Who's hyped for FV2??

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by MAXIMUM, Jan 11, 2001.


    MAXIMUM Well-Known Member

    Not much chat about this game so far. I'm one of the lucky few who actually played this game in London a few years ago. Apparently Famitsu have already awarded it with a Silver medal.

    Can't wait


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  2. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    Yeah but in the same issue they gave Madden 2001 for the PS2 a platnium award so my once great respect for Famitsu is seriously waning

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  3. AlexMD

    AlexMD Well-Known Member Content Manager Lei

    I don't trust magazines much anymore after all the terrible VF reviews but I do trust that AM2 will deliver the goods regardless of what score it got in famitsu or any other gaming source.So yes I am psyched for this game :)
  4. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    that's the way to go
    trust the developement teams
    not the mags......

    B4 PSO came out, lotsa mags n online previewers were saying bad things....
    Now they tell us to go out n buy it

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  5. nascarbryant

    nascarbryant Well-Known Member

    well I like FV a lot , ÃŽt's a different kind of V.F-fighting in cages............, i appreciate the diffrent features that were implemented in this game..(like armor,cages,wallthrows-introduction,cool camera-replays,out of the ordinary-fighters with guitars, skateboards, bikes,......but also cool fighting styles like tokio...cool kick-tequniques)...........I don't care what crap other magazines tell............sega tried to innovate the fighting-game genere in 95.........and i think it was a sucess.............others should also try more often to introduce some new ideas in 3-D fighters.........instead of making all those massmarket compatible fighters.....

    P.S still I think that FV2 hasan't progressed so much......it's still very,very similar to FV1....

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