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Harada's Bar Fighting Game Gathering

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Mar 26, 2022.

By akai on Mar 26, 2022 at 12:40 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Update April 1, 2022 - Harada's Bar invited both VF5US Chief Producer Seiji Aoki and pro player Tokido to discuss a variety of topics. The first episode was released on March 26th and the second episode on April 2nd.

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Mar 26, 2022.

    1. SSfox
      Haven't watch Harada bar episode since a while, but definitely planning to catch this one.
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    2. akai
      Quick Notes about the Episode:
      - Both Aoki and Tokido second appearance at Harada's Bar

      - This is Aoki meeting Tokido for the first time.

      - 18 million of VF series / 10 million download of VF5US

      - Tokido and VF. Only interest in beating an opponent in VF was with VF2. Against his cousin that he sees twice a year or so.

      - Aoki asked why he chose to play the Street Fighter series. Tokido chose to play the Street Fighter series, because of the people he wanted to meet and play against was playing Street Fighter. Harada sums it up - the community.

      Talk Theme - New release
      - Street Fighter 6 Teaser - Tokido "about time" -
      - Tokido is the type of player that "eats whatever the maker serve." Not someone who voice his opinion. Just want it to be popular.

      - Harada: The more competitors' products sale, our products sale. Especially for arcade games. Harada avoids talking about his own game. :)

      - Virtua Fighter - Aoki - of the big three game series VF have the lowest number (1,2,3). Harada - if miss the opportunity presented now, it would be a big mistake.

      - Aoki - we are thinking about the next game. Have deep discussions internally. Next game may not be called VF6. A reboot of some sort maybe...think contents before name.
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    3. JCnextinc
      It's interesting how Harada thinks VF just missed the opportunity. When Aoki just want to change everything and reboot the series (get rid of 6 and make VF PSO2/low budget game with micro transactions and not a new numbered series.

      Harada respects VF and knows how HIGH QUALITY VF is. Its depth its history and DNA.

      For people who thought that all these changes like new cartoonish hit FX and Tekken collaboration were not a big deal and wouldn't influence VF's future, now this is kind of a confirmation if we let him do whatever he wants and not the old team we love (Daichi KATAGIRI Makoto OSAKI who are fighting games players and VF connoisseurs unlike Puyo Puyo Esport producer )
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    4. akai
      If you are reading my cliff notes as the base for your opinion, I have edited it to be more grammatically correct. From what I saw in the video, it was more of Harada saying don't miss this opportunity to make the next VF.
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    5. Blessy
      That's a bit of a stretch saying Aoki wants to change everything.

      So far he has:

      - Changed the colour of hit effects
      - Added costumes
      - ?

      You forget that AM2 worked with RGG on this game, and many members of AM2 either don't work for Sega anymore or work in RGG.

      I get that you don't like the game, and that's fine, but making stuff up doesn't help anyone.
    6. JCnextinc
      I was also reading some japanese comments like:

      "I'm happy to see how Tekken became so popular with an "unpopular Gameplay";)

      Proof there no No need to change everything Aoki San.
      Just bring back single modes.
      Fun Tutorials and trials
      Mini Games
      Story mode. (people loved cinematics in Tekken! The best way to get familiar with characters )
      Fighting games HAVE TO have super Charismatic characters.
      Casuals and mainsteam LOVE to see groundbreaking and impressive visuals.

      So please , mr Aoki (You did a good Job with VF japanese community and communication) but please don't disfigure our beloved game. This is not Puyo Puyo Esport :(
      Yes you can be more ambitious and make VF technically super impressive again.

      VF was always a gorgeous game ahead of its time. :love:don't mimick outdated effects or other games.
      VF is SEGA's History.
      VF is SEGA's reputation.
      SEGA's corporate image.
      SEGA's TECHNICAL showcase by tradition.

      It's different times different era. With all this new Twitch E sports social medias thing old VF games could have met a wider audience. As usual SEGA was too early.Just a question od opportunity
      Don't disfigure the game
      Take the opportunity without betraying all what VF is, please.
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    7. Shinobi
      Really enjoyed the show. Great episode from Harada. I always see the glass half full, so I'm very pleased to hear that ten months after the release of VF5US, Aoki and his team at SEGA continue to discuss about the next installment of the VF series. For real. I think it is time...
    8. Dragonps
      A prequel could be pretty cool, similar to what Capcom did with SFA series.

      You're really reaching here, nothing that was said remotely reflects this in anyway.
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    9. JCnextinc
      I understand your point but
      Capcom had TONS of fghting games PLUS their main Street Fighter IP. SEGA burried all their old fighting game franchises.
      Nothing comparable.

      If you think Aoki doesN't think of a free to play? watch the Round table stream.
      Even Harada and Daisuke ISHIWATARI Freaked out. :ROTFL:

      If you think PSO couldn't be a standard for future games, be prepared my friend.

      You want another franchise to do like Capcom..?
      Ok Bring back Fighter Megamix and do ALL what you wanna do.

      You can also bring back last Bronx to be SEGA's Soul Calibur. But don't do whatever you want with VF please..!
      Don't mess around with VF . VF is the ONLY SEGA game that is above the competition.
      Nintendo has ZElda breath of the wild ,Mario.
      SEGA had VF! :love:
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    10. masterpo
      Nawl m8, you have to read or watch all of Seiji Aoki's interviews. He originally had added way more Hit Effects and they were more Dramatic, and he was talked down by older players and other team members. VF5US's graphics and hit effects according Seiji own words had to go through many watering down iterations before it reached its current level of VF defacing. If Seiji Aoki is not put in check, its entirely possible (and likely) that the next game that he puts out should of course not be called VF6, or Virtua Fighter at all:cool: TBH I prefer that he just put out a totally new game and call it something else altogether. He could make it a Judgment spin off:meh:
    11. SSShinji
      VF old main numbered series (VF1, 2, 3, 4, 5) only sold a total of 8 million units across "three" console generations (Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3). While those numbers are not necessarily bad considering they were sold on the Saturn and Dreamcast platforms, which did not sell as well as SEGA's other console competitors at that time. It is still pale in comparison to Tekken, which sold a total of 53.5 million units across "four" console generations. Thanks to the success of "Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown" for the PS4, VF now sold a total of 18 million units worldwide.:D(y)

      As mentioned in the video, the word "Virtua" came from "Virtual" which was a popular keyword in the 1990s and it might not be as popular in this day and age.

      Anyway, I'm very excited about this and looking forward to the future title! It's About Time!! If they could incorporate some of VF DNA into this new title, give it a proper budget, and amplify the gameplay to 100, this could be a New evolution just like what "Virtua Fighter" did in the 90s.

      Giving it a title like "Virtua Fighter 6" would limit the level of creativity that could go into the development of this new title. Especially with some old fans, mostly in their 30s now, who keep sending backlash and complaining about "Hit Sparks" over and over again, seriously??? lol xD ... Moreover, some of these fans don't even care about bringing new fans into the series. They stuck with "VF Old Traditions" too much, saying "if you don't like how it plays then go somewhere else" ... this is not the way to do business and bring in new fans for sure. :X3::X3:(y)
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    12. nou
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    13. JCnextinc
      Correct. I think VF would had another fate if SEGA didn't fail in the console business.
      If' VF wasn't an saturn /Dreamcast exclusive (2 big economic failures ) the game would have more recognition for sure.
      What sades me is that there are people think that the game didn't do super well because of its intrinsic qualities/properties(VF is too hard , is too technical not flashy enough) which is really unfair.

      Tekken isn't a game easy either. Like said this comment from a japanese player "I m happy to see a game Like Tekken being super popular, even with unpopular gameplay" (Japanese translation sorry)
      Last edited: Mar 26, 2022
    14. Zero-chan
      In an ideal world Aoki would add enough colored lighting to make 00s PC FPS games look restrained and all the people who get their panties in a bunch about it would fuck off and go play VF3tb on fightcade instead and leave the rest of us alone

      Of course that isn't going to happen because some people have more fun bitching about VF than playing VF
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    15. masterpo
      Well, if we're lucky, and cross our fingers, and play our cards right, we just might get that color:ROTFL:
    16. Dragonps
      Bruce approves.gif
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    17. shad
      Really nice interview, "Shin virtua fighter" Haha !

      2023/2024 will be crasy for fighting games. The third era of golden age i think (SF6, Tekken 8, project L, and hopefully "Shin" Virtua fighter etc.).

      Sega has to really push creativity and not hold back talents if they want to success. VF5us might not be popular, but the 10 million downloads shows at least that people are interested with 3d vs fighting games and there is a window for a ambitious sequel to take a sit to the throne.

      Also every main 2d and 3d fighting games has took a major revolution at a point.

      - Tekken 3 (story) and Tekken 4 gameplay from Tekken 2
      - Soul Calibur from Soul Edge. Soul calibur 5 from Soul Calibur 4.
      - 3.3 from SF2
      - Garou from Fatal fury

      As VF isn't very popular to young audience, with not so many veterans to play the game now, it's win/win to do so. I'm very curious what would be the period of time choosed for the sequel of VF... That kind of revisiting or jump from the past is very interesting and good to give a cool identity to a game.

      As a "reboot", i do think a well scripted mix universe which could associated the most charismatic characters of the franchise (VF, Yakusa, Shenmue, and Street of Rage) would not hurt the sales of this sequel...
    18. Myke
      For more related reading: Tokido's Virtua Fighter Origin Story
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    19. JCnextinc
      I think keeping the Name Virtua Fighter 6 would be nice.

      If we have the chance to see Virtua FIghter (The godfather of 3D fighters) just after Street Fighter (the godfather of 2D figters )new release , and both being numbered "6" :love: it would be awesome..

      (And all algorythms would work like FREE MARKETING! ;) )

      Don't rename the game, Aoki San.

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