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What does your gamertag say about you?

Discussion in 'General' started by Modelah, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    Well, it was either this or 'Post a pic of your face and other private stuff about you', so I chose the former.

    I'd like this to be a 'Get to know something about people in the community' type of thread. Some of the gamertags I've seen intrigue me, and I was just curious as to whether there was any kind of 'story' behind them.

    I'm a hardcore modelmaker, and I spare no expense. What started as a hobby has become somewhat of an obsession for me, I absolutely love going over the tiniest of details in the pursuit of perfection, an endeavour that can take weeks to years. The 'a' and 'h' are the initials of my real name.

    So, there you have it- 'Modelah', not pronounced with a cool Italian accent.

    Bring something about yourself to the table, chaps.
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  2. Ben_Lord_Dur

    Ben_Lord_Dur Well-Known Member

    Ben Lord Dur
    It's "word game". Many ways to understand it mixing english and french...
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  3. IvorB

    IvorB Well-Known Member

    Mine's just a general nickname I've had for years. You probably won't get it if you are not English.
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  4. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    Mines is based on an old anime. Usually not my genre preference but someone reccomended it to me and i ended up liking it. "EvenPit" was boring "SoulEater Irene" was lame, and when I changed it to Eureka s3v3n I promised i would never chang it again. Plus it dosn't hurt that my main character can be dressed up to look like the characters from the series and more-so the followup series "AO". So
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  5. Junsuina Chikara

    Junsuina Chikara Well-Known Member

    My VFDC name and PSN name "Junsuina Chikara" is Japanese for "pure power" and that came about because I was always drawn to Akira because of his phenomenal power and an obsession with Japanese culture.

    My XBL name I've had for many years. I chose Leprekaun because I'm half Irish and although I know Leprekaun is correctly spelt "Leprechaun" I substituted the ch with a k so that people from other countries would pronounce it properly. The TM at the end of it was just because at the time I created an XBL GT, Leprekaun was taken so I threw in the TM to stand for Trademark :D and it just so happens to be the first 2 initials of my real name.
  6. Keoma

    Keoma Well-Known Member

    I just like Spaghetti Westerns...and The Man With No Name was too obvious, and unfunny, and longer than the # of characters allowed so...
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  7. Sozos

    Sozos Pai Sucksan Content Manager Pai

    Mine is extremely random.hahaha
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  8. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    My nick comes from this character. Originally made it just for a ps2 username, but I kept on using it since it sounded cool.

    In my actual gamertag I added FI because I am finnish and mere Manjimaru was already reserved.

    The XBL tag was supposed to be my "incognito" gamertag after my original xbox broke down and took my info with it. But I kept on using just the tag. The name comes from this.
  9. MakiLeSushi

    MakiLeSushi Well-Known Member Content Mgr Vanessa

    Lol I like this thread
    My nickname is Maki and bacause of Makis, all my friends called me sushi, so in french my ID means MakiTheSushi =)
  10. no_w_h_ere

    no_w_h_ere Well-Known Member

    Mine is about my point of view about combat (not only fighting games),basically it's about space and time.
    The nowhere component is for the unpredictability (you have to be at least more unpredictable than your opponent ^^).
    The here and now component is the Zen one, the need to be totally in the present ( to be focus seem obvious but sometimes you are "losing it" when you want too much to do something ^^").
  11. ToyDingo

    ToyDingo Well-Known Member

    I like dingos...
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  12. CarolinaPanther

    CarolinaPanther Well-Known Member

    From Fayetteville (not Charlotte, where the Panthers play) North Carolina. Ironically enough, I actually had the moniker for Raven (Tekken) when I had him saved on that nice little card for the arcade. Back when I first joined VFDC the name was Carolina Panther NeoGeo :p I still miss Vanilla (sans DMPK).
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  13. ExzetyXat1

    ExzetyXat1 Well-Known Member

    My psn name was made by 11 year old me :(
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  14. Craigbot

    Craigbot Well-Known Member

    My gamertag came about from signing up my account for IGN, while getting the 1st Microsoft Xbox system in 2002-2003 and I used the same name for both. My, look how time flies.
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  15. JaLoHa21

    JaLoHa21 Well-Known Member

    I took the name JaLoHa21 after my first PS3 overheated. It's suppose to be the first two letters of my full name like, "JAcob LOgan HArris". And 21 is just my favorite number, I don't know why... 10 year old me named my first PSN as: "Badoinkeedoink21". -_-'
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  16. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    When I was younger (high school days) I use to always warn my dudes about
    going too far with things that could get everybody in trouble with the law, I always use to stick up for kid that got bullied all the time. One day one of my friends committed a serious enough crime to have to do jail time. I eventually went to visit him while he was in lock up, and when he saw it was me, he said go ahead and tell me "i told you so" Last Monk, and everytime I went to visit him he would call me lastmonk so all my boys eventually called me that.

    So I accepted it as a nick name and since I was really heavy into the T.V show Kung Fu (David Carradine) and I would talk so much shit to my boys all the time, one of them started calling me Master Po the Last Monk just to shut me up LOL

    And after all this time, I still talk a lot of !@#$ but I do look out for those who cannot protect themselves and I still try to keep the little homies in the neighborhood from doing things that could ruin their lives. And I'm still down with the temple and Xiaolin Kung Fu with a major Fuggin shout out to Lei Fei my one and only weapon in VF.

    So now ya know.....
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  17. Stl_Tim

    Stl_Tim Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    My name translates into, "stop playing the flavor of the month and play more vf son!"
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  18. Pai~Chun

    Pai~Chun Well-Known Member

    Lishao Tao GPK
    Yu Suzuki, SEGA, East Asian women, the three buttons I press most on my joystick these days:

  19. MDSPrime

    MDSPrime Grappler & Part time Ninja

    Pilchard LoveR
    Orgone - (positive orgone enery) a device that generates life force energy equivalent to Chi/Qi, can heal plants, sick people and has many other useful applications in making our world a better and more positive place.
    Mike - (Michael) my name
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  20. UroboroSx

    UroboroSx Well-Known Member

    Gato Negro Jr
    my name is in honor to the mexican lucha libre
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