World Fighting Tournament vs Iron Fist Tournament???

Discussion in 'General' started by masterpo, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. masterpo

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    The difference between between the WFT and the IFT emphasizes the difference between the Virtua Fighter series and the Tekken series.

    in the WFT it is atest of which fighting style and technique is superior. In the IFT its all about money and gaining ownership of Zaibatsu. Fighting Styles are not the center focus of the Iron Fist Tournament. Fighting Styles and techniques are the center focus of the World Fighting Tournament.

    Of course J6 has a hidden agenda for holding the WFT but the fighters believe its all about who has the superior style and fighting techniques. And even J6 wants to identify the ultimate fighting style.

    The Iron Fist Tournament has no such goals.

    That's why the fighting styles in VF are so unique and well defined. The emphasis is more on the fighting style than the actual characters. Whereas in Tekken the character's personality is central and whatever fighting techniques the character happens to have is secondary.

    Virtua Fighter and the World Fighting Tournament is really all about the competition between martial arts styles. Iron Fist and Tekken is more of a brawler, bang-em up to see who gets control of the corporate power and money. For example in Tekken 7 what martial art do following characters represent?

    Lucky Chloe
    Katarina, etc

    :LOL: there is not even a pretense of a martial art with those characters. So yes Tekken and the Iron Fist has become just a bang-em up brawler on top of the fire balls, explosions, gun-shots, and rage art. Is the Iron Fist Tournament even still a thing in Tekken 7 :holla:

    The World Fighting Tournament is exactly where the UFC and MMA originally started out. It pits the best fighting sytles and techniques from around the world against each other. Of course the fighter is important to. But there is a big emphasis on fighting techniques e.g.

    Judo, Karate, BJJ, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Tiger Swallow Fist, Wrestling, JuJitsu, Boxing, Shaolin Kungfu, etc.

    Do they even mention the fighter's styles in Tekken 7's story mode??? hmmm.... I think for a lot of those characters they can't possibly mention a martial art style because those characters don't represent one. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong:ROTFL:

    The martial art tournament narrative for a fighting game might be a bit meh, but it works. It helps to keep the fighting roster relevant, and meaningful and gives the fighting styles represented in the game purpose and legitimacy. It helps to draw boundaries that prevent bogus characters from being introduced to the roster. It helps prevent duplication. It help prevent the zany antics, and outrageous !@#$ that is now happening in the Iron Fist :LOL:

    Virtua Fighter is the best arcade martial arts fighting game ever made and the World Fighting Tournament is one of the most legitimate fighting tournaments to ever be in a arcade fighting game.

    For those of you into fighting game martial arts tournaments, the top three choices(only real choices) available out there are:

    Virtual Fighter
    Thq's UFC games
    EA's UFC games

    You have to rate Tekken, BB, MK, SC, KOF, Jump, etc, etc as Fantasy based (but fun) beat-em ups, with barely a nod to anything in the martial arts world.

    But what about the DOA Tournament? DOATEC how legit is it?:LOL:
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    beanboy Well-Known Member

    Katarina is supposed to be a savate fighter. But like many Tekken characters, her savate style looks a bit too restricted, tekkenized, made up and a bit fake.

    Eddy is a different case though.
    Because that is some real good capoeira there. Even though unfortunately, the gameplay and basic gimmicky combat system of Tekken, holds back the abilities and potential of Eddy's capoeira. But honestly, I would love to see, how a capoeira fighter would be in VF though.

    In the case of Soul Calibur, Soul Calibur 1 on the dreamcast, is based on alot of real weapon fighting styles. (Excluding Voldo and a few others.):p
    The later soul calibur games, is a completely different story, even though Soul Calibur 2's Raphael Sorel's sword fighting, is based on real, rapier style sword fighting.
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  3. masterpo

    masterpo VF Martial Artist Bronze Supporter

    Oh yea, that capoeira is fair, baek's taekwondo was fair (but he's gone right), yea early on Tekken at least tried to pay homage to the classic fighting styles. But those days are gone. Its all about generic fighting styles in preparation for online e-sports. I don't even think Tekken 7 mentions the fighting styles anywhere in the game does it? Yea SC started out pretty good to but only recently started to get strange somewhere around SC IV.

    As the new fighting games focus more on esports and online matches targeted at the masses they've totally abandoned the budgets for proper mo-cap. Along with watered down AI, they've reduced the budgets for mo-cap of real fighting styles. It just saves a lot of money. If they use the generic fighting styles already in the gaming engine the game costs less to make, and its easier for anybody to learn.:(

    Fortunately I have all the FGs for my PS3s and PS2s I'll stick with those;)
  4. beanboy

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    It was actually moreso when SC2 came out.
    Soul Calibur 2 was when the soul calibur franchise, turned to cartoony gimmicks, watered down gameplay, tons of moves removed, super moves and embarrassingly needed nintendo's Link, Heihachi and comic book superhero characters like Spawn, to help them sell their game.

    If you haven't, check out Soul Calibur 1 on the dreamcast. The gameplay of that game, was compared to Virtua Fighter back in the day. And it was the only soul calibur and namco game overall, to get respect from gamers, who normally considered namco fighting games, to be gimmicky, basic and below subpar level.

    There was even a rumour, that sega was somehow involved, behind that particular dreamcast soul calibur game, and helped with the mocap, combat and animations too. If this is true, then that might explain, why the combat in that game was impressive, and alot of the animations in soulcalibur 1, look so real sometimes.:eek:
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