what came first?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Drunken_Master, Apr 7, 2001.

  1. Drunken_Master

    Drunken_Master Well-Known Member

    tekken 1 or virtua fighter 2? cuase when i was a kid i do rember playing virtua fighter 2 first, but mate swears tekken 1 came out before that.

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  2. uk_kid

    uk_kid Well-Known Member

    either way, VF came first :p
  3. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    tekken1 arcade came before vf2.

    vf1: 12/93
    vf2: 11/94
    vf3: 8/96
    vf3tb: 6/97 (? sometime mid 97 anyway)

    t1: summer 94
    t2: summer 95
    t3: summer 97
    ttt: summer 99
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Can't believe that ,the PS1 release was November 94 and Toshinden should have been the first PS Fighter(release titles : Toshinden,Ridge Racer). No way system 11 was already around in summer 94 at least you prove it........

  5. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    Sorry to inform you, but you're wrong. Tekken came out before VF2. I'm too lazy to point to some piece of evidence to prove it to you, but I can assure you that Tekken was out first. Of course, because of distribution in the US and all that, most of us, including myself, saw VF2 before seeing Tekken.

  6. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    vf3tb: 6/97 (? sometime mid 97 anyway)

    Well, they were still beta'ing VF3TB while I visited Japan in 7/97. As for the final release date...

  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Yeah I found the proof for myself on a namco-website.

    1994 Established Namco Cybertainment Inc. through consolidation of Namco Operations Inc. and Aladdin's Castle, Inc. Opened Empire of Eggs, adjacent to Namco Wonder Eggs. Introduced Ridge Racer for Sony's PlayStation. Introduced Tekken, a polygon martial arts game using System 11, a three-dimensional graphics system board developed in cooperation with Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.

    summer .....really........?!

    still incredible the playstation arcade Hardware was 3-5 months before out then the playstation itself........no way ST-V(Golden Axe the duel) alias saturn could achieve something like this, it came out later ,saturn was out in october 94

    One surprise after the other.....hehehe
    what a shame to release the game on system 11 although namco had system 22, this was the start of the end of hightech arcade hardware..........Where is lockheed Mariettas 'Model 4' ....

  8. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    > still incredible the playstation arcade Hardware was 3-5 months before out then the playstation itself

    i don't think it's that incredible. iirc the ps1 was based mostly on system 11.

    > Where is lockheed Mariettas 'Model 4' ....

    probably not going to happen. and people shouldn't be so fixated on the name of the graphical system used. model 1 was essentially a beefed up sega system 32, far more resembling that system than it did model 2. naomi2 just happens to be the next step up, part of the next generation. fuckin' deal with it already, people.
  9. nascarbryant

    nascarbryant Well-Known Member

    I know that system 11 was a PS 1 but why did Sony namco release it's secret 4-5 months before the PS Launch?! Probably sega was shocked and integreatet the second Hitachi main processor in a hurry. This behaviour was often criticised

    Model 1-3 where Devellopt by lockheed marieneta right?!(93,94,96) very expensive stuff these boards weren't they?!
    naomi followed the same strategy like system 11, sega knew that the time of expensive hardware is/was over. naomi 2 a recycled naomi 1 with a lot more RAM and a T&L processor great thing but a big slow down in segas (93-94-96) pace.

    Model 1 and system 32 games seem so diffrent you don't see sprites beeing used on the 4.. model1 games and there wasn't even one sprite based model 1 game. sytem 32 with it's spiderman, gale racer, golden axe seems so diffrent are you sure that model 1 is a upgraded system 32(and if this is true was system 32 created by lockheed m. or was model 1 no lockheed m hardware?)

    bye bye for know.........lazy nascar

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