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New Information Special for VF5US - December 4th

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Nov 23, 2021.

By akai on Nov 23, 2021 at 8:12 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Updated December 4, 2021 - In a live stream, Sega revealed information related to VF5US downloadable content, game update, season 0 events, and additional VF-related products!

    Thes stream starts off with an exhibition match between Gakusei Sarah & Haato-sama (winners of the 1st Challenge Cup U19 & FREE, respectively). This is followed by a Legends Kumite with the viewers. The last segment of the stream contains the VF news!

    Yakuza Collaboration DLC Pack -
    Available for purchase on December 8 for 1,100 yen (~10 US dollars). For a more detailed look at the Yakuza collaboration please check out the Virtua Fighter x Yakuza post! The pack will include:
    • Addition of 650 customizable items (From previous Final Showdown items and new items)
    • Addition of Costume D Type for the 19 characters.
    • Yakuza series costumes for the 19 characters.
    • 20 Yakuza series BGM
    • 20 Virtua Fighter 3 Arrange BGM
    • 40 additional stamps

    Costume D and Additional Items

    Stamps and VF3 Arrange Music. A preview of all 40 stamps can be seen on Game Watch (scroll to the bottom of article).

    Game Update
    Some upcoming updates to the game were also revealed:
    • The weekly Regular Tournament Mode (still in Beta) will change its matchmaking to prioritize "players' compatibility"
    • Fix an issue of the rank gauge bonus from the Tournament Mode to be saved to your account immediately.
    • Added a new Room Mode option to cancel an ongoing Tournament, League, or Team Battle within the room.
    • Currently, at certain angles, the walls of a stage becomes invisible. In the next update, the walls will now be semi-transparent!

    Challenge Cup 2
    Season 0 of Sega's official VF events continues next year! The second half of Season 0 will have the same format for the FREE Challenge Cup portion. In addition, the winner and runner-up of the Challenge Cup will have the option to get a pro license with the Japan e-Sports Union (JeSU). VFes is officially a licensed title of the JeSU, thus making it easier for pro-licensed players to compete for prize money legally in Japan. Seiji Aoki would like to increase the amount of pro licensed VF players in the future. Information about JeSU and additional details on the subject came from both Asahi News and Hochi News.

    Instead of an Under 19 division that had a smaller turnout in the first portion of Season 0, Sega has chose to increase the age limit to 22 or younger (U22) division.

    VF-related Products
    Available on Christmas, three alcoholic products by the Shiraito Sake Brewery will have unique VF-related labels for 11 of the characters. Like some of the other VF-related products announced a couple months ago, the availability of this product outside of Japan is unclear.

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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Nov 23, 2021.

    1. def
      Just curious, would this new information come late at night the 3rd EST time? If I understand correctly, Japan's time is ahead.
    2. akai
      Correct, Japan time is ahead. For those living in North America, the time would be 6 AM EST December 4th.
    3. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      let's hope it's not just the new customization items.
    4. beanboy
      Besides the customization items, I'm curious to see if there are updates for anything else.:)
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    5. masterpo
      The problem with online-only games is that when there is nobody online, the game is unplayable. The arcade mode on VF5US just don't cut it. VF5US has no real Single Player option. The online players are only there on certain days at certain times. I truly hope on December 4th they talk about a real Single Player mode.

      It was a massive mistake to focus on online first (or only). They RGG/Sega should have released a solid single player experience, and then added the solid online experience. If they had done it this way VF5US would have a 10 times the number of players than it has now.:cry:
    6. akai
      Updated first post with the youtube link. The schedule is to have an exhibition match and legends kumite first. The VF news will be at the end of the stream.
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    7. masterpo
    8. notinthemood2000
      My hopes are so high for this announcement. Hoping for a Quest Mode announcement and a customization update (that's pretty much confirmed)!
    9. def
      I know customization items and(at least) D costumes are a given. Hopefully they will release tomorrow. I'm also hoping for single player content. I hope for better online such as which opponent you are about to face when agreeing to a match (I figured some people disagree to a match even though I know I have not faced them, usually I had just started searching and that happens). Hopefully a release on other systems including nintendo switch. Is the exclusivity with Sony (PS4) temporary a confirmed deal or is it not known?

      Edit: Also I'm guessing we will find out the news during the night to early morning tomorrow (EST)?
    10. Shinobi
      VF3 music, new costumes and items, plus Yakuza costumes. Nice!

      Attached Files:

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    11. Tha_FeauchA
      Nice nice nice! Even get a Yakuza soundtrack.
    12. Shinobi
    13. akai
      I think I will wait a couple more hours before updating first post. Saves me the effort of translating :D
    14. akai
      First post updated with the rest of the VF news beside the DLC pack.
    15. beanboy
      The VF3 music was a surprise.:holla::D
    16. Tricky
      I'm so happy to see transparent walls come back. My taco stage skills were just rubbish without the wall visibility. Taco Tuesday about to come back
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    17. JCnextinc
      Finally Classic hit effects with Transparent walls. <3
      At least give us the choice.

      Ultimate showdown Special effects should be Customizable to make VF look like VF again.

      Don't change VF tradition of beauty and elegance for ever Aoki san :(
      VF has to be the most beautiful game with clean and realistic effects again:
      (Wet Clothes , advanced pysics , grogeous realistic animations , best animation transitions , steam while breathing in cold stages , snow effects , fog ,sweat effect , saliva drops in counter hits..)

      Tradition of avanced technologies , Novelty , cutting edge technologies and innovation.
      But NO old fashion cartoonish outdated hit effects.
      This not improvement. Copy old flashy/cartoonish hit effects we saw on PS1 is not innovation .
      This is NOT vf.

      Make VF Technically the most impressive game again..!

      And single modes is the first step to bring new players otherwise the game is intimidating

      _Quest mode
      _Trial mode
      _VF 4 tutorial
      _combos or trial mode like Guilty Gear XRD tutorial
      _Mini games!
      There are a lot of solutions!

      Like side counters there are a lot of OTHER solutions than copying Tekken's hit sparks :cry:
      Please No..

      Now VF has Blue Yellow red and purple explosion even DOA has cleaner and more realistic hit effects now:(
      Bring back VF tradition of realism and elegance please AOKI San.
      This is not just an E sport game. This is SEGA's History and DNA.VF's DNA.

      Now a lot of people have left SEGA , don't neglet these traditions that could be gone for ever in the future .
      2005/2006 VF 5 was the most impressive game visually and technically. Never forget that.

      At least let us turn this off ,in hit effects customization.

      And thank you for listening fans who supported the series and SEGA since the beginning.
      Last edited: Dec 7, 2021
      masterpo likes this.
    18. masterpo
      AFAIC this is the worst version of the game that ever ran on Playstation. Don't care to play online. And what's left is the most bare bone Arcade mode I've ever seen in a VF game. And the offline VS mode, that has no player profiles, no win/loss counters, no tournament mode, no team battle mode. VF5US is a shadow of the VF Series.

      RGG could have at least given us tournament mode for offline vs. With options for
      player vs player, players vs cpu, cpu vs cpu.:(

      And there is no serious single player modes:mad: All dressed up with no where to go:whistle:

      And they've defaced the beautiful graphics of VF by adding the F@#king Hit Effects. This ugly version of the game is pretty much unplayable for me.(n)

      The new customization options have bugs, bleed through, jaggies, etc and are just lacking.:oops:

      I dunno, maybe the new Dragon engine just could not handle the classic VF options and beauty: Many of the character models are grotesque. Several of the character just look angry.

      RGG has Hit Sparks in Judgement and Yakuza maybe the RGG team doesn't know how to take the Hit Sparks out of VF. Maybe the Dragon engine has to have Hit Sparks. Maybe RGG is not aware of how the Hit Sparks disfigure the VF presentation and ruin the once beautiful VF animations.

      They could have given us an option to turn the hit effects off.:rolleyes:

      I'm extremely disappointed in the whole approach to VF that RGG and AOKI has taken.:cautious: This version is so feature poor, I'd literally rather play Tekken. VF5FS is a the top of my previous list now VF5US is at the bottom of my current list for Arcade Fighters.

      My New list:
      • Soul Calibur VI
      • DOA 6
      • Tekken 7
      • Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown (Virtua Fighter e-sports)
      I'll continue to support the game financially because I hope they can fix things in VF6 if there is a VF6 or add more to VF5US through DLC. But as it stands right now, I'm passing on this defaced, disfigured, feature watered down version of Virtua Fighter:notworthy:

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