who won vf3?

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Sep 15, 2000.

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    Do you know?
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    She wins the tournament and earns Akira's love and respect. In fact, this is a lead off to VF4 in which there will be a tag team mode and Akira and Aoi will have their own exclusive team. Aoi does an inashi and Akira spod's the opponent's ass, then Aoi does the multithrow on them. She also has a special schoolgirl, nurse, and french maid outfit because Akira thought it would add more taste (and he likes them). In fact, it may even turn out that she's related to (or maybe the future mother of) Honey from Fighting Vipers!!! The ultimate matchup, the winner of the second and third tournament.

    Also, the other exclusive team will be Jacky and Lion as from the 3rd tournament, Lion proves he is not so weak and they have more in common than just pansy noises that they make during the fight. Lion learns that Jacky is indeed "faster than lightning" and based off of that decide that they would be the ultimate tag team matchup for the next tournament. They'll have their special squeels as their taunt moves which staggers an opponent who is not attacking.

    Dural becomes selectable, but it is the Dural from VF2 aka Kage's Mom. Kage and his Mom create their own tag team. They will have a 3 step TFT incorporating both of them and basically making a 30 foot toss with aerial raves. I am dying to see her new costume as she is probably no longer naked in metal plates.

    Sarah and Taka will be another tag team and Taka will realize that Sarah is too fast... When she tries to tag him in, he will have two options... Either come in fast but start out with a slow recovery time (but he can eat counters!!!) or he walks in and it takes forever and by the time he gets in, Sarah's horsefood. She also catches Taka "training" his students and says the famous "even good guys blow it." Her "better run home to mama now" is not a winning pose anymore, it's what she says when she tags out.

    Lau and Shun come to terms when they discuss the narrow-mindedness of the youths in the tournament. Lau's still upset that his daughter Pai had abandoned him while Shun still feels his students have no respect for him. He still has no clue who he saw at the second tournament. Lau and Shun will have a special finishing move (ala MK) in which Shun bleeds wine from the opponent and Lau cooks them in a portable cooking station with a wok.

    There you have it/images/icons/smile.gif
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    Man, Chanchai, you've just given out the perfect ending for VF3.... /images/icons/laugh.gif Especially that Mother of Honey part. /images/icons/laugh.gif

    Wasn't the answer supposed to be Akira Kid ? /images/icons/cool.gif


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