wtf?! only 3 buttons?!

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by K1LLeR_Sp0cK, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. K1LLeR_Sp0cK

    K1LLeR_Sp0cK Member

    Even in tekken there are 4 buttons (punch, punch, kick, kick)
    and in VF4 only 3 with 1 block?! (punch, kick, block) ?!?!?
    I bet in Tekken Tag there are way more moves than in VF4.
    correct me if im wrong.
  2. Will_Gotti

    Will_Gotti Member

    You are somewhat wrong. I am a former 8 year vet of Tekken and VF4 characters have more punch/kick variations which add up to about the amount of moves Tekken Tag characters have. So all in all Tekkens single moves list is greater but VF4's variations of its moves is greater.
  3. etrok

    etrok Member

    everyone talks about why is there only 3 buttons?! whats it matter? as long as the game is as solid as it is?! also, when u take into consideration that to pull off some moves u need to use the shoulder buttons in combination with regular buttons then the button number becomes higher...not that it should really matter!!!!
  4. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    look this <a target="_blank" href=>shun moveslist</a> and then come back and say that...
  5. Kaijima

    Kaijima Member

    Sometimes more doesn't equal deeper (in terms of more buttons equal more moves). For example, Every primary game in the Street Fighter series has SIX attack buttons. But does any single SF character have as many unique moves as even an average character in Tekken or VF?

    VF's game system and control scheme allow a huge amount of flexibility with three buttons. If you'd have glanced at a move list or actually messed around with VF3 or 4 before making that comment, you wouldn't have had to ask... or act "shocked" it only has three buttons.

    -- Kai

    MOMOMOMO Member options one can set up around seven commands.

    p, k, g, p-k, p-g, k-g, p-k-g

    they may all act as separate button settings. no need to get roused.
  7. ReCharredSigh

    ReCharredSigh Well-Known Member

    big deal; not like you're going to use all the moves in a character's movelist anyhow; have you ever seriously connected a 10 string in tekken against good competition?

    and akira has the least amount of moves in vf4, but he most certainly isn't the worst character...more moves doesn't equal a better character; BETTER MOVES EQUALS A BETTER CHARACTER

    plus, like some of the others said, notice how in VF you have to *gasp* hit combinations of buttons together?!?! ohmygaw!

    i really hoped you were joking about the whole 3-button thing; look up some of the movelists before you open your mouth.
  8. Deniz

    Deniz Well-Known Member

    An observation: VF3 had four buttons. VF4 has more moves per character than VF3. I am not sure what that proves, except that more buttons doesn't necessarily mean more moves.

    Also, if you do decide to count moves for whatever silly reasons: There are many VF4 "moves" that for various reasons don't appear on move lists (e.g., modified from crouch moves, backturned variations of moves), or that don't appear on many move lists and thus may not be on the one you use to count from (e.g., the many variations of rising attacks, and ub/uf directional variations of hop kicks), or that are only mentioned in notes (such as variations of Px sequences). So even counting moves on a move list can be misleading.

    But who really cares anyway? VF4 without doubt has tremendous depth. Although I think it is much, much deeper than any other fighter, it's irrelevant if I am wrong and another is deeper. A sperm whale is still a very huge mammal, even if a blue whale is more so. And I wouldn't have the slightest idea which has more moves...
  9. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

    having alot of moves doesn't make a good game. so comparing which game have more moves/buttons is pointless.

    I mean, wasn't Street fighter really cool way way back? When it only have that few moves?

    It's just like comparing whether a pig can snore louder than human with bigger nose. Cos human intelligence is still way more important than pig's l33t snoring ability. Just like gameplay is still way more important than number of moves/buttons
  10. K1LLeR_Sp0cK

    K1LLeR_Sp0cK Member

    yes.....true true~~
  11. 34

    34 Well-Known Member

    cool looking car-sticker doesnt make car faster

  12. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    But a cool 3 element spoiler and day glow orange paint does... /versus/images/icons/tongue.gif
  13. Tekshow

    Tekshow Member

    well i'm new here but ol' to tekken and the zaibatsu, i just got reintroduced to VF. I played VF2 and mastered Akira back in the day, but shyed away from the aweful rendition of VF3 on the Dreamcast. With VF4 it's very clear it's a much, much deeper game than the previous incarnations of tekken. I've only played T4 breifly in the arcades, but it just doesn't seem to support the rock solid gameplay of VF4.... even with only 3 buttons. The funny thing is, in Tekken button mashers can actually sometimes have an edge, but notin VF. If you don't KNOW the moves, you're screwed.

  14. nosferatu

    nosferatu Member

    so so true..... sooooooo sooooo sos o true
    so os so true
    now, all hail to VF4

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