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What are Jacky's top moves?

Discussion in 'Jacky' started by SUPARSTARX, Jun 8, 2012.


    SUPARSTARX New Member

    In your opinion?
  2. Cozby

    Cozby OMG Custom Title! W00T! Content Manager Sarah

    Stn Cozby
    The top 10 move list for every character:

    1. [P]
    2. [2][P]
    3. [6][P]
    4. throw

    Every move is both useful, and risky. It's most important to have solid fundamentals, and then apply them into making good reads.

    That's just my opinion though.

    my FAVORITE moves are

    1. [3][P]+[K}
    2. the new combos
    3. the new slide shuffle
    4. Iageri Kick
  3. JackyB

    JackyB Well-Known Member

    Just some of the ones I like.
  4. avok23

    avok23 Active Member

    Are there any throws Jacky can combo from.
  5. Strategist

    Strategist Active Member

  6. Cozby

    Cozby OMG Custom Title! W00T! Content Manager Sarah

    Stn Cozby
    You can actually combo off of [4][6][P]+[G] on the wall.

    SUPARSTARX New Member

    What are some good hit confirm punishes off like stagger and knockdown? Or are a lot of Jacky's good damage off wall splats and such?
  8. ClarenceMage

    ClarenceMage Member

    1. [7][K]
    2. [P]+[G]
    3. [6][6][P][+][G]
    4. [6][4][P][+][G]
    5. [2][P]
  9. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    Not counting basic punches..

    slide shuffle [P]

    So many nice moves..

    WINBACK Active Member

    For me, not counting [P], [6_][P], and [2][P]...

    1.) [6][P], (hit-confirm) [K]
    2.) [1][P]
    3.) [6][6][K]
    4.) (far-range poke) [3][K]
    5.) (whiff punish) [P][+][K],[P] into combo
    6.) Counter Hit [6][P][+][K] into [6][K] into combo
    7.) [1][P][+][K] pressure
    8.) [K][+][G],[K] or Failed Sidestep Counter-Hit [K][+][G]~[4] into SS [P] into combo or SS [P][+][K], (hit-confirm) [P] into combo
    9.) [1][K][+][G]
    10.) [4][P][+][G] or [6][4][P][+][G]

    Not good enough with [6_][K]:[G] yet, but it's definitely one of his most important moves.
  11. InterDinghy

    InterDinghy Member

    Can someone tell me about how long you have to hold forward to get the iagiri kick to come out instead of the launcher?

    I'm having trouble getting a feel for this in training mode since the computer just kind of stands there, and I'm having a really hard time finding gaps big enough in my opponent's offense for me to get the charge long enough to effectively poke with it, and all the random launchers I keep throwing out are a lot more embarrassing to me than just a little prematurely cancelled [6_][K]
  12. Einnashe

    Einnashe Member

    In this version, you can do qcf+K:G and it will be easier to come out.
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