Where to play vf in chicago please?

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Guest, Sep 10, 2001.

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    Hi gonna be in chicago from 15th to 21th. Could anyone tell me where can I see the vf4 machine? or anything else for that matter.. i am newbie to chicago.

    thanks ahead.
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    Guest Guest

    At the Harlem Irving Plaza (aka HIP) in Chicago,
    [at the corner of Harlem and Forest Preserve Drive near Irving Park incidentally]
    there is an arcade called "Namco Cyberstation" or just "Cyberstation" for short.
    The VF4 machine is at its entrance for 2 tokens...
  3. MADrox

    MADrox Well-Known Member

    maybe we can hook up during that weekend so you can meet some chicago folks.
    Or in case you need a ride or directions when you are here.
    feel free to email me,

    but just for directions to place, Harlem ave. is 7200 w. and Irving park is 4000 N. these are 2 well known busy streets, so if you ask people at the train or bus stop, they'll help you.



  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hey thanks man. We'd like to to check out Chicago and stuff. Will probably be in town late Saturday. It would be cool to find something nice...
    Thanks advance.

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