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Aoi's Elbows 101 - An Introduction to Aoi's Various Elbow Attacks

One of the defining characteristics of Aoi is the use of her elbows. 

It is in my mind that the elbows represent the pressure game that can
be properly used with Aoi. The pressure game is a counterbalance to a
guaranteed knockdown and damage game--and imo, overlooking Aoi's
ability to pressure opponents is a big reason why various theories
would put Aoi at the very low end of the spectrum of VF characters
(since VF3). 

This elbow article only covers a small aspect of Aoi, and it doesn't
cover her full pressure game, but it gives emphasis to an area of Aoi
which I feel is often overlooked or just unexplored by some Aoi players.
Just keep in mind that if your Aoi game consisted only of elbows, you
would be asking for trouble--especially against reversal characters.
Aoi has a number of good high attacs and a few low attacks that work
quite well in a pressure game. This article is just focusing on the
elbows and it's a small piece of a greater whole. For some, it might
bring new insight. For many, I assume, it just reminds the Aoi player
that there are more elbows than just f+P,P. Without further ado...


Elbow, Chop


Command: f+P,P

Execution: 14 frames

Base Damages: 15 & 15

Stats: f+P = -5/+1/0

Stats: f+P,P = -10/-1/0

Dodge Restrictions: f+P,P = Front

The elbow, chop is the most popular elbow sequence with Aoi. For very
good reasons too.

The attack is fast and recovers nicely. The framestats are pretty good
too. f+P,P(G) is probably one of the most commonly used flowcharts for
Aoi around the world. 

The Elbow, Chop lives up to the word "Pressure."


Spinning Strike, Elbow


Command: f+P+K,P

Execution: 23 frames

Base Damages: 20 & 15

Stats: f+P+K = -5/-2/X

Stats: f+P+K,P = -12/X/X

Dodge Restrictions: f+P+K = Back

Dodge Restrictions: f+P+K,P = Back

There are various properties to this attack which are worthy of
mention and are often overlooked:

-Range: The range of f+P+K is greater than f+P. There are many
situations where f+P+K will connect where f+P won't.

-Cover: This attack covers a semi-circular range which compensates
greatly in situations where Aoi is not perfectly facing her opponent.

-Knockdown: This attack knocks down on MC and back-staggered opponents
(allowing combos), while the followup attack knocksdown on any sort of
hit. This quickly transforms the spinning strike pressure game into a
nice okizeme situation.

-Dodge Mixups: For dodge happy opponents, this attack properly mixes up
with f+P quite well.

-G-Cancel: If you're Aoi, you most likely know how wonderful G-cancel
games can be when you use them properly.

The only thing you really don't want to happen is to have the followup


Spinning Elbow


Command: f,f+P

Execution: 17 frames

Base Damage: 25

Stats: -8/0/+2

Dodge Restrictions: Front

This elbow covers the most range and can also be G-cancelled. Being barely
throw counterable doesn't help this attack much so it's probably best used
in response to an opponent's whiffed (or about to whiff) attack. 

The range is the ultimate benefit (advantage) of this attack, but being
able to G-cancel really helps give incentive to use this attack.
Unfortunately, the recovery on G-Cancelling isn't the best here, but it
does push the opponent--which cannot be overlooked as a fair property.




Command: f,f+P+K

Execution: 16 frames

Base Damage: 20

Stats: -1/X/X

Dodge Restrictions: Back

A MOST VALUABLE PRESSURE TOOL. The execution is very workable considering
the range. The dodge restriction makes it a good mix-up with f,f+P for
dodge-happy opponents. 

However, perhaps the most valuable asset of the helix lies in any of the
results that you get when you connect this attack with your opponent. As
far as pressure games go, you generally want your opponent to defend
against this attack and suffer a well-chosen flowchart. The helix is
primarily a tick, remember that. In addition, hitting the opponent or
countering them with the attack sets you up for very good okizeme
opportunities with Aoi having a great deal of time to work with. 

On a final note, floating an opponent with this attack often allows Aoi
a chance to connect a quick low attack on the opponent for added damage.


Some Final Notes


Execution Comparison:

1) f+P,P

2) f,f+P+K

3) f,f+P

4) f+P+K,P

Dodge Restrictions Comparison:

1) f+P,P = O, Front

2) f+P+K,P = Back, Back

3) f,f+P = Front

4) f,f+P+K = Back

***Notice that if it ended with P, it's Front. P+K, it's Back.***

Guard Advantage Comparison:

1) f,f+P+K = -1

2) f+P & f+P+K = -5

3) f,f+P = -8 + Push

4) f+P,P = -10

5) f+P+K,P = -12

Chanchai's Elbow Preferences (as a whole, not counting small variants):

1) f,f+P+K

2) f+P,P

3) f+P+K,P (I love this ALMOST as much as f+P,P--I find it valuable)

4) f,f+P (I hardly use this move, personally--but encourage people to
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