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Why'd you choose your main character?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pinokkio, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. TBK

    TBK Member

    i also like to use Aoi. i love how she can counter almost everymove in the game and the animations are great too. i would train in aiki jujitsu but there are no schools in vegas /versus/images/graemlins/frown.gif
  2. akebueno

    akebueno Well-Known Member

    the first vf i ever played was vf4 evo. i have owned playstations in the past and live in europe. that basically means that i had no real means to get inroduced to vf, that is until vf4.

    i choose shun as my first and main character because he stood out the most, considering i was used to fighters like tekken and soul blade/calibur.
  3. vfcypriot

    vfcypriot Well-Known Member

    always choose akira.and im waiting for vf5 because he looks very complex and powerful than before.
  4. Griever

    Griever Well-Known Member

    I always wanted my char to at lest have some good looking throws, not be gay-like and fight with single powerful moves.
    That doesn't suit well always, but that's why I play with Akira, Goh, Vanessa, Brad.

    And God, Goh has some great lines and animation after winning /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
    He looks pale? So what! The coolest of the cool /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
  5. Konradinho

    Konradinho Well-Known Member

    I chose Pai, because i played her since VF1. Her grace, and style of her movements made, that she is my main char. Of course, she is also beautiful and lovely /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
  6. Jigohro

    Jigohro Well-Known Member

    I've always preferred grapplers (used to play Wolf, Aoi and Vanessa before Evo came along), so I play Goh almost exclusively. Come on... He's a middleweight judoka! In VF!!! The only other judokas I've ever seen in a fighting game were Goro Daimon in KOF and Paul Phoenix from Tekken, but Goh is the fist one that gets things DONE - the other ones are a joke. Goh's perfect technique, combined with his ruthlessness makes for one of the coolest characters ever.

    Kuzushi->Tsukuri->Kake->BOOT TO THE RIBS!!! Heheheheh...

    BTW, that's what's so great about VF series... You can always pick the character you like, and whose style appeals to you, instead of "the one who kills the other characters the easiest". Go VF /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif !
  7. Zone_Aoi

    Zone_Aoi Member

    (This looks like a good place to start...)

    So, I'm not a bona fide VF player yet, but I have had some casual experience with VF4Evo. That said, let's jump to "Why I chose who I chose."

    I started off with Kage because he (1) had that slick-looking darkblue ninjasuit (the shiny one), and (2) is a practitioner of ninjitsu, and a very well executed one at that (in short: the moves look sick).

    Next, I tried Lion...though now that I look back, I'm really not sure why. Perhaps it was because he uses "tourouken", which I've yet to see in any other fighting video game. Or maybe it's is insanely cheesy voiceover combined with his ghetto quotes. Nowadays, I'm just not sure.

    And Lau...I just liked hearing him scream "ORAAAAA!" every time he used certain attacks. Definitely gave me something to laugh at. But that was the only reason...that, and his old-but-intimidating appearance of "The Master Fighter", you know?

    But now that I plan on buying and playing VF4Evo seriously (no thanks to VF5, which I doubt I'll ever get, but it's good to be prepared JUST IN CASE), I intend to master Aoi. Why? I like the idea of using a "[style] where neither the defender or attacker [is] hurt." That idea in itself is very interesting to me.

    And hopefully, I WILL get a chance to do so...on VF4Evo at least...and then if money allows, on VF5!
  8. Ladon

    Ladon Well-Known Member

    Actually, Aoi uses Aiki-jiutsu, which is a style intended to kill, unlike Aikido, which is less a martial art than it an art.

    VF5 is fantastic, I highly recommend it. And if you can't get it yourself, try to find people in your area who are playing.

    And welcome to the boards! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
  9. Zone_Aoi

    Zone_Aoi Member

    Heh, my bad. I was just quoting straight from the explanation of her fighting style from the VF4Evo Official Site. And now that I have re-read it, the quote is actually describing AIKIDO rather than AIKI-JUJITSU. Whoops.

    In any case, Aoi still looks like she'll be interesting to use...but just in case I lose interest in her, are there any other characters in VF4EVO that emphasize defense, but not so much on grabs?

    And thanks for the welcoming, Ladon! I appreciate it.
  10. Jigohro

    Jigohro Well-Known Member

    BLASPHEMER!!! Once you go Kansai you never go back, baby /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif !

    Well, but just for the notice, Vanessa has a whole "Defensive Style", with a few parries and awesome-looking reversals. Also, while she's got pretty nice throws, she's got enough striking power and speed to beat the snot out of pretty much everybody just by striking attacks.

    I also think she's cheating on the weight. Come on! 55 kg? With that height, these muscles and these... well... Ekhem. This physique?

    (Hehehe, no *SNAP* harm *SNAP* to anybody *SNAP*. Oh, did you hear a bone cracking /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif ?)
  11. Decca_

    Decca_ Member

    High Risk and High Reward is my prefered way of fighting, so Wolf is my main, though El Blaze looks extremely interesting.
  12. garrison

    garrison Member

    Hi everyone.

    Only my second post so im still very new lol. Ive been a fighting game fan for many years. Though sadly ive never played any vf seriously because of the lack of players in the UK. I susspect this will change with the release of vf5 on ps3 and 360 so ive picked up a copy of evo and am now giving it a real go. However i am having real trouble settleing on who to play.

    I tend to go for quality over quantity, function over finess. In tekken 5 i was very fond of Marduck fei Long.

    I have been tempted by Vanessa and Jeffry so far. I thought about Kage but his flamboyant and excessive style kind of goes against my nature. If any one has any advice I would really appreciate it. Needless to say I am still very new at this game so that is going to be a big factor too.

    Thanks everyone

  13. Zone_Aoi

    Zone_Aoi Member

    I recently found this chart, and it should be a good guide to help you decide who to start off with...


    ...unfortunately, this is only a pre-Evo VF4 chart, which means Brad and Goh are not in it. Would someone care to elaborate what kind of gameplay styles they incorporate? Any ways, I hope this helps you, garrison. Good luck.

    And Jigohro, thanks for the tip.
  14. Jigohro

    Jigohro Well-Known Member

    This chart is really fun to read, and it can also tell you a few useful things about the characters as well /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif

    1up's VF5 Weapon of Choice
  15. garrison

    garrison Member

    Thanks for the charts guys. Those are being really helpfull. Im currently giving Aoi a try, getting used to her moves and such. Im also temped by one of the big guys. Was always fond of Marduck and Paul in tekken so Jeffry and Wolf sound really good. Of course im limited to their evo moves at the moment and ive got to say Jeffry seems a little... limited compared to Wolf.

    Can anyone give me any feedback on this impression or comment on how they change and improve in VF5?

    It is proving quite hard to shoose people based on a game that will evolve in about a months time lol
  16. JohnTheGamer

    JohnTheGamer Member

    I chose Goh because he was just the first in the character selection and had never played a VF before VF4 Evo
  17. vfcypriot

    vfcypriot Well-Known Member

    i choose akira because i have been training since fighters megamix and now i can say that i am a master.i am the best vf player
    in cyprus.not only with akira but with all characters.iam the biggest vfan in this country.........anw akira is the best.
  18. TBK

    TBK Member

    wow thats about ten years.. how can you do that i just get annoyed that i cant do his moves and then i cant chose between vf or tekken.

  19. def

    def Well-Known Member

    I have always been a committed Sarah player, usually when I was introduced to a new series, usually I would play as the very first character I have started the series as, usually whether the character wore purple(Nina Williams from tekken) since purple has always been my favorite color, or since I usually like to play as female characters since I like it when women are tough, and are capable of kicking a**. I usually use Sarah 100% of the time, if any other character, it would be Pai.
  20. ultralewis

    ultralewis Well-Known Member

    Infamous Geezer
    I always tend to choose low tier or difficult characters usually in any game. I just enjoy the challenge!

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