Wolf vs. CPU --- Infinite Combos!

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by justaNewbie, Apr 14, 2002.

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    These "infinites" aren't too complicated, and abuse the CPU's "deer in the headlights" response to chargable attacks and Wolf's ground pick-up throw...

    {P+K (fully-charged), f+P, df~df+P+K+G, d+P+G}

    You don't have to start this combo from the fully-charged [P+K], although doing so after evading an attack is pretty easy. Obviously, it can also begin with a low throw or ground pick-up throw (as long as the opponent is face-up) opportunity. You input the [d+P+G] part right as the victim's feet touch the ground after sliding off Wolf's shoulders. Press and hold [P+K] just before Wolf's hands have returned to their "default" positions after picking up and releasing the victim to start the cycle all over again. This combo works against everyone.

    {P+K (fully-charged), f+K, P, b~f+P+K, d+P+G}

    Keeping the joystick held forward after the [f+K] helps ensure the [P] hits and allows you to move forward a little further than you would otherwise. Input the fully-charged [P+K] command as described above. Of course, you can start this one with either the fully-charged [P+K], the [f+K], or the [d+P+G], so it's a little more versatile, too. Starting a round against a CPU opponent with a knee is a great way to get this started against everyone but Pai, who's so small she's just a little bit out of range. This combo won't work on heavier CPU opponents (Jeffry, Wolf, and sometimes Akira) as they can quick-recover or tech-roll to avoid the ground pick-up throw. Also, against Wolf and especially Jeffry, the [P, b~f+P+K] part may not connect because knees won't always lift them high enough. You can skip those commands and just use knees to keep the loop going, but unless you're fighting in a ring without walls, you might as well use the throw-oriented infinite combo to finish them off more quickly instead. Be aware that float-comboing a victim into a wall will result in a face-down (or possibly missed) ground pick-up throw and prevent you from continuing indefinitely; again, you can switch to the throw-oriented version above to prevent this if you get too close. If you are so close that Wolf will shove the victim backwards into a wall after the ground pick-up throw, press and hold [P+K] right after the opponent's back hits the wall and he/she starts to stagger forward to ensure you don't accidentally knock them down. (NOTE: As long as you're not at a severe angle, a fun alternative after pick-up throwing a victim into a nearby wall and causing a stagger is to try and time a [df+P+G] command EXACTLY when the opponent recovers from the wall-stagger animation for Wolf's modified wall-throw.)

    Of the two versions, I find the second, float-combo oriented one to be more reliable/foolproof against normal and lightweight opponents because [f+K] always connects and launches fairly well after a fully-charged [P+K], while the [f+P]s will occasionally fail to crumple the victim (this may be due to human error, though). The float-combo oriented version's commands are also simpler and are slightly more forgiving with the timing.

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