What is Hit Checking?

Discussion in 'Jacky' started by BlondieVF5, Jan 26, 2013.

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    The differance is that this is 2013 and not 1996, and if you don't know frames you suck at the game and can look up framedata easily either from this site or _from the game itself_ so it's just redundant to say a move is punishable by elbow/knee when you can give an exact value for I'm sure everyone knows their character's best punishment for that particular situation. But this discussion is also getting to be redundant, so it can end now.
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    Yomi, educating you is never redundant, buddy ;)

    In terms of hitchecking i noticed no one has mentioned the great Dojo options for this now. Using Seidons example of Jacky's [6][P], you can set the CPU to the response of normal hit or counter hit. [6][P] over and over and when you see a counter hit, signified by a yellow flash, you press [K] for the guaranteed knockdown.

    Every character has stuff like this worth practicing. If someone is good at hitchecking they can minimise the risk of being damaged.
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    What does the year have anything to do with, knowing frames, and the efficiency of using punch, elbow, and knee counterable terms. I still use the term punch counterable at -12, i still use elbow counterable at -14. So you sir, can just be mad.

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