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VF5FS Lion Start Guide

Aug 18, 2014
VF5FS Lion Start Guide
  • Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses

    Lion is one of the most versatile character in the game with a focus on offense. He has a lot of tools at his disposal to break his opponents defense. He is fairly easy to play.

    Pros :
    • Very good wall game and lots of ways to create wall situations
    • Very good carry on his combos that help him for ring out tatctics
    • Very good low game with a wide variety of lows
    • Very good Anti sabaki moves
    • Good low crush/high crush moves
    • Good otg moves (moves that hit opponents of the ground)

    Cons :
    • Lightweight
    • Punish game is probably the weakest in the game
    • Damage decrease a lot as opponent weights goes higher
    • Poor defensive moves

    Close Range:
    P, standing punch. Lion is blessed to have a fast standing punch at 11frames. This is Lion’s fastest attck and leaves you at a small advantage on block that won’t allow the opponent to interrupt your elbow. So after a Punch you can mixup with 6P or Throw.

    If opponent is good at using fuzzy guard to beat this kind of mixup you can use P, followed by a low attack or delay your throw.
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