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  1. dickson

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    last nite i did jacky flipkick (with back turned) hit kage in the air while kage d/f+k+g after his f+p+g ... it is against cpu kage under normal mode and the chance is rare!! i learnt this for a long time that the japanese did it to punish kage's f+p+g throw, but never have a chance to see but now i did it myself ...

    i heard that japanese players (esp jacky) vs kage opponent never escape his f+p+g throw for there is not guaranteed huge damage follow-up, rite?

    on the other hand, is US version's training mode allow us to assign what move the opponent did???
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    myke can tell you about that kickflip technique =) (i just wish it was on the damn vancouver tournament tape! gRGHRGH! somehow our match was missed)

    f+P+G sucks in tb compared to ob, but you still have a chance of massive damage (70+) just need to risk more.

    since just about everyone now holds DF after the f+P+G that kills most chances of any DP combo if it hits. however with that in mind, kage's low back throw becomes a very viable option. sega upped the damage from 50 in ob to 60 in tb, and a heel swat is virtually unavoidable. 73 points isn't too bad. however, the low back throw is far from guaranteed, and cannot be buffered in (you must dash in and whack P+K+G asap). the opponent has tons of time to TT attack. and of course if he just stands there it's not going to work.

    mix up low back throws with DP's or df+K+Gs. the DP and df+K+G have the potential to do horrendous damage if they interrupt a TT attack. don't forget DP, bb+K+G,d+K (which does a hideous amount of damage) if your opponent goes into a brain freeze and just stands there or tries to walk/run away.

    just mix things up, mess with his head. you won't guess right all the time but if you do the payoff can be big.

    again i have a very old document for f+P+G. it's for ob, but much of the info (with the exception of the DP,DP combo) is still accurate for tb. it's here:
  3. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Heh, cool, I didn't know P+K+G did 60 points damage! No wonder you kept going for it... /images/icons/wink.gif

    ice-9 | Sennin
  4. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    myke can tell you about that kickflip technique =)

    Bastard! /images/icons/tongue.gif

    Seeing as I had absolutely no confidence in doing a DP on those damn NA sticks, especially in a heated situation such as a tourney, I opted for the df+K+G after the f+P+G. Rich's Kickflip smacked me cleanly out of it. In retrospect, it was a beautiful move, but at the time it happened, I wanted to rip his head off! /images/icons/smile.gif

    The moral of the story: Anyone's Kickflip will smack Kage cleanly out of his df+K+G followup to the f+P+G throw.

  5. uk-guy

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    u/f+K+G> f,f+K after f+P+G is good for damage if all the opponent does is crouch to avoid the double DP or the TT d+K after d/f+K+G.

    Another thing we do in the UK is hop kick (d,u,K). This is Kage's little hoppy attack not the 'van halen'. After the opponent get's hit by it they usually try to attack or E. In this situation I've sucessfully landed the following after 'scaring' the oppoenent with a hop kick:

    hop kick> DP> b,b+K+G> TT d+K
    hop kick> cd Knee> d/f+K+G
    hop kick> d+K+G> d/f+K+G
    hop kick> b+K+G> PPP> d/f+K+G

    If the opponent E's then obviously go for TFT, another throw if you think they'll escape TFT or go for a d/f+K+E combo. One of my favourites is:

    f+P+G> d/f+K+E> d/f+K+E> d/f+K+G


    UK Guy

    Yomi is the key.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    f+P+G, df+K+E, PG,PG, DP is possible on most characters if the df+K+E floats high enough...

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