Whats your controller mapping for fight stick

Discussion in 'Joysticks and Other Controllers' started by kiko17, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. kiko17

    kiko17 Member

    I just got a fight stick and it has 8 buttons. How do you all set up your fight sticks for efficient play. I have the tekken 5 ten anniversary fight stick and I am playing vf4 evo. on the ps2.
  2. og23

    og23 Well-Known Member

    You can't go wrong with the classic PKG. The first bottom button is G, the first top button is P, and the second top button is K
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  3. kiko17

    kiko17 Member

    that what I did, feels great
  4. Combolammas

    Combolammas Sheep Content Manager Goh

    I have:
    x x P K
    x x G x

    So it's just on the right edge instead of the left. Most sticks have their buttons so close to the stick and with the way I hold the stick I used to occasionally touch my right index finger with my left thumb when I'm pressing right. And when that happens I might press G when I don't want to. That can't happen like this.
  5. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    P K x x
    G x x x

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