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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, May 7, 2000.

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    These two combos should work on every character in the game except Taka and Dural; however, there is certain terms and conditions for them to work on each of the fighters (whether or not the short shoulder hits as a Mc, the size of your opponent, and the stage you're fighting on could sometimes affect the effectiveness of these combos). Many times, I could successfully pull them off without any of the above requirements. Okay, so here is the first one: short shoulder, P,P, towards+P, back+P, back, forward+kick+guard (use the front roll kick as your pounce). This second combo does more damage (sometimes almost two thirds of an opponents entire health) and it works much more frequently than the first. It also begins with the short shoulder, after that connects, immediately begin the motion for the screw lariat (hcb, P,P), then do a high elbow pounce. The high elbow should always connect afer the screw lariat due to the screw lariat's quick recovery time and the fact that your opponent is still "floating" when you begin the high elbow. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't have the luxury of playing other people often. There's no competition where I live; therefore, these too combos where tested on the cpu (on hard) for the most part. Furthermore, you could probably begin both of these combos with a knee blast Mc as well.
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    Hmm...both of the combos work fairly well, but usually only on lightweights (I don't think the first will connect completely on a heayweight except maybe on a serious downhill slope) The second is one I've used for a quite a long time and does work well, though I've never seen it do more than maybe 45% tops, and that's with a MC on the short shoulder and catching a struggler on the pounce. It does work on anyone (cept taka/dural), regardless of weight and counter hit, though. Another you might want to try for decent damage is SS(mC or MC),P(G),P(G),big shoulder. Doesn't work on heavies, but does some nice damage and good push distance for ROs.
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    I have gotten the first combo to work on Jeffry several times on his stage (cpu). So it should also work on heavier charcters with the proper timing.
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    err..the only characters heavier than jeff are taka and dural. taka has completely different float mechanics, and dural really is just too heavy and small for anything much to work. unless you're playing against her in tb, then there's some fun stuff you can do when she gets absurdly light.
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    If you read my post (Wolf combos), I said that these two combos should work on every character in the game except Taka and Dural. Nutlog thought that they only worked on the lightweights. That is why I stated that I've gotten both of them to work on Jeffrey (since he is the heaviest character in the game besides Taka and Dural). Thus, under certain terms and conditions (many times none are required), these combos should work on everyone except Taka and Dural.

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