Xbox Live Sales: VF5FS and VF2

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Feb 26, 2013.

By Myke on Feb 26, 2013 at 10:10 PM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Some upcoming Xbox Live Marketplace sales to be aware of in the month of March. Virtua Fighter 5 FS will be available for 400 MS Points (67% off), and Virtua Fighter 2 will be available for 160 MS Points (60% off). These discounts are valid between 5th March and 11th March 2013. If you've yet to pick up either title, or know of some friends who may be interested, be sure to take advantage of these discounts! Tip from G0d3L.

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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Feb 26, 2013.

    1. Pai~Chun
      Damn, that's epic! Already have FS of course, but now I'll get the full version of VF2, along with After Burner Climax, and save a few pennies :cool:

      Fantastic timing as well, just a month before the SEGA Cup in LA, gives any doubters a chance to try the game cheap, and train up with us all on Live. Tell the internet! [G][P][K]
    2. neo5238
      Virtua Fighter 5 is discounted this week.

      I am new to Virtua Fighter, so what game should I get as a beginner?

      VF5 or Final Showdown?
    3. Tha_FeauchA
      Wow. Those are some crazy prices! Definitely gotta let some people know about that.

      160 seems tempting for VF2. But I aint gonna bite on that one.
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    4. Devdan
      If you only care about single player, VF5 has the better single player. Otherwise, get FS.

      Why is the DLC never ever ever on sale. It seems like the game itself is on sale once a month...
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    5. Pai~Chun
      Bcuz......... segacrackdealer.gif ;) Strictly for Live men, not for fresh men!
    6. Phoxx
      Are the costume packs on sale too?
    7. Jinzer0

      Get both!!!

      VF5:FS is the current version so definitely get it. Especially since it will be 1/3 the regular price. That's more than a steal its a damn crime :)

      Get VF5 for extensive single player content(Quest Mode) and you should find it cheap online or at a Gamestop for $4.99 or $9.99? Used.

      Get those two come back on here for some tips and matchmaking. The netcode for both VF is top notch.

      GGs (^_^)
    8. Zass
    9. Jinzer0
      I believe it is not? Which is unfortunate because I do believe if custom pack 1 and 2 were 400M$ points each(VF5FS+custom pack 1+2 = 1200M$ points) then alot more people would be interested.

      I payed full price for for all that and it was worth it :)

      But, fingers crossed that custom packs are too discounted.
    10. FakeSypha
      Apparently, the one on sale right now is VF5 vanilla, and not Final Showdown. According to Major Nelson's web, VF5FS will be on sale from 3/5 to 3/11. Just to clarify a lil' bit.
    11. JHow77
      I can't believe you're saying that considering how much time you and Mike W. spent comboing the shit out of the computer with Akira. I still remember that night at Jeff Weber's house when I woke up at 4AM you two were still going at it on the Saturn version. =D

      Good times!!
    12. Pai~Chun
      Was just on there earlier, saw around 10 new tags, most on fairly nice lines too, some of whom have clearly never played it, or maybe any fighting game before. Fielded a few of them who were asking questions over to here, so let's hope they can take time to train up a bit and stick around.

      I'm just wondering where else this is being promoted or made visible? If anyone with a long term account at one of the other 3D forums could make a thread or some posts in their Other Games sections, that could be an epic recruitment drive. Gamers sure love a bargain!
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    13. neoKEN
      I know that at least 7 of the VOOT players that I play with bought Virtua Fighter 2. Is there a video tutorial for VF2 that can ease them into the game?
    14. Tha_FeauchA
      Hah. That's crazy, cause I don't remember that at all. That's hillarious though, hahah. I hardly remember playing it at the arcade. I mean I know I played, bu t I honestly don't remember spending more than $10 on it. If even that. It just feels so outdated. Maybe if the demo would let me play more than 2 rounds I might get into it..

      Fun times indeed though.
    15. leftylizard
      I purchased VF2 and I think its a good game. I played it once at an arcade back in the day but I didn't really remember anything.

      I told everyone on my friends list(who don't play VF) about the sale of VF5 FS. Everyone on this site should do the same with the people on their friends list.
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    16. JHow77
      Maybe it was your brother, but I swear you used to spend a ton of time messing around with Akira combos, although it was toward the end of VF2's lifespan. I agree that it feels very weird now and limited in movement but there are still many fun things about it, especially for under $2!
    17. soke
      Ive been playing a lot of people today who just got the came. Been doing what I can to help and telling them about vfdc.

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