Judgement Six

Jan 12, 2016
Judgement Six
  • J6 (Judgement Six), the organizer of the World Fighting Tournaments, is in reality a conglomerate of six giant global corporations. Its sphere of influence is enormous, ranging from weapons development to international politics. That influence has been used to quietly manipulate global affairs for decades, with the ultimate goal of becoming the most dominant governing power on the planet.


    The executive arm consists of six people who are named after symbols of the Major Arcana, and are the heads of each respective corporation. Their names and associated responsibilities are as follows:
    1. Judgement commands the administrative body which presides over the entire organization.
    2. The Devil heads the development of conventional weapons, centered around the Dural Project.
    3. The Wheel of Fortune exerts control over global politics, particularly non-military assets.
    4. The Moon covertly provides funding and co-ordinates terrorist activities and armed conflicts.
    5. The Tower is the all-seeing eye responsible for intelligence and surveillance of J6’s operations.
    6. Death directs the development of ABC (Atomic, Biological and Chemical) weapon systems.


    J6 (The Devil, in particular) stages the World Fighting Tournament as a front to mask testing for the Dural Project. Other activities include acquisition of test subjects for the project and elimination of meddling targets. They are directly responsible for the abduction and subsequent brainwashing of Sarah Bryant and Jean Kujo, the transformation of Kage-Maru’s mother Tsuki-Kage into Dural, the training of Vanessa Lewis and Goh Hinogami and the capture of Jeffry McWild’s Devil shark quarry. These and other activities were conducted for the sole purpose of luring participants to the tournaments.

    Displeased with Dural's defeat at the hands of Kage-Maru following the conclusion of the 3rd World Fighting Tournament, J6 abducted Vanessa during the 4th World Fighting Tournament and extracted her combat data for the next phase of the Dural Project. She managed to escape, apparently with inside help, before they could start the procedure to physically merge her with Dural. The project stalled.

    After Kage-Maru single-handedly destroyed a production model Dural during the final match of the 4th tournament, J6 was forced to resort to Vanessa's raw combat data again in an effort to produce a stronger, more resilient Dural model quickly.

    J6 managed to successfully integrated Vanessa's combat data into a production-model Dural, creating the new V-Dural, and announced the 5th World Fighting Tournament in order to test its abilities. J6 also seeks to uncover the identities of the traitors responsible for Vanessa's escape over the course of the tournament.

    Originally posted by Modelah: FS Character Storyline: J6

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