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Akai Leagues Sunday Session

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Akai Leagues Sunday Session
Online North America
Confirmed Attendees: 0
Posted By: akai
Start Date: 24 Sep 2023 12:00 PM
End Date: 24 Sep 2023 04:00 PM
Time Zone: America/Chicago -05:00 CDT
For summary of Akai Leagues 2023

Single A League Start Time:
12 PM CST (session, 1 hour or less)
By invitation - RSVP in this thread or message me on the day of the league. I will send invites.

Open League Start Time:
1 PM CST (session last for ~2-3 hours, each league takes no more than an hour)
Passcode: That day's date written in "MMDD"

Whether you are a novice or a veteran player; a casual or a serious player; please consider playing with and meeting fellow VFers online during the weekly Sunday VF5US league session!

General Info
Every Sunday for the North America region, I host a league room for ~3-4 hours. When at least 4 people are present, I run a league with the simultaneous play option. In between each open league play, there is approximately 10-15 minute intermission (or 5 "warmup" matches) where people that want to join or leave the session are able to. I use the chat option in the league room lobby with "preparing" "x matches remaining" to let players know when the next league starts.

Depending on how many people are present, a league can be as fast as 10 minutes or as long as 45 minutes.

Whether you have only half an hour to spare or can play for the entire session is up to you!

I make posts related to the Sunday Open League in the VFDC Akai Leagues 2023 Thread.

Room Status
I will post around the various websites before the start of the gaming session. When a league is in progress, players wanting to enter the league room will not be able to as the room is not displayed in the lobby. Once a league is completed, the league room will be displayed again in the lobby. During the session, you can check the status of the room through my live stream on Twitch or through my Twitter posts.
Wired Connection
Please try to play the game on a wired connection. It should lead to a better gaming experience not only for you, but also for your fellow players. If you switch between wired and wireless connection, you will have to also toggle the option in the PS4 menu.

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