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Discussion in 'Wolf' started by Clumsy_Mohel, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. Clumsy_Mohel

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    Um, I tried to see if there was anything about this on the site, and I might have missed something in the manual, but if you duck Wolf's shoulder charge at the right moment, is he supposed to go flying over you? This happened to me in the 5th match of a kumite mode fight on my PS2, I was Lau and it was on Lau's stage. I was at the edge of the arena, and Wolf kneels down to start the charge. A frame or so before he hit me, I ducked, and the next thing I know he goes flying over me out of the ring, and I win. I recorded this match, and it plays back the same way. Is this supposed to happen? /versus/images/icons/confused.gif
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    I believe that is std behaviour for Wolf's running shoulder, and I think you can duck at any time, and not necessarily at the last minute. Note that this is not the same move as b,f+p.
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  4. Clumsy_Mohel

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    ah, I see. Well I'll go back now, and put my n00B pin back on.
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    Thread moved from Junky Jungle's board.

    Character specific posts belong in this board.

    Read the notes in Wolf's Ver C Command List. Even though the Running Shoulder Attack (run, /versus/images/commands/F.gif/versus/images/commands/p.gif+/versus/images/commands/k.gif) hits at the mid-level, Wolf will tumble over the opponent if they're crouch guarding and recover in a down position.
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    This might not be totally on subject but it pertains to Wolf. Hiro was kind enough to give me some tips on two aspects of Wolf's game. His hcb+p flow charts/strats and what to do after the p+g throw against the wall. Many thanks to Hiro for taking the time to write me the information.

    "Well, there is no combo after P+G by the wall. Just you have an advantage, that's all. In general when Wolf has an advantage, you can do Catch(f+P+G) which works really well unless the opponent does low atacks. Some people don't know how handy his Catch is because there is a possiblity of the opponent escaping the throwing part. However, since Catch is not a throw, Wolf grabs the opponent even if they are attacking, except for low. (This is not true to any other throw. )
    When you have a huge advantage such as when you are attacking the opponent out of tech-roll, you only need two choices. Catch(f+P+G) and toe-kick-stunner (b+K+G ->P+G.) If you think the opponent will dodge, attack mid or high, or stand and defend, Catch will work. Othewise, i.e. if he is crouching or doing low attack, toe-kick-stunner works.
    Here, when Wolf grabs the opponent by P+G in front of a wall, he does not have that much of advantage. So, instead of b+K+G, you need to use something faster to crush his d+P. Usually, b+P is a high attack, but only after the wall throw version of P+G, b+P becomes a special high. i.e. it will crush low attacks if it comes out first. So, in this situation, you need Catch or b+P. (You may sometimes use b+K+G if the opponent is good enough, but not recommended. Also, never use the knee since it is as slow as b+K+G, but Wolf can not do any combo since there is a wall right in front.) Also, in this situation, if Wolf crushes the opponent's attacks by b+P, you can do a combo of b+P -> d+P -> d,d/f,f+P. If the opponent hits the wall after the combo, you can get some extra damage by doing a down attack.

    hcbP+P is the most important attack for him. Yes, you don't want to use it as a leading jab. You should use P or d+P for that purpose. The reason why hcbP is important is that it works as Wolf's elbow. Jeffrey has b+K as his elbow. By "elbow" I mean fast mid attacks. Say, when your d+P hits without a counter, you don't have that much advantage, only 3 frames. Then, even if you do f+K (knee), the opponent's d+P will stop you. (This is not the case when your low punch hits with a counter since you have an advantage of 5 frames.) But, in any case, you want to attack with a throw or a mid-attack. Here you can use hcbP. It will crush any of the opponent's move. (If you are so sure that they will try to attack, do hcbP+P. If they don't tech-roll, do d+K -> b,f+K+G after hcbP+P hits.) It also helps that hcbP is half-circular. There are many situations where you have a slight advantage that you can not use f+K. Say, wolf's P is defended. In this case, Wolf has an advantage of 2 frames and if you do hcbP+P, you can crush the opponent's d+P, etc. (Of course, the other choice should be a throw.) You can use ity when you defend the opponent's d+P. Etc.etc.
    Well, one bad thing is that if you stop at the first one, the opponent's throw is guaranteed whether it hit him or it was defended. However, since there is the second part, you don't have to worry about being thrown so much. (If you think they will try to throw you, you just press P and the second part of hcbP+P will hit the opponent.) Also, when the second part of hcbP+P is blocked, nothing is guaranteed. (It is true that the opponent has an advantage so that you should be defensive.) Not even his throw. There are some people who try to throw you in this situation. Then, you can do f+K or any attack. (Never just crouch after hcbP+P is defended since by crouching you can not avoid being thrown!! It is true in any situation when the opponent has the advantage of more than 2 frames.) Also, there are some intermediate players who tend to crouch after hcbP hoping they can avoid the second part of hcbP+P since it is high. In this case, you do hcbP and then instead of the second part, you can do low-throws.

    Well, I guess this is pretty much all you have to know. "

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