "weird" or particular things-to-know.

    236P+K crumple on CH when you interrupt Lei Fei's Dokuritsu Shiki's K or K+G.
    There is no sabaki, and usually the move just gives +1 on CH...

    2/Closed Stance
    Aoi on 1P side, if [6][6][P] CH hit a side turned opponent on the foreground, you have +12, so free [P][P][K] or [6][4][P][+][K][P]. However, if he's on the background, he will be pushed a little too far and will be able to evade [P][P][K] or [6][4][P][+][K][P]. ( can even low punch against [P][P][K])
    It's the opposite with Aoi on 2P side: if he's on the background, he can't evade [P][P][K] or [6][4][P][+][K][P] after getting hit side turned by [6][6][P] CH, but can if he's on the foreground.

    Now, in Open Stance, it works all the opposite of Closed Stance. lol
    Making it hard to use properly..:confused:

    The only exception is Lau who can just guard or low punch after getting hit by the first [P] of [P][P][K] in the situation ithe string should be guaranteed..[6][4][P][+][K][P] still works though.
    WHY ????????????????

    Against Light Weight ( Aoi and Eileen at least ), if after
    [6][K] CH or [3][3][P][+][K]>[P][P][6][P][P] the opponent hit the wall high enough, you can add a heavy Bound [6][K][+][G] but then you are limited to only one attack after, and [3][K][+][G] or [6][6][P][+][K] or [6][6][P] causes no Wall Slump.
    WHY ??????????????
    Unless you're using [6][K][K], the others 2-hits strings like [6][6][P][+][K][P] or [6][4][P][+][K][P] or [9][P][+][K][P] will have their second hit whiffs completely..

    In that case it's better to use [P][+][K] for the Bound instead of [6][K][+][G], because the limitation will not apply in that case ( you can add [6][6][P][+][K] then [3][K] like the end of her typical wall combo )

    [K][K] is a 2-hits natural combo on side turned. Even if in dojo it doesn't show as it.

    You can enter Tenchi at different moments after your [2][K][+][G] is blocked.
    The more late I could get is -15, so Tenchi in that case is not active early enough to parry an elbow for example.

    "Safer" distance with the sweep against most Jacky's punish.

    On NH, you can also just backdash most of his attacks instead of using Tenchi [4], including a side kick

    We all know the rules about beating a rising kick with a well timed attack what does 21 dmg or more.
    However, in some scenario like when a foe is face up, head toward, his rising kick can be beaten by [4][6][P][+][K] or [2][K][+][G] which does 20 dmg.
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  2. GunSniper Ls

    GunSniper Ls Member

    Great stuff! im disappointed that aoi cant get the Bound moves like other characters can but good thing some one else knew some of these weird Stuff happening for #3 I notice that when I was trying to get some awesome damage wall moves and was sadden by the fact that it dropped :(
    #4 [K][K] works great for evaders but Im still trying to figure out what's the best thing to do after
    #6 Awesome Example of tehchi at its finest!
    #7 I think reversal would be better then trying to time it just right
  3. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

    #4: the only thing is that the first kick is high, and you never really get +14 on side turned unless you evade a specific move in a specific disadvantage situation. I still prefer [P][P][K].
    Too bad it can be evadable to her back, like most of her good moves...

    #7 Yeah but I just wanted to point out that these two moves don't do 21 dmg, but still can beat a rising kick, which is weird because that's not how the system works. No clue why.
  4. Ben_Lord_Dur

    Ben_Lord_Dur Well-Known Member

    Ben Lord Dur
    And you ask WHY??

    You are the machine. We're not. Damn you really really
  5. Craigbot

    Craigbot Well-Known Member

    #7 Maybe the Double Palm/Spinning Low Kick does a little less damage since the attack is facing them. Else to their back/side, it does more damage?
  6. Kruza

    Kruza Well-Known Member

    About #3 - Has [3][K] been attempted after the [6][K][+][G] stand-up bound animation yet?

    There's not much that can be done after [K][K] hits since the opponent would be pushed back too far away after that second kick to hit with a quick follow-up attack. All that can be done is to try to bait a quick attack from the opponent first that would likely miss Aoi, then whiff punish accordingly.

    And P.S.: What took you so long to finally post here at VFDC??? :)

  7. GunSniper Ls

    GunSniper Ls Member

  8. kingo

    kingo My bitch G0d3L is a scrub Content Manager Aoi

    Find out yesterday that 236P+K gives a stomach crumple when you hit Shun Di while he's in Oushin stance.. kinda funny.
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  9. Combolammas

    Combolammas Sheep Content Manager Goh

    I'm kinda late here, but I think Lei's doku and Shun's Oushin function like the characters were staggered if you hit them there. Shun at least after entering Oushin or doing a roll there is a brief perioid where you can cr.s stun him with Jean 33P,K second hit. So, if 236P+K crumples out of staggers then you have at least some kind of answer.

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