Discussion in 'Site News, Questions and Feedback' started by Pinkgirl, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. Pinkgirl

    Pinkgirl Well-Known Member

    I saw this under the media forum section: "No media requests allowed." Just curious - why?
  2. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Because the latest 7 Media threads are automatically displayed on the home index in the right hand side column under the heading <font color=white>Latest Media</font color=white>. So, the board was originally put up for media announcements only. It's the best way I see VFDC tracking the latest media without actually hosting the files.

    I don't want the board to be cluttered up with "Where can I find <insert chara here> movies?" because it makes the home index look ugly, not to mention those questions have been asked a thousand times before.

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