Which gamest mook VF3 is the best?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Nov 15, 1999.

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    I know there are several gamest mook out there for VF3.
    What I was just wondering is how would U guys rate them given the
    seperate criteria:
    -most complete info
    -most combos
    -most wanted
    -most good looking art/pictures
    -still available (meaning possible to get my hands on)
    -overall the best (all above criteria combined)

    For example:
    -most complete 1) VF3 act.2 2) VF3tb
    -most combos 1) VF act.1 2) VF3 act.3
    -most wanted etc....

    I'm just curious what U guys think Bcoz i'm planning to get a gamest mook?


  2. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    Well.... how does one put this ? Each of the individual Mooks are fairly complete in their own way, and each Mook seem to correspond with each other in terms of information. (eg. Act 2's information corresponds with Act 1's, and The TB mook corresponds with Act 2 somewhat, etc etc etc.)

    All in all, I guess the basic/average player wouldn't need more than Act 1, and Act 2, as they have a lot of pictures to represent what they are trying to explain. Act 1 is basically a graphical movelist of EVERYTHING a character has, while Act 2 is sort of like a combos guide that any VFer should know in his/her course of gameplay. The other mooks are relatively useless for those whom Japanese looks/sounds like Greek. =] /images/icons/smile.gif

    The TB mooks, and the VF3TB Complete Strategy Guide is for players who are utterly dying to advance beyond their current class of play. (Most of us are STILL under this category.) These mooks provide lots of detail gameplay wise, but some fluency/understanding of Japanese is advised. Otherwise, you would have to take a Japanese English Dictionary, and sit there and start deciphering/translating word by word, which CAN be really tedious. /images/icons/frown.gif One thing to note that the Mooks are OLD. And techniques illustrated in the Mooks, while <font color=red>New</font color=red> to the Initiate in VF, may probably be <font color=red>OUTDATED</font color=red> material in Japan. (Then again, who cares about Japan right now ??? Here's more important. /images/icons/tongue.gif)

    My suggestion however, is to wait for Ice-9 to obtain the tapes (assuming of course, that he's serious. *Hopes* /images/icons/smile.gif), and transfer them into a VCD format, so that you can watch things <font color=red>GRAPHICALLY</font color=red>. IMO, the footage in things like the Character Videos and The various Tourneys are better reference materials than the Mooks, since they have a step by step instruction in them. Not to mention the fact that you would have a better idea of what's suppose to happen, then pure speculation.

    Up to you though. If I was you, get Act. 1 for the basics, Act 2 for Combos, and the rest later. /images/icons/smile.gif Myke or any of the guys can give you a better analysis of the mooks though, since they look at the Mook a lot more than I do. /images/icons/tongue.gif

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