wolf guarenteed strats & setups. (discussion thread)

Discussion in 'Wolf' started by BK__, May 23, 2002.

  1. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    i've been playing wolf alot lately, and i've noticed alot of quereys about him around, so i thought i'd contribute and go through each helpful setup (though i haven't had time to go through ground pick up follow-ups, sorry).

    if there's anything i am wrong about, plz let me know... if not, feel free to read and add to this information.

    Guard break setups

    these allow a guarenteed hit after performed whilst the opponent is blocking, there are three which i know of on wolf..

    1> b,df+p - if the opponent is not blocking, they fall to the ground front ways for you to do what ever you want to them during the fall.. (i.e low punch ~ reverse hammer)

    2> p+k<charged> - quite long to setup, possibliy best to do during opp is rising or during a TR/QR

    3> b,f+p<charge> good for mind games, the opponent's only choice is to crouch, otherwise, they stumble out of a block or eat the blow.

    Guard break combos

    each guard break has and advantage with wolf's f+p, once the opponent is out of the guard, this move will intantly crumble the opponent allowing a guarrenteed low throw, or ground pick up other than using an unreliable force crouch move.

    the uf+p in a guard break can fall the opponent also, though there are not many recommended things to do in this situation other than a HCB+p,p or a b+p ready for a pounce or pick up..

    1> <guard break> ~ f+p ~ any low throw
    2> <guard break> ~ f+p ~ ground pick up to opp's back of head
    3> <guard break> ~ uf+p ~ b+p ~ ground pick up

    with these setups, you can be as creative as you please...

    i.e.... <guard break> ~ b+k+g, p+g (toe kick stunner)
    you can also use guard breaks to set up knee or shlrm combinations.

    catch stance push away setups

    f+p+g ~ df+p+g

    the only truly guarenteed move after this is b+p, though i have'nt really pushed it yet to find out more.. (same goes for the f+p+g ~ f+p+g ~ f+p+g)

    catch stance push away combos

    some of the guarenteed ones are'nt high in hit-rate, but do a fair amount of damage
    for it's position.

    1>f+p+g ~ df+p+g ~ b+p ~ b+k+g,k (pounce not guarenteed)
    2>f+p+g ~ df+p+g ~ b+p ~ HCB+p,p (pounce not guarenteed)
    3>f+p+g ~ df+p+g ~ b+p ~ <ground pick up>

    and so on.... after the b+p, (preferably nothing which hits the ground or else the opp will tech roll).

    Normal juggling setups

    the two moves for this job is of course the shlrm (rises opp higher) or the knee (faster and deadly damage on counter hit.),

    shlrm (lightweights/counter hits)

    1> shlrm ~ p ~ b+p ~ ground pick up
    2> shlrm ~p ~ HCB+p,p (preferably buffer the HCB during p)
    3> shlrm ~ p ~ b+k+g,k
    4> shlrm ~ p ~ reverse hammer (possible pounce)

    shlrm & knee (mid weight)

    1> shlrm ~ p,p,p (basic, but fairly damaging)
    2> shlrm / knee ~ d+p ~ reverse hammer
    3> shlrm / knee ~ d+p ~ b+k+g, k (non-heavy weights)

    well, this is all the info i have time for at the moment...
  2. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    one thing to note is that the break guard moves do not give you the same frame advantages.

    I think the p+k charged is the most advantageous for Wolf.
  3. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

    <blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr>

    3> b,f+p<charge> good for mind games, the opponent's only choice is to crouch, otherwise, they stumble out of a block or eat the blow.

    I thought the only choice is to dodge a full charged b,f+p? U get damage if u crouch block.
  4. hiro

    hiro Well-Known Member

    1) after b,d/f+P hits, you can do KK (holding forward). If there is a wall behind the opponent and the opponent bumps into the wall after KK and he falls onto the ground, facing forward, then u+P is guaranteed. Even if only KK hits, it takes the most, I think.
    If you want to do Okizeme, then you can use f+K. If the opponent takes a quick-roll, then you can do b+K+G,K. If you are close to the opponent, d/b+P -> b+P -> throw or d/b+P -> b,f+P (no charge.) Otherwise, regular Okizeme with mid attack or throw.

    2) P+K is not really usable against good players since it is very easy to dodge. Especially, after quick-rise or quick-roll, it can be dodged very easily once people get used to it. Here, in US, I know it is still effective, but when people learn to dodge, you have to think of other ways to use it.
    For example, with d/b+P, you stagger the opponent and then do P+K. Also, when the opponent has a little energy left and d+P hits, since he tends to freeze there.
    Another thing to know is that with P+K Wolf dodges high and some low (and mid )attacks. So, when your d+P hits without a counter in a medium distance, do P+K charging. Then, if the opponent does d+P or P, they won't hit Wolf and fully charged P+K will hit him. (When Wolf's d+P hits without a counter, the opponent can do d+P or P to stop knee and throw. Thus, he may do it quite frequently.)

    When the opponent takes quick-roll, and Wolf does P+K charging, he will try to dodge and it can be dodged easily. So, you can just let go of P+K right before he gets up. Then, the opponent is trying to dodge but P+K is already out and thus, the dodge will be unsuccessful. You can just grab him out of unsuccessful dodge.

    3)b,f+P If it is charged, you can not block low. In general, people tend to dodge when they see Wolf charging. Since you can cancel it, you could go for throws. But, I wouldn't use this move...

    After <guard break>, you should just do f+P or b+P. b+K+G is slower than f+P and if you want to do b+K+G -> P+G, you can just do f+P -> f+PP, instead. It takes about the same. If you do b+P, you have the advantage of 9 frames, so throws are guaranteed. People, of course, try to escape throws. There, you can do P+K charging again and b+P. Or just knee is fine too. (Unless the opponenet does dodge-throw-escape in the direction of Wolf's back, it works.)

    After f+P, you can do f+K or b+K+G,K if you want to force him to take a quick-rise or quick-roll. If he does quick-roll, some mid attack are guaranteed such as b+K+G,K.

    After f+P+G -> d/f+P+G, you can do f+K -> d+P -> reverse hammer against Akira and heavies. Except for certain characters, you can do KK(holding forward.) If there is a wall, you can do u+P afterward.

    When you do d+P+K and Wolf reverses d+P by an elbow, you can do KK as well. It takes the same damage as b+P -> HCB+PP. And if there is a wall, you can have extra U+P.

  5. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    this is some good info, ...thanks for pointing out the errors too, i hope there are more wolf players here willing to contribute to this thread. it could turn out to be extremely helpful..

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