Wow! - New to VF & overwhelmed =[

Discussion in 'Dojo' started by VF4w00t, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. VF4w00t

    VF4w00t New Member

    Just picked up VF4 for the PS2 - the first fighting game I've played, seriously, since SF2 (all hail SF2=}). With no prior experience in the genre, I'm sort of hoplessly lost =[. As far as move notation goes, a guide woud be nice.
    Also, if someone could provide a link to a 'n00bs guide' - I know you must hear this all the time, but, all I'm finding is 'after d/b p+k+ blahblahblah, you can threaten blahblahblah' - I simply want to learn the ebb and flow of the game before I diverge into move theroy, but can't seem to find the right document.

    For all who reply, your help is greatly appreciated, and I thank yuo for taking the time to deal with my 'help me I'm a poor n00b' nonsense =[.
  2. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

    well since u got the ps2 version why not try out the trial mode if u haven't. it helps alot /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Bronzefist

    Bronzefist Member

    I'll second that suggestion. The trial mode is a BIG help. I'm a VF newbi as well, although I have played other 3D fighting games.

    I suggest you check out the VF4 faqs section at

    There is a faq there for VF newbies, however it caters to the players who are coming from Tekken so you may have a difficult time understanding. Still though, it wouldnt hurt to look /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    Good luck!

  4. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    try clicking this: <a target="_blank" href=></a>

    You'll see about a dozen guides, the one you could start with is the general guide. They're all useful. I got there by clicking home, then Virtua Fighter 4.
  5. nycat

    nycat Well-Known Member

    noob guide that was helpful to me:
    <a target="_blank" href=></a> click on sea shell with baby strawberry yogurt. Beginners guide. Written by an expert player. English is his third language but I think you will "get it.""
  6. RIZ

    RIZ Well-Known Member

    Bronzefist, I didn't even know you were here, this is RowdyRob from Electric Cancel forums by the way.

    So hey, when you gonna be at UP, man? I need some comp at VF4. Who did you pick up?

    I play Jacky Bryant, Pai Chan, and Lei Fei.
  7. Bronzefist

    Bronzefist Member

    Sups Rob!!!

    I dunno the next time I'll be at UP. I'm staying in Pittsburgh for the summer but I should be making a few trips to Philly. Right now I'm using Vanessa as my main, and a quite horrible Aoi as my 2nd /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    I'll hit you up whenever I come back tp Philly!!


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