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Cumulative Sales of the Virtua Fighter series surpassed 18 million units

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Oct 17, 2021.

By akai on Oct 17, 2021 at 1:24 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    According to SankeiBiz news article, it was revealed on October 14th and published in an "integrated report" by Sega Sammy Holdings, that the cumulative sales of the Virtua Fighter series is over 18 million units.

    The free download of Ultimate Showdown for the first two months to PS+ subscribers greatly impacted the cumulate sales number. 10 million plus downloaded the game. Therefore, Sega plans to support the series by holding prize-based competitions. This was mentioned by Seiji Aoki at the end of the Challenge Cup Finals as something he would like to add in the future.

    The 10 year gap between VF5FS and VF5US makes the Virtua Fighter series lagging far behind other fighting game series. For comparison, the Tekken" series cumulative sales is over 50 million units.

    The article is written from a business point of view, but it made an interesting remark at the end of the article (Google Translate): "Since Virtua Fighter has a high level of existing players in Japan and it is difficult for new players to gather, it seems that the key to approaching competition is whether or not it is possible to acquire new players from overseas through global tournament management."

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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Oct 17, 2021.

    1. Myke
      The penny drop moment. Are they 10 years too late?
    2. akai
      Closest analogies I can think of:
      Samurai Shodown reboot - Feature-wise it was pretty complete when the game was released? I have not heard good things about the netcode, but the game itself was well-received. Not sure how much SNK supported the game at tournaments. As a casual player, I like the game.

      Street Fighter III to Street Fighter IV gap - might be looking through some rose-colored glasses, but overall there was not much bad issues when the game was released. Street Fighter V was barebones at the beginning, but not as many bugs compared to VF5US? Capcom seemed very invested in promoting the game at tournaments. As a casual player, I like the game.

      VF5FS to VF5US - an updated version that is fairly barebones on released compared to VF5FS and have more bugs. As a biased fan of VF, I like it even with all its warts. Trying to see it from a casual player POV, it is only ok. From the POV of my nieces and nephews who do not play fighting games very much, they like it. They like to watch the replays shown at the main menu and guess who wins as we wait for entire family to watch a movie or show together :D.
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    3. MadeManG74
      I agree with you @akai I think that VF5US was just a very poor release. The online was broken for a full month and there was no single player features so it would have turned away just about every new player who approached it. Also bear in mind the short attention span of gamers (and why should they stick around if they don't like a free game?), and the first few weeks the game was in a very poor state. Frankly, it shouldn't have been released the way it did.

      I think that trying to focus on tournaments is a mistake if they want to grow the game though. Tournament support from Sega would be a welcome addition, but that alone won't pull people to the game, I think they need to appeal to the casual player and people who play other fighters. I don't think they need to change the core gameplay or presentation to do this, since people seem to love it as it is, but rather just give people some actual content that would appeal. Things like Quest Mode, training modes, novelty offline and online modes as well as good online features (VF5US eventually got this stuff right) and good netcode would go a long way to actually getting new people to try the game and stick with it. Even if the end goal is more tournaments and competitive scene, the best way to do that is to get the casual players and people playing other games to try VF, and the best way to do that is give them some compelling content.

      At least they got part of this right with US by adding in new features for online like tournament mode, sticker mode and league matches, unfortunately the netcode was sub-par and it came a month after launch when everyone already gave up on the game. A day late and dollar short?

      The series has so much potential for success and has proven it in the past, I really hope they can get a bit of a shift in mindset to do something meaningful with the next release. If VF5US doesn't stay exclusive to Sony forever, then it would be nice to see them invest some time and money into developing a much better fleshed out release for PC/other consoles with it. I definitely think it could pay off for them.
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    4. -nero-
      I don't want to be divisive here and I know this may be an unpopular opinion but what about marketing the game overseas I think that would be a big help don't you guys.
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    5. Myke
      I don't think that's being divisive at all, and in fact, was the point of my quote: SEGA absolutely need to push this game overseas more so than they have done in the past. Other FG companies (Bandai Namco, Capcom) have already set a precedent for global engagement and should be the minimum standard SEGA should aspire to, and hopefully, exceed.
    6. kungfusmurf
      Why pay for it when the community outside of JP are doing it for them, as well getting free feedback & ideas from the interactions among players as well as JPs. They already know how much time & money they need to spend to revive this Meme & they won't.

      VF still retain it's title as Top Tier FG after seeing the reception of ES. If someone else made a completely revolutionary FG that made VF look like Tekken. Watch them go all in & without any hesitation.
    7. Tha_FeauchA
      One can only hope. With the FGC on a whole being fairly big, people gravitate towards other fighting games when they come out. It's just a matter of keeping them there.

      Different strokes for different folks, but fairness and mechanics in a fighting game became an issue for me. VF5 is what got me back into fighting games (they really need to bring some movement options back) because it just felt like I can't get pinned down forever and I can fight back. Just comes down to guessing right on the constant dice rolls after every move is landed or blocked.. Every fg has something you have to work around, in VF it'd probably be
      [2][P] . Not letting players see and decline or accept matches definitely made this release lose a chunk of players. The legendary [2][P] becomes a ridiculous issue to fight against because that's (in my opinion) one of the 4 basic cores of VF.
      4. [P][+][G]

      The 3 fastest moves moves from each height and throws. Knowing the frame data for those is just about the extent of my knowledge (lol). After that it's just a dice roll on what you try. I don't know what the heck a spinning back fist from x character is on block or hit, but it still comes from one of these 4 seeds. You always have to factor in human reaction time, but dealing with those seeds and everything that grows from them in a bad connection is just a horrible experience. In my opinion, this game does have a good netcode when your connection to someone else is good. How to make that happen more often is beyond me, as is why when I'm connected to two different people from NY, and we're all wired, why is one connection silky and the other connection rough.. But, being able to choose possible good connections and decline bad ones is a must on release day to help keep players for the next VF.
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    8. Tha_FeauchA
      VF6 will have a stage when it releases. After that burst that VF5US had, people will at least look at VF6 when/if it releases. Add those 4 basic cores to a tutorial that shows people what can happen after each of those hits and blocks. And when you strike back with each of those after they hit or are blocked. It's simple, but why not add it with everything else they have in the tutorial. Show people how to beat and use those 4 things. The game pretty much blossoms out from those 4 things. Show people why with demonstrations and let them try to copy the demonstration.

      Speaking of tutorials, there needs to be demonstrations with inputs shown for them and the command training. For all of it. Not just some things.. It's frustrating to have to look outside of the game to figure out how to do what the game wants you to do. You don't want to put that wall up for new players.

      Needs a good single player mode like VF5 had, for players to practice with characters and get used to them. Don't lock items behind the single player mode, though.

      It's obvious but super important to have a good online experience. I love the new Samurai Shodown game, but I can't even play it because the online is so bad.

      Knowing how to play a game and having a good online experience helps make a game fun. And that's what's needed to keep people.

      And this is nit picky and personal, but, I would like to be able to cancel all of the dashes again. To my knowledge/with my attempts, we can't fuzzy guard backwards anymore, or cancel back dashes with forward dashes either, among other things we can't cancel into. Pretty sure we could do those things in VF5.
    9. akai
      backdash and forward dash can be canceled by evade and attacks
      forward dash can be canceled by G
    10. Tha_FeauchA
      Yeah, but they removed those other options and that throws me off, lol. Because you used to be able to get pretty loose with the movement in VF5. I would just like em back because that's one of the reasons VF became my favorite fighting games. The freedom of movement you had and how nice it felt to not be restricted. Sure there's still things we CAN do, but they also removed somethings we could do. Last I "heard" was because they wanted to have backdashes punished harder when hit or something along those lines.

      Not going to act like it's vital, or that I've played all 3D fighting games, but that's part of what made VF special/stand out in another way for me. They took it from me, and I politely ask for it back, lol :D
    11. beanboy
      I think if sega didn't stay a bit silent on VF for so long, and if they didn't remove alot of moves, throws and attacks in VF5 FS, I think they might have sold over 40 million plus units by now. But 18 million units is still good to hear.
    12. MadeManG74
      You think they could have sold 22 million copies between VF5FS and VF5US?
    13. Adam Gibson
      Adam Gibson
      Well, VF5FS was a decade ago so we might have been up to VF7 or 8 by now.
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    14. beanboy
      If they didn't do what I mentioned above, it is possible they might have sold close to that number, like probably 15 million units. And as Adam mention, we might have had a VF7 and VF8 already, which would have made more sales.

      VF5 FS and VF5 US are not bad games, but certain things sega did to VF, which in a sense kinda even extends before VF Final Showdown, which I mentioned above, kept alot of players away from both games, and games that were released before, which could have been, a big potential increase in sales for VF and sega. A few people and VF players, mentioned it on Max's VF5 US stream in June. And they brought up alot of valid points too. Including sega catering to esports, which turned people away from the game too. Because no one wants to hear Wolf, or Eileen, or Akira, or Vanessa, being nerfed again, to be esports/evo friendly. And not everyone is a fan of evo/Sony, or what is categorised for the past 2 decades, as esports friendly fighting games, like literally.
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    15. masterpo
      Virtuafighter 5 Ultimate Showdown

      10 million downloads:eek: If Sega/RGG had included a decent Single Player Mode e.g. Quest Mode, A 16 player Tournament mode for VS mode that supported player vs cpu, player vs player, and cpu vs cpu along with all of the customization from VF5FS 30 to 40% of those 10 million downloads would still be actively playing VF5US today. There would have been plenty of time and money to beef up the e-sports online portion of VF5US. It was a massive marketing mistake to prioritize e-sports over Single Player and Offline VS Modes.

      Sega and RGG had VF5US in front of 10 million potential VF converts, and the best they had to show the 10 million players was a bare bones online rank mode and a player match lobby. What a wasted opportunity:mad: 10 million downloads:confused: and no real content for newbies and casual players. o_O Its highly likely that most of the 10 million downloads were totally new to VF and what did Sega/RGG show the newbies? A bunch of killaz in Rank Mode, and Player matches.:(. No player profiles in Single Player. No player profiles in Vs Mode:whistle: Absolutely nothing to catch the imagination of millions of noobs that downloaded VF5US.:zzz: All the content was aimed the hardcore , hard as nails , competitive VF players which probably only accounted for 8 to 12% of the 10 million downloads.:cautious:

      With the game in front of 10 million players it would have been the right time for Sega/RGG to show off:

      • Quest Mode
      • Kumite Mode
      • The VF Announcer
      • An Extended Tutorial Mode
      • License Mode
      • Trainable/Adaptable AI
      • Underground Tournaments
      • Tournaments for Offline VS Mode
      • Single Player Profiles
      • Offline VS Player Profiles

      Sega could have then made a killing by adding the e-sports modes as 3 separate $99 DLCs

      There would be 10,000 viewers watching VF on Twitch TV right now if they had prioritized Single Player and VS modes:cool:

      I dunno if we'll ever get another shot like that:notworthy:
    16. MadeManG74
      I agree with most of what you're saying, but now you're just taking the piss, m8.
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    17. masterpo

      Well, if Sega/RGG were to offer the Single Player, VS Mode options that I have listed I would gladly pay for them in 3 installments $99 each. I don't care much about the online stuff (never did) .:meh: But I assume the people who live just to play online would pay to support the game.

      $99 DLC - Quest Mode + Underground Tournaments + All the Customizations + VF 5 Announcer, option to turn off hit sparks, advanced tutorial

      $99 DLC - VS Mode 16 man tournament player vs player, Cpu vs Player, Cpu vs Cpu
      VS Mode Player Profiles, VS Mode Replays

      $99 DLC Single Player: Kumite Mode, Trainable AI, Team Battle Mode, License Mode,
      Single Player Profiles, Single Player Replays & Ranks

      @MadeManG74 I would buy these 3 DLCs. Maybe not all in one day:LOL: But I would definitely buy them:X3:

      For me that would be paying $300 for the Ultimate Virtua Fighter Game. Hell yeah, I'd drop $300 for my dream VF.

      That's the thing about us folks who are down with the Single Player experience, we are willing to spend the money:cool: If Sega/RGG would realize that, VF would be a better game for everybody:holla:
    18. beanboy
      $99 dlc is way too much. I wouldn't pay that even for other fighting games. If I had to pay that amount for dlc, the game better be super good, and not an overhyped, fake, nerfed down fest, like what is out there these days.:p

      But I get your point, especially when it concerns, the single player modes.

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