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Discussion in 'General' started by Drunken_Master, Mar 17, 2001.

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    Yeah they responded to this on their website:

    "Rumor Update 03.16.2001
    Some of the images for Amped released during Gamestock were enhanced to illustrate some features that will be in the final product. While this is a common practice for games so early in development, we apologize for the confusion. No one intended to be deceptive. Everyone was so busy prepping for Gamestock, that we just missed the fact that these were labeled "concept art". Frankly, we're impressed with the skillz of those digital sleuths! Nice work! "

    Man that's pretty sad if you ask me, not even Sony did that. Of course, still waitin to see how much Japanese developer support it's gonna wind up with.

    Which brings up the issue if Sega's gonna develop for them. Since they need cash now, and if no other Japanese developers are gonna support XBox that much, then Sega doing Xbox games would be like doin more DC games, possibly worse. Who knows.
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    um.... no

    namco released ps2 ttt pics without jaggies and ofcourse, when released it had jaggies.
    sony's hype was also extreme, i dont know whether youd count that as a lie. 10 times more powerful than dc. etc. toy story quality graphics. likening it to the matrix. as big as the printing press. the last one was by trip hawkings.
    also, i have some sony hype paper things here and all the to be released games have jaggies removed and a lot of them look doctored, look mostly like concept art. (that ones kinda to be expected, sadly)

    and to prove how hardcore i am: ;-)
    a long time ago, for staturn, sega had little saturn flyer hand out booklet thingigies and for vf2, it showed arcade vf2 pics. i think it might have been that way on one of the sat boxes too but im not sure if i saw it on box as well as papers.

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