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Hit Types

Jun 14, 2022
Hit Types
  • The are a number of different Hit Types recognised in Virtua Fighter 5. These are determined by where you make contact with the opponent (front, side or back), whether the opponent is standing or crouching, as well as any action the opponent may be performing (guarding, attacking, etc).


    A Guard occurs when an attack makes contact with the opponent's guard. Most attacks, when guarded, will leave the attacker at a disadvantage, but some will actually grant the attacker with an advantage.

    There are also attacks that can break an opponent's guard. Depending on the attack, a guard break could result in a stagger, a normal hit (in other words the attack is unblockable), or allow for a hit-throw to connect.

    Normal Hit(top)

    A Normal Hit (NH) occurs when an attack hits the opponent who:
    • is not guarding, or
    • is guarding at the incorrect level (e.g. low attack vs standing guard).
    Normal Hits result in a white light effect reflecting on the opponent. The white light effect is difficult to notice but shouldn't be cause for concern. Normal Hits have no damage bonuses.

    Side Hit(top)

    side-hit.jpg side-counter-hit.jpg
    A Side Hit occurs when an attack hits the opponent in the side. If it's a Side Normal Hit, it will result in a white light effect (same as for frontal Normal Hits), however, if it's a Side Counter Hit, then it will result in a blue light effect.

    While there are no additional damage bonuses for normal Side Hits, they do yield bonus advantages. Depending on the damage of your attack, the following advantage bonuses will apply:

    Up to 14 pts
    +2 frame bonus
    Between 15 and 24 pts
    +3 frame bonus
    25pts or more
    +6 frame bonus

    Back Hit(top)

    A Back Hit occurs when an attack hits the opponent in the back.

    No damage bonuses apply to Back Hits, but the same frame advantage bonuses apply as per Side Hits.

    Counter Hit(top)

    Also known as a Major Counter (MC) Hit.
    A Counter Hit (CH) occurs when an attack interrupts the opponent executing:
    • an attack, or
    • a throw, or
    • an incorrect reversal, or
    • an unsuccessful evade (vs. half-circular or full-circular attacks only), or
    • a back dash.
    The figure below shows a Player 1's attack interrupting Player 2's, resulting in a Counter Hit.


    Counter Hits will result in a yellow light effect reflecting on the opponent. Counter Hits have a damage bonus applied, dependent on the damage of the attack being interrupted:

    Regular Counter Hit
    (24 pts or less)
    50% Damage Bonus
    Large Counter Hit
    (25 pts or more)
    75% Damage Bonus

    Counter Hits usually result in large advantage, or knock down allowing for further combo opportunity.

    Recovery Counter Hit(top)

    In Japanese, these are known as a Kouka (koh-ka) Counter Hit, which translates to Recovery Counter Hit. Also known as a minor Counter (mC) Hit, or Guaranteed Punishment.
    A Recovery Counter Hit (RCH) occurs when an attack hits the opponent while they are recovering from their own attack and are unable to guard. Specifically, Recovery Counter Hits can occur when:
    • the opponent's attack misses, or
    • the opponent's attack is guarded and takes a long time to recover.
    In the first case, when the opponent's attack misses you, they will be vulnerable (unable to guard) while they recover from the missed attack. During this time, if you're fast enough and within range, your attack is guaranteed to hit. In the figure below, Player 2's standing [P], a high attack, misses over Player 1 since they're crouching. Player 1 quickly punishes with a [2][P]during Player 2's recovery period while they're unable to guard.


    In the second case, when you guard an opponent's attack that leaves them at a disadvantage, they will be vulnerable as they recover. If this period of disadvantage is equal to, or greater than, the execution speed of your attack, then your attack is guaranteed to hit. In the figure below, Player 1 has just guarded Player 2's low rising kick after a back roll, giving Player 1 an advantage of 15 frames. Player 1 punishes Player 2 with a 15 frame attack which is guaranteed to connect.


    Recovery Counter Hits will result in a white light effect (as per Normal Hit) reflecting on the players. Recovery Counter Hits have a damage bonus applied, dependent on the damage of your attack:

    Recovery Counter Hit
    25% Damage Bonus

    Back Dash Counter Hit(top)

    A Back Dash Counter Hit is a new type of hit introduced in VF5 Final Showdown. As the name implies, this occurs when you interrupt the opponent during a back dash with a Side Kick, most commonly performed with the [3][K] command. When successful, a stagger is induced as the opponent falls down backwards and slowly gets back up to their feet.


    While the opponent can struggle to reduce the stagger time, a Back Dash Counter Hit presents a huge advantage from which many characters can connect a launcher that is practically guaranteed. The main thing the attacker needs to be wary of is the great distance between them and the opponent, so launchers that are effective from long range are ideal in this case. Otherwise, valuable time may be lost in dashing in to close the gap.

    Evade Counter Hit(top)

    An Evade Counter Hit occurs when a circular or half circular attack successfully connects against an evading opponent. Evade Counter Hits have a damage bonus:

    Evade Counter Hit
    50% Damage Bonus

    Side Counter Hit(top)

    A Side Counter Hit occurs when an attack successfully Counter Hits against a Side Turned opponent. Side Counter Hits have a damage bonus:

    Side Counter Hit
    50% Damage Bonus

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