why VF outta all the other games???

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by SummAh, Sep 24, 2000.

  1. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Hey guys/gals

    It's close to three am down under here. I'm bored shitless and in a few hours time, I'll be facing a complete month of studies, assignments and exams...it gets worst. NO VF ALLOWED FOR A MONTH!!!! If i play, I'll end up forgetting about studies and fail. Can't have that happeneing.

    Anyway, as the topic stated, why did u guys choose VF outta all the other games?

    I know it has the deepest gameplay, realism, yomi factor blah blah blah blah blah...but, (apart from being able to show the world how good u are hehehe)isn't there another reason that attracted you to the dark side?

    Personally, I was never much involved into VF until this march. Call me a late bloomer, call me slow, call me anything you want. Heck, some whom have read this might have even called me worst!

    But hell, I'm bored. I just wanna know that's all.

    oops!..4got to mention why I love this game.
    I don't know how to explain. My friends all stick with KOF. They say it's fast, furious, cool combos...cool factor blah blah. When i explain to them how deep this game is and show them how chibita lion plays...immediately, they turn on kof on the DC n tell me ' look, i just jump over and kick him...how good is my yomi!!!!!' /images/icons/mad.gif

    hmmmm...as i was saying, when i first say VF1 at the arcades, my initial reaction(which should be the same to many)was ' WHERE'S MAH SF!!!!!!!'...never understood why VF1 was fun.

    Then came part 2. I started paying attention due to 2 things.
    a) lighting kick...what a move!!!
    b) after getting the saturn with no regrets...tons of great games to play...i always did return to VF2 for fun. I never used to be able to understand why Kage could reverse my moves.(no, i never knew anything abt reversals...i couldn't go online and once again..no one played VF2 with me) Fell in love with the triphammer though.

    But alas, I was still never to see the beauty of the game.

    Fastforward to 1997. I went into timezone in the city and saw VF3 there. A sweet cabinet with awesome grpahics and NO ONE PLAYING IT./images/icons/frown.gif Played a few games and loved it from the start. stuck with Jacky as usual and love his new attitude. Two weeks later, after having completed my exams, the machine was removed. (HAHAHAHA back then, i never figured out there was a E button, THE SHAME)

    Anyway...Jan of 1999, walked past a store showing VF3TB on the DC. Immediately bought it after seeing Akira do the DLC during the demo. Had non stop fun. But it wasn't until this march i found someone to play with me on a regular basis. Never looked back since.

    so what's your story?

    DID JA SEE MY CRAZY KICKS? /images/icons/wink.gif
  2. AlexMD

    AlexMD Well-Known Member Content Manager Lei

    Hmm Well I first saw VF1 at Timezone in Northland shopping center and people were actually playing it! which has to be my only memory of any VF game drawing a crowd in Melbourne,anyway I think the realism is what attracted my attention,the movement of something like a roundhouse kick was much more accurate and painfull looking than in any game before it and there seemed to be a huge number of moves with each character(I was amazed when I first saw Pai's reversal).Timezone was running these super sessions at the time,with all machines on freeplay for two hours and it only cost $8 so I was there practically every week with friends and sometimes without.Unfortunatly I was unable to learn at anywhere near the rate that I can now because couldn't access the internet and there is only so much two people can figure out(It always irritates me when people think I'm a newbie I've been playing for 7years).Anyway when VF2 came out I made the trip to the city (1 and a half hours bus then train)and I was not dissapointed in the least except for the ridiculous $3 a game,I started playing Pai as I had in VF1 and I loved the way her sweep flipped them 360 degrees around but I never really found out all the moves till I got the Saturn version,by this time Akira had become very interesting indeed I remember the first time I fought the cpu Akira and he finished me with his low punch counter hammering me to the ground like I was more an irritation than any serious threat.Numerous SNK and Streetfighter games helped to fill the gap until VF3 came out but they were all just practice to build up my reflexes for what would be in my mind easily the best game ever created with VF2 coming a close second.I heard down the grapevine that VF3 was at Boxhill timezone and numerous bus trips later I was playing it,I think I spent $60 dollars the first day but it was worth every cent just to see Taka and Aoi strut their stuff,and what amazing stuff they did strut (I couldn't believe it when I first fought Taka and he was taking all my moves and would not fall down)I remember Taka using the head rocker with this woman hovering over my left shoulder saying Oh dear! as he squeezed my head like a watermellon and threw me on the ground hehe.Anyway I better leave it at that suffice to say VF is a game that cannot be perfected by one man alone it needs MANY dedicated players to figure out its subtleties so thank you to everyone on this board for making Virtua Fighter the amazing game that it is.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think this is interesting so i'll post something here, I started playing VF3 way back I think in like summer 1996. I was a hardcore Shun/Pai player, with Shun being my number one character then moving to pai as my better character in VF2. I saw a japanese OB machine, converted to a US machine in some korean store, saw the graphics and I had to start playing, I played like 3/4 games at 1.50 a game!!! I played shun and the first thing I tried was D, f+p combos, none of the old ones worked this was my berad and butter from VF2. I immediately thought oh geez I'm gonna have to learn the whole game over again, which in fact I did. about 2/3 months after that I started seeing vf3 in playland arcade and I started honing my skills there against alot of newbies and other players. Nelson and Adam hadn't really started playing yet so I had a little head start. The game looked great and was a VF game I knew it would have the few years mastery/depth that was found in the last game so I stuck to it to keep playing. I've had a few times where I said "thats it" I quit. But well most of us are still here playing. But VF4, nope i'll skip it. Simply dont have the time, it'll take 3/4 years in my opinion to get to a highly competent level of play, thats how they want to design the series, so I think they'll stay with that focus. VF has never been the you reach a max potential after two years or so of playing...
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: why VF outta all the other games??? and NYG2

    Oh yeah,

    The other thing is that it requires dedicated players and alot of them help. NYC and Boston had this going for them, so we improved quickly. Actually I think the gameplay level at NYG2 was highrer than it was at the first NYG, we were missing the energy level from not having Sumeragi and Jeff there, and Rich's game wasn't on. So a good chunk of VF players werent there. I did notice that people were doing new things. Much more slow paced gameplay, Machi if you will but it was more thinking. More throw escaping, more dodging. Less fancy stuff, although you did see the occasional BOB and weave, turn around punch, random low throw from some players. We missed the Canada players too. What we need to do for me to keep playing to get better compatively? A World VF tournament involving US, Canadian, Australian, UK, and Japanese players hosted in the US. That would be very cool. Never did a tournament with players from Japan.
  5. sta783

    sta783 Well-Known Member

    Re: why VF outta all the other games??? and NYG2

    I guess Hiro and I do not count as..."people from Japan." Damn....

    more dodging.

    IF you think the play level of NYG2 was higher than NYG, I have to disagree on this account. As players focus more on competitiveness and kill-mode, less dodges they will do. As Hiro mentioned in the post a while ago, dodging is more like betting...hoping that your opponent won't go for a throw.

    That's why I abondoned KS all together and instead started doing CD back&forth (hope you know what it is). I love playing machi and lure someone into attacks. But if I play machi exactly as what machi is supposed to do, i.e. separate the distance and just wait, one should know better NOT to attack.

    So I need a bait. For a while, KS was great for that purpose as it looked as if I was doing something, fooling many into throwing attacks as he thought I was playing normally. Well, KS turned out to be a bit too dangerous. No matter how fast you cancel your dodge w/ CD, there are still certain frames you are vulnerable (being thrown, cannot attack, etc.) CD back&forth has turned out to achieve the bait purpose just as good, except it's much safer. Throwing me is more difficult; I can stick out P if I see incoming throw...so on....

    ...anyway I see myself digressing...and don't really feel like going knee deep in the technical stuff...my point is that there are very few dodges seen in today's matches. I was just watching video clips from recent Japanese tournaments....and matches were so much like VF2...with VF3 characters. Unfortunately, that would take out many flash aspects of the game, though I find myself enjoying the essence of the game even more.
  6. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    Hmm...I think there are a few reasons. The first - the gameplay. To be honset, the grafical flair in VF series always wore off quickly. But the gameplay is just so unique. Within the parameters of the game, there are a million and one things that you can do and ways to win. EVEN when your not just playing to win, the limited options - you can just mess with settings and play novilty matches.
    Depth - does anything need to be said here....it's just the same reason I play flight sims - depth. Falcon 4.0 - arguiably one of the best flight sims EVER {after you've patched and found ereza's patch stuff}...you can spend a year just taking off and landing...going through basic flight procedure and learning the systems before you even begin to get into combat theory. THe same is with VF series..you can spend months just learning how to move, what different situations call for. After that, you can move onto combat theory in the vf universe. It's a very pure game {aside from some of the BS glitches that do come up} and a classic.
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    Re: why VF outta all the other games??? and NYG2

    Hmm I should probably clarify then, it may not be play level, but our ability to win is higher, if it involves less dodging then so be it. Machi style is an accepted one, and it does fairly well for some people, and for some it doesn't (Mike Sumeragi for instance is not too machi at all, last we played with him) But all of our thinking is now better, knowing when to dodge and when not and most of the time its not too good too dodge randomly, you'll get thrown too easily. But things like d+P MC we see clearer and know when to throw, and when not too, or adam a year later really putting E, TE into play. I think it was the lack of having sumeragi/jeff etc. and the variety of players that may be making you feel that the level of play was not as high as NYG1. We certainly should all believe we got better. :)

    <font color=red>ORA! ORA! ORA!</font color=red>

    <font color=white>adam</font color=white><font color=red>YUKI</font color=red>

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