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    The Official story followed by amusing fan fiction.

    While investigating her brother Jacky's Indy car racing accident, Sarah was kidnapped by a mysterious organization. They hypnotized and sent her to the World Fighting Tournament to eliminate Jacky, but she was unable to fulfill her task. During the Second Tournament, Jacky finally rescued Sarah, but she had total amnesia and went to live alone. One day, an invitation arrived for the Third Tournament. Will Sarah recover her memory and finally return to her former life?¡± Official Sega storyline (VF3tb)
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    <font color=white>Sarah's Story</font color=white> as told by <font color=red>vfgirl</font color=red>

    The sun was shining brightly, and the crowded stadium was packed with cheering people ready to see some of the fastest cars in the world be driven by some of the flashiest and best drivers in the country as well. "The next race will begin in 5 minutes time." The voice of the announcer boomed throughout the stadium. One by one the teams raced to prepare their cars and drivers for the next race. The tension was high in the air, and the excitement palpable. One by one the teams, their cars, and the people driving them were announced by emcee, much to the cheers and catcalls of the crowd. "The next driver is Jacky Bryant!" The named man stepped out of the shadows and jogged to his car. He paused before stepping into it to look around, squinting his clear blue eyes slightly. The cheers rose as the crowd saw him, and he could feel the adrenaline pumping through his body. "Whore ya lookin for, kid?" asked a gruff voice. Jacky turned around to see Joe, the mechanic on his pit stop crew. "Nothing¦" he replied, his voice trailing off. He continued to scan the crowd, then until, he spotted her in the front row. An enthusiastic cheer arose from the ladies sitting in that area as he waved to the special someone there. Joe grinned. "Girlfriend, huh?" "Nah. Just my younger sister." "Where?" asked Joe.

    Jacky pointed to a girl sitting in the front stands, in the direction at which he had just waved at. She was jumping up and down enthusiastically, waving and cheering. "The blonde one?" asked Joe. Jacky nodded. Joe only whistled in response.

    Frankly, Jacky found that he wasnn't surprised at all by Joe's reaction. Most of his friends who saw Sarah for the first time had the same response. Not that she ever cared. She had tons of boyfriends, and changed them the way some people changed their clothes. But that hadn¡¯t dampened their relationship. They were very good friends, and even though she didn't like coming to the racetrack, she always made it a point of turning up for his big races. He took a closer look and noticed that Sarah hadn't brought her current boyfriend with her. Josh, or Jake, or something like that. He did not bother. If he could keep track of all of Sarah's boyfriends, he'd have an IQ of 250 by now. Turning around, he grabbed the helmet that Joe offered him and stepped into the car. The race would begin very soon. (5 minutes later)

    Cars raced across the track as each competed with each other for each other¡¯s place. Jacky was in first place, but he wasn¡¯t leading by much. He glanced in the rear view mirror and was slightly alarmed at how fast the other cars were catching up. Then, he regained his cool and stepped on the gas pedal, racing forward. However, the lead did nothing to help him as the next car was rapidly gaining on him. It closed the gap one foot at a time. Slowly, it drew up alongside him. At this time Jacky and the other driver was taking one of the sharp turns. Jacky tore his eyes away from his opponent¡¯s helmeted face and concentrated on the turn. Just then, he felt a jerk. Alarmed, he looked up and saw the other driver leering at him. Then, his car jerked again, closer to the wall. Narrowing his eyes in anger, he fought a rapidly losing battle. Just then, the car gave another sickening lurch, and slid towards the wall. The last thing that he saw was the wall headed straight for him. Sarah Bryant stood up and watched her elder brother, Jacky, take one of the sharp turns on the track. Then, she saw that the car drawing alongside him was bumping him. Angry, she stood up and catcalled with the rest of his fans as the other car, Number 26, started to bump Jacky¡¯s other car again. Then, she started to be alarmed as Jacky started to lose control. Worried, she surveyed the situation. Then, all seemed all right. Relieved, she sank back to her seat. Then, all too suddenly, Jacky¡¯s car skidded out of control and raced towards the wall, crashing into it. Crying out Jacky¡¯s name, she rushed to the railings and climbed over. Despite the guards stopping her, she sprinted across the track and to the burning wreck. "Jacky!" by
    Çß Sarah's B-day is July 4th. She was born in 1973. Bone fide centerfold material, sarah bodacious body can distract opponents. She enjoys sky-diving and is currently not in rehab. Yahoo! ¾ßÈ£, 1/4 sauce!

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