Your VF plans for next year?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pai~Chun, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Pai~Chun

    Pai~Chun Well-Known Member

    Lishao Tao GPK
    Well, just packing up here ready to go on holiday. Had a good ten hour run on FS yesterday, playing around 200 matches in both Ranked and Room, making a few Santa-girl outfits etc. ;)
    Graphics and gameplay-wise, this release has really blown me away. Probably the most enjoyment I've had with a videogame since the Dreamcast days (Third Strike, Virtua Tennis, Crazy Taxi, Code Veronica, Confidential Mission, Gunbird 2, Shenmue II, and of course, VF3). Actually being able to play it against other people this time around has been, for the most part, a wonderful experience.

    So, when I get back in Jan', my plans are really to:

    • Get a new stick. Seriously. Have been using the same old MadCatz with a hideous (IMO) SFIV graphic for like two years now. The VF colour coded Sanwa buttons in it are totally shot. Would really like to try the stiffer Seimitsu stick at some point, as this one has the JLF, with the looser throw (I stretched the spring a bit though). Am most likely looking at the large white Hori stick for 360 next year. Let's hope there's enough funds left in the piggybank after all the presents and booze-up of late Dec' :D
    • Internet connection. Again, pretty critical for playing fighters online. Will be on the dog 'n' bone to the ISP, making sure the best speeds are coming through like they're supposed to be on a wired and prioritised line, where you pay extra to not have any 'throttling' during peak hours. Might get a new router as well.
    • Comfy gaming chair. Real talk ;)
    • Watch a lot more videos, and spend time practising higher damage options with Vanessa and Shun. Had no idea I would end up playing these two when I got the game. Shun always intrigued me on the older games, but in all honesty, I never took the time to sit down properly with his movelist. He seemed kinda daunting back then, but now I feel I'm getting a basic handle on things, just need to memorise and explore more of the stance strikes. Vanessa, she didn't really appeal to me as a character on part 4, and felt stiff and clumsy... now on this, you can make her look awesome (I think she may have some of the best customisations items out of all the girls), plus easy switch between OS and DS essentially gives you two quite different type of styles, which you can adjust according to who you're fighting. Just some of her basic attacks and throws deal very good damage. I never use guys like JA/BR/BL/AK/WO, so seeing how quick you can shred bar with just a few simple moves felt kind of astonishing at first, but great I have to admit :)
    • Aoi. This is one of my personal favourite character designs, in pretty much any video-game ever. A stunning Japanese woman in what is arguably one of Japan's all time AAA amusement titles. I love the way she can patiently turn the tide back on an opponent, and use their aggression against them. In my hands at least, she does feel a bit weakened in this version compared to the old game (VF5). The damage on low throws has been severely reduced, which feels a bit unfair when you look at Goh or Wolf. I find myself having to rely on quite boring sequences too much (2KP, 64P+KP, or just mixing up PPP2K with... low throw). Bur for sure, some of the most consistently dominating players on Live user her, so clearly I just need to spice things up a bit. Memorising and really practising her wall combos (some of which aren't even that hard, for example, 66P stagger, 46P+K, 2KP, KPK, no tech 2P+G = 100+), and getting the positioning on them is something I really need to work on too. Oh, and G cancels, my goodness. Hopefully newer, crisper buttons will help with that, as all I'm really able to get right now is long range 66PGP for the throw. Gotta start using that knee! ;)
    • Building a more solid Pai game that doesn't involve reckless rush-down that gets me flipped and half-bar'd all the time. Again, there are some good Japanese video out there on YouTube, as well as all the EVO2012 warm-up vids. Always loved the speed of this lady, but I think I definitely need to take it easier with her sometimes. Need to learn the stronger combos off 1P, and break the bad habit of just doing PPKK like from the old one. I feel that her 46P+G is very powerful, and have been practising getting the follow-ups from this, but online, at very quick pace, I still mess up the back dash towards them after flipping over. Good players will break the low throw follow-up, so you can effectively yomi this with a cold 3K+G instead. That's VF ;)
    • Other chars. Well, I tried using Sarah and Eileen a bit, but at the basic level, they felt more of a deathtrap than Pai :eek: Just can't get into the flow or momentum of these two, compared to the other 3 females. But for sure, in the right hands (Blossy, Daydream respectively), they shred. Again, that's VF :cool: I tried using Lion a bit (Love the BMX pose!). All the low moves mixed in with 23P mid launcher felt powerful very quick, even with real simple follow-ups (PKP, 66KK?). If I carry on using him though, lots more to learn, such as capitalising on this long range, low hitting side-turn move, plus the stances and guard breaks etc. I can see why Chibita, who favours up-close speed and aggression, loves the flow of this guy. Unfortunately most Lions I see so far on Live don't really utilise a lot of those moves, so I guess hooking up with an accomplished Lion user for a set would be another target for next year, lol. Rest of the cast, hmm, might take a delve into what Jeffry has. Pretty rare to come across him at all on there. Same deal with Kage, which really surprises me. I always thought he was a big deal char in VF. I remember browsing this forum many years back and seeing lot of Kage avatars. I'm from the generation that saw a Japanese Kage player dismantle like 100 kids on a British gaming show, back when VF3 was new :ninja: The speed manoeuvrability and low-hitting options from range all look quite tempting!
    Anyhow, that's it, gotta catch train soon. Hope to carry on playing with you all next year :)
    Merry Christmas, and have a good one!
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  2. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Silver Supporter

    Good idea for a thread :)

    Lets see:
    • First and foremost on my mind related to VF is OzHadou Nationals. I'm really keen to play VF against some inter-state competitors and do the best I can. I was stoked that I managed to net 2nd place at the last Sydney monthly tournament, but I know that this was probably helped by the fact that Myke wasn't playing that day :p I've been playing the game a lot against Megadeth who's a great player in the hopes I can level up.
    • I want to be able to continue to get new players into the game as best I can. There's a few KOF guys who have picked the game up, and a handful of new players who have expressed interest. Hopefully the VF scene will only grow instead of deteriorate.
    • I want to finish my custom built stick, complete with a VF motif. I've got one partly built already, but with some really cheap Zippy buttons. I've got some Sanwa buttons now that I want to use (complete with color coded PKG buttons!). I've also been scouring the net (especially the VF art thread here) for some background art for it.
  3. Seidon

    Seidon Well-Known Member Content Mgr El Blaze

    Good stuff! Here's what is on the cards for me:

    1- After this weekend I'm going to fill out the rest of Blaze's combos.

    2- January 23rd I'm running a beginner only vf tournament where I live, putting up cash prizes

    3- Have WGC in Cannes come March so I need to get some real practice in before then.

    4- Going to get a stick and finally learn to play VF on it.
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  4. Kobi

    Kobi 'Noh' One Bronze Supporter

    Waverusher Kobi
    My plan is to get an HD Capture Card and archive some videos. From there I will create a few Final Cut Pro projects and create character combo videos.

    That, and with the Sega Cup in Los Angeles, I should have my hands full until then. :zzz:
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  5. Femto

    Femto Well-Known Member

    Sega Cup and possibly EVO.
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  6. EastBayKage

    EastBayKage Well-Known Member

    *Learn to play on stick
    *Stop spamming launchers like a noob
    *Improve my reaction time
    *Improve my yomi
    *Train enough so that I feel prepared going into NCR
    *Beat Airegin in a tournament :ninja:
  7. Unicorn

    Unicorn Well-Known Masher Content Manager Wolf

    unicorn cz

    * finish new version of my custom hitbox. I have template finished, now I need to order cutting and then I need to do the surface - ideally wooden to fit with my nice wooden box.
    * prepare for Cannes. Will be tournament of year for me probably, need to go there in good shape :)
    * players. We have 1 active and 1 semiactive player in my country. Need to help the active one to level up his game and the semiactive to become active. And ideally get some fresh blood.
    * practice, practice practice with my Wolf
    * find myself the sub
  8. Sozos

    Sozos Pai Sucksan Content Manager Pai

    * I'll dedicate time to practicing seriously and try to be more careful on my gaming. Hard training with Pai and Vanessa.
    * try to learn the match ups , watching japanese videos etc.
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  9. Shinobi

    Shinobi Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

    • I need to find a sub character. I have to decide between Shun and Eileen.
    • Buy a 12 month Gold Membership for XBLA.
    • I have to work hard to improve my defence.
    • Waiting for the announcement of VF6.
    • Trying to maximize Lion's damage and explore his damage potential.
    • Improve my lousy defence.
    • Time to make some VF art.
    Merry Christmas and a happy VF New Year!!!
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  10. Sozos

    Sozos Pai Sucksan Content Manager Pai


    Im waiting you in XBL shinobi.:)
    Merry Christmas and happy new year!
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  11. Andramelech

    Andramelech Well-Known Member

    Here are my Virtua resolutions.

    Learn, Practice, and use defensive techniques like ecd, ecdc, and ac/dc or whatever they're called.
    Learn some damn combo's
    Learn to hit check or (stop mashing so much)
    Become familiar with Akira and one other character.
    Start counting frames and getting into the nerd mechanics of things..
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  12. ToyDingo

    ToyDingo Well-Known Member

    - Try and learn a secondary character finally. Sarah will always be my first love...

    - Might invest in a stick...maybe...

    - Prepare for Final Round 16...
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  13. Chibiaya

    Chibiaya Well-Known Member

    Bus Orez
    be able to play vf?
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  14. BeastEG

    BeastEG Well-Known Member

    1) Figure out everything I can with Sarah
    2) Find a alternate (Shun, Lion or Brad)
    3) Maybe some Tourneys
    4) Not get so salty
    5) Improve my defense and offense
    6) Get max damage combos down
    7) Perfect the "Beasty" and come up with the Beasty Mach II
  15. shadowmaster

    shadowmaster Well-Known Member

    . Improved wall combo setups and execution with Pai
    . Get my Van up the same level as my Pai is right now
    . Getting better with the basic stuff mastering my style of play overall.
    . Make my other subs respectable making them as good as my Pai is something I will do as a long term goal that will come later.
    .Get a decent looking defense regardless of what anyone says about it being good it is very bad
    .All I am looking for now are baby steps not a complete make over, I won't be like GT or someone of that level anytime soon but I am working on it
  16. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    • Find a way to play VF in the evening with other European fellas :p
    • Start some video guide about vf for italian community and not (this may require a new Computer since my own doesn't work well with the clips).
    • Go to Cannes!!!
  17. DeadlyLastPush

    DeadlyLastPush Member

    • Defense, defense, defense. Way too many options I still don't understand.
    • Improving my movement and precision. I only just learned how to boxstep a few weeks back, so I have a lot of work to do here.
    • Definitely going to Final Round out here in Atlanta, and planning to do Evo as well.
    • Getting my monkey mixup to even loftier heights of confusion. ;)
    • Becoming more consistent in general. I look really good when I'm rolling, but really bad when I'm not. Probably, this just means I need to be more fundamentally sound.
    • Remember to keep having fun. Losing only really sucks if you aren't learning anything from it.
    • Keep meeting cool people in the community. That's what made me start playing the game again this last couple months, all the cool competitors. And I want to be a more active contributor myself.
  18. Zekiel

    Zekiel Well-Known Member

    • lmprove my defense skills. Defense is almost more important then offense
    • Try to go to evo and sega cup next year
  19. R_Panda

    R_Panda Well-Known Member

    R Panda
    Win Sega Cup and Evo.

    Adapt or die.
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  20. EvenPit

    EvenPit Well-Known Member Content Manager Eileen

    Dang Is Evo always in California?

    Anyway my plans are to try & build an offline scene where I live & get my friends to stop playing Halo & DOA geese

    Memorize everyones fames & recognize when to attack & not attack

    Better my Defense & start escaping throws


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