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Fifty shades of [K][K]

Discussion in 'Lion' started by Chibitox, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Chibitox

    Chibitox Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

    I thought I would share some tactics I «discovered» during Dojo about the multiple uses of [K][K]. I'll try to order it from most basic to most advanced.
    Most basic is -13 punishment moves or -15 if you feel you are a bit late for 3P+K.
    Second is as an almost guaranteed folowup to 6P+K+G, P on couch hit.

    [K][K] near fences.
    One of the other important properties of this move : it can RO people over medium fences. That makes it a pretty good reverse nitaku if opponent just blocked your move with their back against the fence. The max distance it will work is about 1.5 char away from the fence, experiment with it ! The fact that the move is so fast (almost same startup as P) will give him a good chance of sucess if you use it after blocked multi hit strings where opponent may hesitate before retaliating after blocking the first hit (ex 66P+KP, 3P+K+G,PPP, 8KK strings).

    Guard cancel techniques near the wall.
    The first [K] of [K][K] hit is guard cancelable, which allows Lion to do kick cancel defensive options (see GT's post about defensive techniques).

    It means that until-9 you can use this move to somewhat negate the risk of reverse nitaku. You will be able to escape all immediate throws and only get hit on NH in case opponent uses a mid attack.

    This technique proves very useful with Lion near the wall as your opponent may try to use a switch position throw after blocking your attacks. Some chars have two directions for those type of throws so you cannot always guess right but using this tecnique kindah eliminate the guessing.

    You can use the « surprise effect » of going through the throw and use your own throw just after. Using this with 46P+G throw with opponent back to wall will give you a wall combo opportunity !

    Fuzzy guard attack option select
    With all characters, for moves that allow you to use fuzzy guard on block, you can use a defensive technique like fuzzy-> attack option select that is descibed here :

    The concept is to avoid throw/mid guessing game and to punish a throw attempt only if it occured and simply block the mid in the other case, with the same input. The speed attack used to punish the the whiffed throw has to be fast, otherwise opponent will be able to block after the whiffed throw. Jabs or 46P moves are often the most reliable options.

    With Lion and KK this can be very useful since the move is super fast. Where it becomes interesting is that if the first K hits the opponent on minor counter (wich is the case in this scenario), its damage will go up and allow it to become a wall splat move !

    So near the wall you can do things like :
    Elbow (blocked) fuzzy attack OS with [K] and get a wall splat if opponent tried to throw you or simply guard if he used a mid.

    Even better as we saw earlier you can use [K][K] to ring people out over fences (it’s harder to do because the second K has a chance to come out after a blocked mid because of the buffer)
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