Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by uk_kid, Dec 23, 2000.

  1. uk_kid

    uk_kid Well-Known Member

    er, where is it? and why the F*^K doesn't it have a VF section?
  2. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    fighters.net is down. Never coming back

    It was supposed to have a VF site...I never found it though.

    SummErs' 'If I had a buck everytime I had someone with my Lighting kick....'
  3. uk_kid

    uk_kid Well-Known Member

    .........you'd have 2 bucks :p
  4. TripleRaid

    TripleRaid Active Member

    I know that Fighters.net was going to have a VF section.
    Because the Webmaster of DOA online told me and even showed me the link. It was, vfhome.fighters.net! For real! Had a picture and said "Coming Soon ..."

    [​IMG] <font color=white>:: TripleRaid</font color=white>
  5. uk_kid

    uk_kid Well-Known Member

    sadly vfhome passed away some time ago

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