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VF5FS Pai Start Guide

Oct 5, 2019
VF5FS Pai Start Guide
  • Hi, I've been using Pai since VF3.

    Pai's Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses(top)

    Pai has great speed, and can use that speed to dictate the pace of matches. She also has a great balance of high, mid and lows, and many evasive attacks and reversals to negate her opponent's offense. Her [P] and mid [3][P][+][K] are among the fastest moves in the game, which means it's easy for her to abare against an opponent's attacking pressure. As for her own attacking options, her Bokutai stance and mid/low attacks out of Meishoushou stance are excellent.

    However, the overall damage Pai inflicts is low. She will also struggle against strong defenses and crouchers. She is also classed as a lightweight, so the combo damage she takes can be potentially high.

    Basic Strategy(top)

    Use that fast [P] and hit [6][P] to get opponents defending, and when you see them locking up go for a throw. After a knockdown, look to pressure with a low [1][K][+][G] or a mid [4][6][K][+][G]. If your attack is blocked or find yourself at disadvantage after being hit, use [1][P] with it's evasive properties to get yourself out of trouble.

    If you're not sure what to do, just try to abare with [P][P][P] or [3][P][+][K].

    Also, sometimes try [3][P][P], and from that, [6][P] or a throw for nitaku pressure. Remember, Pai's counterattacking potential is excellent so bear that in mind and good luck!

    Basic Skills(top)

    [P] - An 11f high punch. Gives you advantage on block. Long reach.

    [2][P] - A 12f special low. Gives you advantage on hit, so go for a mid or throw for nitaku pressure.

    [6][P] - A 14f mid. Slight disadvantage when blocked, advantage on hit.

    [9][K]([K]) - Similar properties with [6][K] but goes over the opponent's low attacks.

    [3][P][+][K] - A 12f double-handed mid. Good pushback on block.

    [3][K]([P][P]) - A 16f mid. Long-reaching and great against back dashing opponents.

    [2_][5][K]- A 15f mid. Knocks down on hit, safe on guard.

    [6][P][+][K][P] - A 15f mid, mid. Stop after the first [6][P][+][K] and go for a sneaky throw attempt.

    [1][K][+][G] - A low. Use to counter hit opponents who evade or abare and knock them down.

    [2][K][+][G] - A low. Slow, but gives advantage on normal hit and combo opportunities on counter hit.[2_][3][P][+][K]- A 16f mid. Leads to damaging combos on counter hit. Safe on guard.

    [3][P][P]([6][P]) - Hits low, high, (mid). Use this and mix with [3][P][P](throw) for strong nitaku guessing games.

    [4][6][K][+][G] - A fast mid. Starts combos. Gives advantage on block. After a knock down using this for follow up pressure makes for a great okizeme game.

    Moves to use Defensively(top)

    Use these when at disadvantage, like after getting hit by your opponent or when your attacks are blocked.

    [1][P] - A high. A move with a withdrawing animation that is useful for avoiding attacks. Starts combos on normal hit. A high-risk, high-return kind of move.

    [2_][4][P] - A mid. A quick withdrawing animation good for counterattacking. Only good against short-reaching moves. Gives large advantage on hit, slight disadvantage on block. A very useful move.

    [1][P][+][K] - A reversal that will take care of most mids. [9][K][K] becomes guaranteed after a successful reversal.

    [4][P][+][K] - A high reversal, has the same properties with the above. I don't use it that often.


    Listed in order of damage; highest to lowest.
    1. [6][3][2][1][4][P][+][G]
    2. [2_][6][P][+][G]
    3. [6][4][P][+][G]
    4. [6][P][+][G]
    5. [P][+][G]

    Low Throws(top)

    Listed in order of damage; highest to lowest.
    1. [3][3][P][+][G] - Follow with Back Turned [K] to start combos.
    2. [2][P][+][G]
    3. [1][P][+][G]
    4. [3][P][+][G] - [9][K][K] becomes guaranteed.

    Powerful mid/low pressure from Meishoushou(top)

    [4][P][+][K][+][G](Meishoushou), BT[P](mid) - When this is blocked, go for these mid/low nitaku options:
    • [P][+][K](mid) - On normal hit, a [3][K][+][G] combo starter is guaranteed.
    • [P][K](mid, mid) - A mid string, knocks down on hit.
    • [K](low) - A fast full-circular that knocks down.

    Combo Starters and Sample Combos(top)

    Good to use as punishment, when opponent's moves whiff, and when you think the opponent will try to throw you.

    I divided the combos into weightclass-specific groups:
    • Superlightweight- El Blaze, Eileen
    • Lightweight- Vanessa, Aoi, Sarah, Lion, Pai, Shun
    • Middleweight- Lei-Fei, Kage, Brad, Goh, Lau
    • Heavyweight- Jean, Jacky, Akira, Wolf, Jeffry
    • Superheavyweight- Taka-Arashi

    [K] - A 14f high.

    1. Combo
    2. [K], [P], [6][K][P][4][K], [2_][5][K]
      El Blaze to Shun
    3. [K], [P][P][4][P][K] OR [P][P][K][K]
      Lei Fei to Akira
    4. [K], [9][K][K]
      Wolf and Jeffry

    For more combos: https://virtuafighter.com/combos/list?ver=5fsa&chara=pai#catId_557

    [3][K][+][G] - A 17f mid.

    1. Combo
    2. [3][K][+][G], [6][K][+][G], [K][K]
      Everyone up to Akira
    3. [3][K][+][G], [6][K][+][G], [2_][5][P][+][K][P]
      Everyone except Taka
    4. [3][K][+][G], [3][P][P][6][P], [P][K]
      Vanessa to Shun
    5. [3][K][+][G], [3][P][P][P][4][K], [4][P]
      Jean To Jeffry

    For more combos: https://virtuafighter.com/combos/list?ver=5fsa&chara=pai#catId_552

    [4][6][K][+][G]- A 22f mid, +4 on guard.

    1. Combo
    2. [4][6][K][+][G], [9][K][K]
      for all characters

    For more combos: https://virtuafighter.com/combos/list?ver=5fsa&chara=pai#catId_1426

    [6][6][K][P]- An 18f high, mid. 17f with fastest input.

    1. Combo
    2. [6][6][K][P], [P], [6][K][P][4][K], WS[K]
      El Blaze to Pai
    3. [6][6][K][P], [P], [3][K][P][P]
      Shun to Jacky
    4. [6][6][K][P], [P][P][4][P][K]
      Akira to Taka

    For more combos: https://virtuafighter.com/combos/list?ver=5fsa&chara=pai#catId_558

    [1][P] - Only used when evading opponent's attack/throw nitaku.

    Combos: https://virtuafighter.com/combos/list?ver=5fsa&chara=pai#catId_559

    [2_][3][P][+][K]- A 16f mid. Starts combos on a counterhit, great to use in your attack/throw nitaku pressure.

    Combos: https://virtuafighter.com/combos/list?ver=5fsa&chara=pai#catId_554

    Wall Combo(top)

    [6][6][P](wall stagger), [2_][5][K](wall splat), [K] OR[3][K][+][G], [4][6][K][+][G], [4][6][6][P][+][K], [6][K][+][G], [2_][5][P][+][K][P]

    The [2_][5] input requires you to crouch, then return to a standing position; ie. crouch then release the stick/directional buttons. It works as long as you start from a crouching state, so [1_], [2_], [3_] can be used also.

    For more Wall Combos: https://virtuafighter.com/combos/list?ver=5fsa&chara=pai#catId_1066


    Source: Aopai's VF5FS Beginner's Blog Post, Aopai's VF5FS Beginner's Blog Post- Pai Combos
    Author: Aoipai
    Translator: Modelah

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