which is the better mode?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Mr. Bungle, Feb 5, 2001.

  1. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    TB or OB (single character)?

    please do not judge your answer on the DC tb version. approach the question as if you had an arcade machine; ie no waiting.

    anyone that says OB mode is better is a complete fucking idiot.
  2. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    OB is better

  3. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    hahahaha...couldn't resist.

    I find single character mode to be flat and
    boring... I really enjoy TB...The strategies
    surrounding placement of your characters,
    the opening games when you are at a deficit...

  4. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    OB is better! TB mode sucks!

  5. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    TB Mode

    Hands down, my personal pick of a setup:

    Team Battle-Standard Health & Time, Variable Damage, 3-5 points.

    I never really get to play this way since there are very few people I know who like this setup (I guess I can only assume some people in Cali like this, and definitely Toronto and Rich). Seriously though, I don't think the load time is that bad on DC, but I understand the argument that one can "lose focus" because of the gap in waiting. However, I feel that team battle is just awesome, especially with variable damage. The matches typically are faster than normal (since life preserving is an issue), but they are quite intense.

    I encourage people to give this mode a try. (BTW, Rich. I know at NYG2 I was annoyingly picking same character sets, I guess I was too intimidated at the time, but I promise you: next time I'll have teams! Real teams!)


    P.S. Btw, what kind of a way to ask a question is that?! I mean, sounds good until the end. Which do you think is better, OB or TB? OB sucks! Yeah, okay, I purposefully misquoted you. However, I admit to being in the preference towards TB. It truly is a different experience.

    Added Note:
    It's sort of funny to me how the "rush" mentality as in, as little delay as possible, affects options. For instance, and I'm not dissing this, this is something quite common and I acknowledge. In NY, the reason given to me against TB mode was the waiting time. Besides that, it was versus mode and stage select. In Portland, "Burnside" (nickname I use for a local Portland player) prefers OB Arcade mode (Normal Mode) with no stage select. This definitely ensures that delays are minimized. The thing I like about "no stage select?" No more complaints from people saying I have a flat stage complex (or a boring selection) and no more seeing challengers pick Wolf or Kage as their character and Taka's stage (this is referring to many players, not a specific one).
  6. Emil

    Emil Well-Known Member

    anyone that says OB mode is better is a complete fucking idiot"

    I don't usually prefer one mode over another but since you put things like that...

    TB mode is WAY better than OB mode!!!
  7. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    OB when I want to get down on some serious versus action against good competition, but generally TB for fun. Arcade, of course.

  8. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    Re: OB is better! TB mode sucks!

    Seriously though, I don't think the load time is that bad on DC, but I understand the argument that one can "lose focus" because of the gap in waiting

    Quick story. My first martial arts tournament was an open
    art, 55 person elimination. We were told to arrive at nine
    o' clock and register. We did. The tournament didn't start
    until 3:00 that afternoon. One of the competitors (from my
    own dojo) got dusted early on and pretty badly. He went on
    and on quite loudly about how the people who should win
    never do (meaning him) and that the long wait from
    registration to the actual time of sparring made him lose
    his focus.

    focus is not an exterior object that you can place and
    keep track of. Focus is an internal comittment to
    attention. No one loses focus because of something
    exterior to themselves, they lose focus because they
    had no real comittment to attention.

  9. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    >OB when I want to get down on some serious versus action against good competition

    hm. unless i've missed something, the same can be done in TB mode. and with more thinking, more strategy, too.
  10. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Focus.... TB Rules! (When taken seriously)

    Hey GE, I agree with you on focus. However, there's nothing much I'm gonna do to argue with people that they didn't lose their focus or at least tell them it's their fault for not committing to it.

    For me though, that lag time actually gives me a moment to "regather my momentum" and well, stretch my focus so I can have a stronger mentality towards coordinating a plan of action for the next round. Given, if I lost the previous round, I can take into consideration the material loss. Given whatever I know about my opponent, I can rethink what I've been doing wrong and/or what they're doing right. For me, the lag between rounds is for a benefit. For some others, it's a big break in the momentum that irritates. Of course they could get used to it, but it seems that a lot of "our" culture (as if we were in the same culture, though I personally don't think we are) is often in a hurry...

    Again though, I encourage anyone who still plays the game to seriously try playing Team Battle mode with a pal, especially if they can handle at least two characters. At first it might feel like another feature. After awhile, I think it gets much deeper than that, and as Rich and others would imply, it gets deeper than OB mode. The added dimension of pressure plays a big role. For those used to sacrificing a round with Shun, you gotta adapt that no matter what the drinks won't carry over if you lose a round (even if Shun is next in the lineup). Swift and safely executed Ring Outs are a big worry because they reward the victor with potentially more health than if he had been forced to win on KO terms. Character selection and matchup is something that's very important to consider after awhile, more importantly, matching how you use certain characters with how your opponent uses certain characters. It even goes beyond this, but IF TAKEN SERIOUSLY, TB is quite a change, but completely in a good way imo. (I think many people don't take it seriously and treat it as a novelty, I think it's a much more serious game than OB).

  11. adamYUKI

    adamYUKI Well-Known Member

    Mano a Mano....

    I think OB too. TB does add an element of strategy and can be fun even in tournament setting say if you have three people rotating...like each charcters expert going on the machine to play..otherwise OB to concentrate...


    <font color=red>ORA! ORA! ORA!</font color=red>

    <font color=white>adam</font color=white><font color=red>YUKI</font color=red>
  12. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    It's more of a character vs character kind of thing. Hmm...how can I say it...OB is more "pure?"

    Plus, OB is more conducive for awesome comebacks, and I love comebacks. =)

  13. Emil

    Emil Well-Known Member

    "I love comebacks. =)"
    TFT Whore!

    -Emil/tft victim
  14. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    how/WHY can't you concentrate in TB mode?!

    (!!!@!!^%$%^!$%^!#$%^$%BN BN FUUUCHHHHKkkkNVDcFGHIUY(*!^(*)
  15. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    no. TB is inherently more conductive for comebacks, because players start with equal lifebars less often. right? so, how is OB, where it's equal everytime at the beginning of the round, more conductive for comebacks?
  16. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Gotta agree with Rich on this one. I don't see how anyone fails to see that the reward for a comeback in TB is much greater than in OB.

    But it all comes down to preference, there is no right or wrong answer. I don't think you're a fucking idiot for preferring OB, but for me it's TB all the way.

    An analogy can be made with the 100m sprint and 4x100m relay track events. One isn't better than the other, but I find the team event to be more exciting and dynamic simply because there are more variables involved.

    In TB:
    [*]the difference between an 'excellent' win and a close win have a large impact on the course of the entire match.
    [*]you can't get away with a lucky win that easily.

    In OB:
    [*]there is no difference between an 'excellent' or close win. A win is a win is a win.
    [*]you can get away with being lucky.
  17. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    I also enjoy OB. I can see how tb has a new element of strategy, and how severe handicaps can make things intense; but I feel that fighting against one character for a whole match leads to a different kind of intensity.

    I find I learn faster when I'm forced to deal with the same character over and over. The more oppt's adapt to each other, the deeper the play becomes because you have to change, then the oppt. changes again. I find this dialogue more interesting.

    Maybe it's just me, but I really like the idea of representing myself with one character. when people wait to select characters in tekken after their oppt, I always think that it's kind of lame. can't you beat tham with your favorite character?

    it's just my preference.


    p.s. Chanchai: i remember you said earlier that you thought in DOA2 that tag battle detracted from the game. I know the two modes are different, but I'm curious about your take on the differneces.
  18. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    >I also enjoy OB. I can see how tb has a new

    "new"? three+ years old is "new"?

    > I feel that fighting against one character for a whole match leads to a different kind of intensity.

    you can have teams comprised of the same character in TB mode..

    > I find I learn faster when I'm forced to deal with the same character over and over.

    might you learn more, though, if you have to fight against different characters.
  19. sta783

    sta783 Well-Known Member

    In the order of preference:

    1) TB (single-mode)

    2) TB (team battle-full life recovery)

    3) OB (single-mode...duh)

    4) TB (team battle-partial life recovery)

    In general, I prefer TB version over OB because of the better character balances. In another words, there are less BSs in TB than in OB.

    Next I prefer single-mode to team battle-mode because I don't believe there are too many people out there who can use 3 characters at the competitive level. Besides if I'm using Jackyx3, the other is probably better off using the same character all the way. Some may say that I have to switch gear each round against a different charatcer, but the same can be said about the other; he too has to switch gear to ready anti-Jacky tactics which is character specific.

    Besides I feel it's rude to give my half-assed characters to someone looking for a serious competition.

    Partial life-recovery is perhaps the biggest reason to explain my mode preference. It's basically a handicap system that makes the weaker easier to catch up. It's like some racing games where the slower gets the extra acceleration boost. It also discourages winning by RO and Timeout, which I believe to be just as legitimate as winning by KO.

    As you can see, I don't exactly dislike the team battle setting. It's fun when I don't feel too competitive (but still wanting to play VF). I guess it's just the partial life-recovery that gets me.
  20. GodEater

    GodEater Well-Known Member

    What I find partial life recovery encourages is
    fast paced, intense fights. The quicker you
    kill your opponent the more health you get
    back. I find full health recovery rewards
    slow and plodding matches that border on
    little more than staring contests.

    keep away, full bar next round! wooo!


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