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Wolf vs The Cast

Discussion in 'Wolf' started by Mister, Sep 2, 2013.

By Mister on Sep 2, 2013 at 9:03 PM
  1. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    I know this isn't a new thing, but I want to do it anyway. In here are videos to teach new Wolf Players on how to punish the entire cast of characters after blocking their unsafe moves. Keep in mind I'm posting the max damage combos. However,in a tournament or an actual fight I also like to use safer combos or combos that lead to some wake up game.

    Any feedback would be welcomed.
    Here's the first victim, Akira Broken Yuki
    Second victim Aoi Untouchable Umenokouji
    Third video, Brad Italian Burns (really? an italian with that name? are you kidding me?)
    Vs The Monkey Eileen
    Vs El Hot Dog Blaze
    Vs Goh Healty Hinogami
    Vs Jacky Broken Bryant
    Vs Jean SAFE Kujo (seriously I finished to edit the video in a heartbeat)
    Vs the Poor Jeffry McWild
    Vs Kage-maru
    Vs Lau
    Vs Lei-Fei the bald monk
    VS Lion
    VS Pai
    Vs Sarah
    Vs Shun
    part 1
    part 2
    Vs Taka
    Vs Vanessa
    Vs Wolf (but you can also not punish him, I mean we are all loving the guy right.. RIGHT?!)

    Since the playlist is now complete here's the link all at once:

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Discussion in 'Wolf' started by Mister, Sep 2, 2013.

    1. Unicorn
      I love this Mister! Great work!!!

      Only one thing to consider (esp for later chars) - is it worth to show punishment for mid-string hits if it is impossible to react on nonfollow/follow? (typical example will be Jackys lightning kick series [2][K][+][G][K][K][K][K] where every single kick is punishable on block)
      Just asking, personally I am not sure aboutthe answer
    2. Mister
      First I'll make videos of Wolf punishing every character based on the advantage on block he gets. Then we can discuss if it's worth or not punish a mid string since there are follow ups.
      My second goal could be a video where you punish on whiff or dunno some specific video tutorial but I also require a microphone for that.
    3. IcKY99
      Nice video. Hopefully studying this will help out my akira match up.
    4. Mister
      First post updated with Aoi
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    5. Mister
      And updated again with Brad
    6. Zass
      Awesome job Mister! I've been wanting to see something like this for a long time. This video series is a great service to the community.
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    7. Mister
      Thanks dude, the feedback is really apricated. Also if anyone of have any suggestion or constructive criticism please let me know, so I can improve the quality of these videos.
      Sorry I didn't put el blaze yet, i'll fix that tomorrow.
    8. Mister
      Post updated with the recent videos, and added spoilers to tide up things.
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    9. Unicorn
      You are doing really AWESOME work Mister. Thank you a LOT for this!
    10. Mister
      And Jean Kujo is up, but... he's not really unsafe. In fact you should rely more on whiff punishment than punishing him on block. Watch the video and you will understand what i mean guys.
    11. Manjimaru
      Lol nice to see someone else notice too. :D
    12. KahnRahn
      Great work mate, but don't throw her after blocking the third [P] it's madness. She can duck high.
      If you block the sweep, she can enter in YY stance.
      Use [6][3][2][1][4][P][P] or if you are confident [4][6][P][+][K] is a good tool
    13. Mister
      after [P][P][P] Aoi's -9 [6][P][+][G] is 9 frames exectution. That's why I show it as "punisher" altought you won't really use it, because Aoi can always use a follow up for the move.
    14. Mister
      Added the video vs Kage and Many weird things came up:
      1. [8][P][+][K] doesn't seems to be -27 as noted in VFDC's frame data
      2. The third roll can't be punished with wolf's [4][3][P] altought it's 37f execution and the shows -37 as disadvantage
      3. I can't [2][P][+][K][K] to leave me at -19 as noted in VFDC's frame data while [3][K][+][G] does it. Does anybody else notice something different with other characters? Could that be a bug in the dojo?
    15. Elite
      [8][P][+][K] is around -27 but depends on how high Kage is when you guard it. The closer Kage is when he starts the move the higher he'll be when it hits. (I think)Because Wolf is taller he actually can get more adv (around +29 from point blank) than if say El Blaze guards it. If you backdash and try to block it super late it can be only +18 for example. Btw nobody uses this move.

      You can punish HCFPx3 with [4][3][P] but you have to be extremely fast, the move gives no blockstun so you have to input it as you're guarding pretty much. Very impractical tbh and, again, nobody uses that shit anyway. Should probably just launch it like you would a sweep since the wtf factor will shave a few frames off that +37.

      [2][P][+][K][K] is only -19 on guard if it hits with the very edge of it's range ([2][P][+][K] whiffs first). Normally it'll be -20.
      Last edited: Sep 17, 2013
    16. Mister
      Thanks Elite, I really apreciate the feedback. Especially about [2][P][+][K][K]. Now I understand that the first active frame leaves kage at -20. Seems like there are some mistake in the frame data.
    17. YOMI
      The thing about punishing Kage 2P+KK is that afterwards he ducks REALLY low which causes even some mids to miss him, not to mention high moves. Punishing this move instantly requires a mid launcher with a good hitbox like Taka 33P+K, otherwise if you just mash P or even an elbow there's a pretty good chance it'll just whiff and make you look stupid.
    18. Mister
      Yeah but if you watch the clip, you'll notice that Burning Hammer goes deep and also is a 16frames throw. With burning hammer i get always 120 damage easy. However the part about reacting is true.
    19. Elite
      Back low throw or delay back high throw/ BH is prob pretty good dmg as Wolf too.

      Edit: Beat me to it :p
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