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Why'd you choose your main character?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pinokkio, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. EfreeteG

    EfreeteG Well-Known Member

    I have chosen Kage Maru cause i am fond of japan culture and especially ninjutsu tradition. I played on arcade only once it was back in those days when i had my rest in spain. Heh choose Kage and just distanced all cpu's with mid kick and some punches. NOw i know that it was VF4 EVO:))).

    p.s Thanks 4 that topic


    Kage:Waga michi ni makenadonai"
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  2. Venussail

    Venussail Active Member

    I originally used Sarah, but found that her high risk/high reward style and somewhat slower speed didn't really fit me. I then moved over to Pai, who suited my style quite well. I love the flowiness of her moves and the speed in which she can execute them. She also has great customization options and throws to boot. For a secondary character, I plan on picking up Aoi. Her fighting style intrigues me.
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  3. 124

    124 Well-Known Member

    Nice pick.
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  4. Mlai

    Mlai Well-Known Member

    Picked Lau first because I knew he's the chara to learn the game with. Everything he does is direct.

    He looks like he stepped off a kung fu movie set, which is cool. But his backstory really stinks. I ignore Sega's story for him completely. So no, I never put the "cook" items on him. Yuck.

    Then I started playing Goh because (1)I like underdogs who are hard to win with at first, and (2)he has a small movelist and his moves also look pretty direct and normal.

    In fact, I have mixed feelings about his animations revamp in 5FS. Sure, the new animations exude so much personality. But I feel like we just lost a character in the exchange, as well.

    I guess this is Goh coming out of his shell and saying "F--- this, I'm not going to stick to my orthodox training anymore." But his gameplay may be at odds with his new "uninhibited" animations. Anyone who tries to play "wild" using Goh will just die.
  5. CodyHunter07

    CodyHunter07 Well-Known Member

    **Thread bump**
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  6. Satsugai

    Satsugai Well-Known Member

    Goh and Lei Fei are my mains. I suppose I like how drastically different their fighting styles are. Really helps with the head games when you go from someone who punishes you for your mistakes to someone who just punishes you for being in the same ring as them.
    I love how angry I can get my Tekken/combo obsessed friends when I play Lei and there's nothing they can do to stop the impending onslaught.
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  7. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    Eileen chose me thats the truth.
    I like her PKG specials' variations too. Weak sabaki but very evasive moves imo
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  8. Tricky

    Tricky "9000; Eileen Flow Dojoer" Content Manager Eileen

    Quoted for truth. She gets what she damn well wants that's for sure.
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  9. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    Lol yes she does
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  10. beanboy

    beanboy Well-Known Member

    :eek: I first picked Sarah, because shes a cutey.:whistle::rolleyes:
    Vanessa is my other main character too.


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