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Absolution 2004 'The Balance Of Judgement' World Fighting Game Tournament. It's time! The Absolute Fighting Games Championship is about to begin. UPG and it's sponsors are looking forward to witnessing something fierce from the top Fighting games competitors in the world. This years UPG's Absolution 2004 tournament will include 10(Ten) games:

<ul type="square">[*]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
[*]Capcom vs SNK 2
[*]Soul Calibur 2
[*]Super Street Fighter 2
[*]Tekken Tag Tournament
[*]Tekken 4
[*]Street Fighter 3 Alpha
[*]Guilty Gear XX #Reloaded
[*]<font color="yellow">Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution</font>
[*]Marvel vs Capcom 2[/list]

Location: London, Trocadero
Dates: April 13th to April 19th 2004 (tentative)

Visit the Ullysis Professional Gaming site for information, signup, player lists, rules and other details.
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For the 2nd year in a row, Amusement Journal has awarded AM2's Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution with the Best Income Award. Sega took in three of the top five spots as can be seen below:

<ul type="square">Top 5 Money Makers
[*]Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (Sega AM2)
[*]The King of Fighters 2002 (SNK Playmore)
[*]Virtua Striker 2002 (Amusement Vision/Sega)
[*]Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon DX (Capcom)
[*]Power Smash 2 (Hitmaker/Sega)
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DVD Information

You've been waiting, and now it's time for the payoff. The highly anticipated Evolution 2003 DVDs are here! Are you ready to experience the world's best go head to head in some of the craziest matches ever caught on tape? Here's just some of the stuff you can expect:

<ul type="square">[*] Daigo's return to the USA!
[*] Justins unprecedented 3rd MvC2 World Championship!
[*] East Coast vs West Coast MvC2 Challenge!
[*] Chibita and Ohsu Akira, head to head in VF4:Evo!
[*] KO, Daigo and KSK face the USAs best 3S!
[*] Jason Cole and the USA ST team in action!
[*] MIU and the Japanese GGXX players!
[*] Korea vs USA in TK4!
[*] Ryan Hart vs Kim Bong Min TTT highlights!
[*] Dan the Nightmare, SC2 World Champion!
[*] ... one word... "INO"!!!!!!![/list]
It's all here. The victories, the defeats, the upsets, the comebacks, the drama, and the excitement. Get yours today! Save 20% if you buy both the 2003 and 2002 Complete set!...
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Otenami Haiken 3, the latest National Tournament in Japan is being held today, 2 Nov 2003, in Tokyo and you can watch it live over the web!

<font color="orange">Otenami Haiken 3 Results</font>
1. Haijin (Jacky) (New Ranking: <font color="yellow">Tou Kon</font> Fighting Spirit)
2. Minami Akira (Akira)

<font color="orange">Otenami Haiken 3</font>

<ul type="square">[*]Final Results <font color="red">NEW!</font>
[*]Movies <font color="red">NEW!</font>
[*]Official site
[*]Finals information
[*]Broadcast information: at the time of the event there will be both a broadband (500kbps) and dialup (56kbps) streaming...
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<font color="red">FSB Tournament Results</font>
1) Cappo (FL, Pai)
2) adamYUKI (NYC, Jeffry)
3) Kazu (NYC, Lau)
4) ghettoSHUN (NYC, Vanessa)
5) Kyasao (JPN, Kage)
5) Shou (STL, Sarah)
5) IMF (FL, Kage)
5) Madagascar (OH, Akira)

<font color="red">>></font> FSB Website
<font color="red">>></font> FSB Discussion Thread

Sponsored by Logitech and Sega of America, the next biggest open tournament since EVO2003, the Florida Super Battle is almost here.

<font color="red">Date and Location</font>
11 October 2003
University of Central Florida
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32816
Student Union

Special Guest: Kyasao

Prizes include new copies of VF4 Evo for PS2, Logitech controllers, headsets and racing wheel.

Free entry,...
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Top 3 pictured above: Ryan, Chibita, Ohsu Akira
(photo courtesy of omni)

EVO2003 is a wrap. Here are the official results from the Finals:

1st. Chibita (Lion, Japan)
2nd. Ohsu-Akira (Akira, Japan)
3rd. Ryan Hart (Kage, England)
4th. Neo-Tower (Jacky, Japan)
5th. Kofu-Megane (Aoi, Japan)
5th. Ohnuki (Aoi, Japan)
7th. Myke (Kage, Australia)
7th. Mad-dog Jin (Jacky, Korea)

A huge thanks to everyone involved, from the staff and organisers, to the players themselves. Check out the Shout out to EVO2003 participants thread if you want to add your shout outs or any feedback on the event. Also check out the ANOTHER BEAT TRIBE CUP: LA Evo2003 for pictures and media discussion.

Details of the EVO2003 DVD, which will include...
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VFDC EVO2003 Mirror
<font color="yellow">Going to EVO2003?</font> Let us know!

<font color="orange">ANNOUNCEMENT:</font> VF Japanese Players confirmed so far<font color="white">
<ul type="square">[*]Chibita
[*]Ohsu Akira
[*]Neo Tower
[*]Kofu Megane[/list]</font>

The biggest fighting game competition in the US, is back and bigger than ever in 2003. This year Shoryuken.com tripled the number of games in the tournament. With competitions for all of today's most popular fighters, Evolution is the one tournament that you can't miss!

<font color="orange">Date and Location</font>
August 8-10, 2003
California Polytechnic State University
3801 W. Temple Avenue
Pomona, California

<font color="orange">Nine Tournament...