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Discussion in 'Dojo' started by Chan415, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. Chan415

    Chan415 Active Member

    First off, i'm in a bit of character debate and would like to hear a stranger's advice.

    I started off with Pai, but soon found out her defense ablities and movies were a bit lacking to my taste.

    Now i'm using Jacky. But I realized, he doesn't have anything good upclose besides an elbow.

    Now i'm wondering should I stick with Jack or try someone different. In games such as Tekken, i am a Non-Flipper Law and Heichi player. While in SF i stick with Guile and Ryu.

    So anyways, this is my first VF game, and was wondering what you guys would suggest on my preferences...although i have tried everyone a bit(except Jeffery).

    Now all advice is appreicated...thnx
  2. BakuBaku

    BakuBaku Well-Known Member

    Mabey you should try Jeff? Why havent you tried Jeff?
  3. Chan415

    Chan415 Active Member

    I'm not a fan of the "fat" slow type of character. I hate the slow morons of the fighting world..just like the big show, butterbean, and andre the giant

    I usually like Good Speed and Power, favoring Power over speed, although Law in Tekken does have more speed than power.

    I've used Jeffery, but haven't been through his training and I can always seem to beat him easily in Kumite without much thought...maybe i'll give him a try
  4. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    FYI Pai is more towards defense abilities as opposed to a majority of the characters.

    Everyone can block, dodge, throw escape but not everyone has sabaki, reversals and inashis.

    I'd like to hear your definition of defense?

    Anyways which character should you use?
    Lau, Jacky, Sarah, Wolf, Lion, are good characters to learn to get used to the basics of VF.

    Some characters are easier to master at first however at the later stages they're all equal. Akira, Shun, Aoi, Lei, Vannessa differ a lot form the rest so they're not particularly good characters to start off with.
  5. BakuBaku

    BakuBaku Well-Known Member

    Heh, real Defense is Vanessa and Aoi!

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