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What do you think was wrong with the Evo tutorial

Discussion in 'Console' started by Jide, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Dandy_J

    Dandy_J Well-Known Member

    They didn't teach fuzzy guard how I think they should've. It's only available in the challenge section, and you have to block dblplm, low backfist, throw mixup, which is not really basic fuzzy.

    They needed to have a section in the main tutorial where Jacky just does p -> throw and p -> 6p on you.
  2. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member


    i think the akira mixup was perfect tho~~

    i dont quite understand what u mean with jacky ~~

    if u mean P on hit~ then fuzzy is impossible

    if u mean P on guard, then low P breaks any mixup anyway.

    i think they used the akira situation, because he gets +2~ which is both the peak of nitaku, and the peak of fuzzy guard.

    the only thing i think they didnt cover well is fuzzy guard from crouching which is almost a different instance entirely~ and very useful after low P block~!!!!
  3. Siyko

    Siyko Well-Known Member

    a 12 frame mid is harder than most fuzzy situations where you'll be standing to guard elbow-class attacks.

    Making the input that tight made it harder to apply fuzzy while still learning it.
  4. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    hmm, ic

    but u do know the training mode has:

    P (block) ~ double palm / throw / low backfist exercise right?

    i think in the main game of VF, these are perfect mixups, especially seeing as the low backfist is long exe~ which means you can actually fuzzy guard as normal, and still have time to block low~~ it's just teaching you *exacty* how to use fuzzy guard against attack a mixup of attack classes~ and getting the execution right ~infact it goes through defending without even being disadvantaged the first 2 exercises~~ and gives u plenty of time to get the grips of fuzzy guard without croushdash.
  5. KoD

    KoD Well-Known Member

    They probably should have demonstrated the actual mechanics (i.e. stick motions) for the fuzzy guard and cd fuzzy guard excercises.
  6. shadowmaster

    shadowmaster Well-Known Member

    I don't see anything wrong with it at all. All I can say are positive things about it. Besides what fighting game will teach you master combos the experts use I can't think of one and it is the one training mode where you can honestly say that once you've beaten it for one character you can be considered a master of the game hands down. What other game honestly has a training mode that comprehensive. I have played quite a few and none are close in that aspect.
  7. Dandy_J

    Dandy_J Well-Known Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    BK__ said:
    P (block) ~ double palm / throw / low backfist exercise right?

    i think in the main game of VF, these are perfect mixups, especially seeing as the low backfist is long exe~

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Yes but the game lacks a prefabricated fuzzy excersice for basic fuzzy, ie P (blocked), elbow or throw.

    You see I think basic fuzzy guard (ie fuzzy at -1 to avoid throw/elbow only) is more important for a new player to learn than edteg and that stuff, yet 1. It's only available in "challenge mode", which I'm sure new players see as 'extra' stuff for experts and don't touch, and 2. The fuzzy exercise they offer has double palm as the mid (done from standing, which is 13 frames, 1 frame harder than elbow), and low backfist is always there, which is not good for a beginner who can't even fuzzy P -> throw.

    I understand they made the fuzzy exercise harder because it's in challenge mode, but there needed to be a basic fuzzy exercise in the main tutorial that teaches the player how to fuzzy P, throw and P, elbow.

    I think many, many people that try to learn vf, learn edteg or dteg before fuzzy (and maybe never even learn fuzzy) because of this, and I think it's wrong.
  8. maddy

    maddy Well-Known Member

    My memory is fading, and I can't confirm it as I don't own a PS2 anymore, but I think the Evo fuzzy challege mode has the following.

    Dealing with...
    P(on block), a throw
    P(on block), dbl palm

    (Either the first or the second submenu of the challenge)

    The challege being talked about by BK_ and Dandy is the last part of the fuzzy challege. I remember it having 3 or 4 subparts to it. I agree that LBF is not a normal part of fuzzy equation, but the concept of this challenge is to go one step further from the regular fuzzy, which only deals with an immidiate throw and a mid.
  9. Dandy_J

    Dandy_J Well-Known Member

    It only has these:

    1. Akira does 666p or 3p+k with a timer countdown.
    2. Akira does 666p or 3p+k quickly with no countdown.
    3. Akira does p (guarded), 3346p, throw, or 3p+k.
    4. Akira does pk (hit), 3346p, throw, or 3p+k.

    So there is no exercise with just p throw and p dblplm.
  10. Vith_Dos

    Vith_Dos Well-Known Member

    I haven't played the tutorial in a while but as far as I remember the most annoying thing about the VF Evo tutorial was the lack of explanations of some things or the difficulty of wrapping your mind around their explanations (as a noob i mean). Examples would be things like /versus/images/commands/D.gif/versus/images/commands/f.gif can be buffered in many different ways. The /versus/images/commands/k.gif+/versus/images/commands/g.gif realease /versus/images/commands/g.gif after one frame (wtf). The wording on many of the solutions and problems was a little engrishy as well. I remember reading things and going "... whassa who now?"
  11. IronFists

    IronFists Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    RaH said:

    I think the tutorial is great in-game, the only thing I can think of that would be nice is if during the combo training they actually displayed the combo you were doing on-screen while you were attempting it. I would sometimes forget and need to restart the session /versus/images/graemlins/crazy.gif dunno if this is the kind of answer you're looking for, just something that came to mind

    [/ QUOTE ]
    that's how I feel.

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