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Sign the VF4:FT - Online edition petition

Discussion in 'General' started by Strider786, Sep 10, 2014.

By Strider786 on Sep 10, 2014 at 3:32 PM
  1. Strider786

    Strider786 Well-Known Member

    This is a petition for Requesting Virtua Fighter 4: Final Tuned to be released first on either/both PS3 or XBOX360 and secondarily PS4/PC/XBOXONE, optimised for the chosen platform, with full functioning online features (room, player and ranked matches, like FS) and including the tutorial and training mode from VF4:EVO.


    !!!!!!!SIGN HERE!!!!!!!

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Discussion in 'General' started by Strider786, Sep 10, 2014.

    1. Sozos
      I want VF4ft online edition
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    2. Strider786
      I don't want to hear empty wishes, make the effort to suggest something to include in the letter that'll convince SEGA to put in the effort for us.

      I need reasons why they should release this.
    3. oneida
      4FT is the final chapter in one of the most well regarded series in VF and has gone unplayed by most of the world, including the majority of the VF fanbase. Bringing 4FT to consoles not only allows fans to experience for the first time what some consider the peak of Virtua Fighter, but would also allow the series to remain in the public eye while we all wait for VF6. It has been nearly two years since the last VF console release - VF2 Online - port VF4FT so that a general audience can be more aware of what makes Virtua Fighter unique and worthwhile, while allowing series veterans to have closure on the 4 series.
    4. Strider786
      This is what I'm looking for. Thanks a bunch man.
    5. Pai~Chun
      Give it the same netcode and room options as Final Showdown, and I'll put money and playtime into it, just as I've put raw cash and many hours into a plethora of SEGA cabs, consoles and titles since the late 1980s.

      Pure arcade port of VF3 as well please :)
    6. Strider786
      Like I said, I'm not taking requests.
    7. Pai~Chun
      The whole thread is a request dude.

      How old are you again?

      Post pictures of your SEGA collection, so we/they know you're legit. Ever sat and pumped 50 pence coins into a G-LOC cab? ;)
    8. IcKY99
      this won't happen but I'll sign anyway..
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      Good job on trying to make this happen. I wanted FT for a while now to be on consoles with online. Since FT has not come out on consoles before this will be the time to do it and especially that its a 10 year anniversary for FT this year. So tell them that.
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    10. Riskbreak
      You could write the best petition possible but it all comes down how many people will sign it, and hate to say it but it will be hard to get any respectable number. Still totally worth trying and thumbs up for the effort.
    11. Unicorn
      Yeah, the signatures may be a problem. VF6 will be easier to get people to sign for I believe, but you know, Sega... I am afraid even 3 milions of signatures will not make them actually care :(
    12. Seminasuke
      I'd love to finally try out FT as much as anyone else, but Sega is most-likely just going to point us towards the crummy PSN release of VF4E and call it a day. It's the same reason we won't get a proper HD port of CvS2 (Seriously, Capcom...WHY?).
    13. Unicorn
      Last edited: Sep 11, 2014
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    14. Stl_Tim
      Dear Sega,
      1. Vf4ft was only released in the arcade and so I was forced to buy the arcade kit to play, but now you lease only?? ($2000 out of my pocket for the whole setup)

      2. Having the game I would also like to share this wonderful creation with all my other vfrs.

      3. In my opinion, this is the last and best built vf. Please port this, so the children of the vf5 generation can understand what REAL vf is about.

      4. Do the right thing and and give back to your audience that loves your creations.

      5. If I can donate money towards this project give us an amount to shoot towards.

      6. I wanna be welcomed to the next level, so please make this happen for your truly faithful followers.
      Last edited: Sep 11, 2014
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    15. Strider786
      Thanks guys, I think I got enough ideas to put together the 1st draft. Expect it to be up on the 1st post by Monday.
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    16. IcKY99
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    17. Chinsilver
      the VF4 (4, Evo, FT) is probably regarded as the most balanced of the VF series and having the latest version of the series ported to consoles across europe would only enhance and increase the popularity of the series despite it not being as combo friendly as Vf5.

      So yeah, the gist of what I'm trying to point out is that it would give fans who have only played FS to experience what 5 came to be.

      • P.S good Idea, cant hurt to try :)
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    18. DurViener
      Already signed it. More FGs on PC is never a bad thing.

      On topic, I can't see an FT port being anything other than terrible. That VF4E version on PSN turned out horrible, and that shit WAS ported. Not to mention that other old FGs that were ported on the 360/PS3 that incorporated online turned out to be shit, like SF3:3SOE, SCIIHD, and many other 2D fighters.

      You're better off asking for VF6, since that actually would have a chance to have a decent netcode, and not be glitchy as hell
    19. MarlyJay
      Evo on PS3 wasn't really a proper port. The just released a copy of the PS2 version on PS3 using their weak software emulation. All the PS2 games done the same are bad.

      I think the idea is to ask for a proper optimised port of VF4:FT. No reason why it wouldn't play well if it was done properly.
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