"Someone needs to reboot VIRTUA FIGHTER" - Ed Boon

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Feb 12, 2020.

By Myke on Feb 12, 2020 at 5:44 PM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Ed Boon, the co-creator of Mortal Kombat & Injustice and creative director at NetherRealm Studios, recently echoed what the entire VF and perhaps the greater Fighting Game community have been wanting, needing, requesting and even demdaning: "Someone needs to reboot VIRTUA FIGHTER".


    Ed is not the first notable gaming figure to publicly address the lack of a new title in the Virtua Fighter series. Tekken Director, Katsuhiro Harada made a similar acknowledgement and went so far as to cheekily suggest that even if Bandai Namco created the next VF, that VF fans would still reject it purely because it carried the Bandai Namco badge.

    Every now and then, a buzz can be heard around the social-sphere about a new VF, from fans to industry heavies alike.

    Is SEGA even listening?
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Feb 12, 2020.

    1. MadeManG74
      Surprisingly pointed post from yourself, @Myke
      I don't know how I'd feel about a reboot specially though.
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    2. masterpo
      :cautious: I dunno, the video game industry has changed so much since VF was released on consoles. I hear the new PS5 is going to have AI built into the operating system that will basically(heavily) induce micro-transactions on customers.

      The last thing I would want to see is VF turned into a live service with micro-transactions baked in.

      The next to the last thing I would want to see is VF with rage art, rage drive, and meters. I'm really truly afraid the pressure would be on AM2 or whoever to make VF look like Tekken 7 (because of Tekken 7's current popularity and sales) and that would be a disaster:mad:

      So as much as I would like to see a new VF, I'm captious. Especially of the term 'reboot':eek:

      I would much rather just have Virtua Fighter the Ultimate Edition that had

      • Team Battle from VF3tb
      • AI mode and Kumite mode from VF4
      • Dojo, Training Modes, and Underground Tournaments from VF4 EVO
      • Announcer , Quest Mode from VF5
      • Scoring Mode, Sparring Mode, License Mode ,VS, Online Mode from VF5FS
      • Customizations from VF5FS

      Make it for Current Gen, Next Gen, and every Gen after that . That would be good enough.

      Naw:( I'm scared of a reboot. Just give me an ultimate edition with all of things VF has already done right all in one game. Make that game the standard ultimate VF and then leave it alone.;) And just let it sell year in and year out all around the world. It won't break any sales records, but it will pay for itself and generate a respectable profit.
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    3. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      SEGA is scared, just inject a $30-50 millions budget for VF6 you billionaire sleepy compagny !

      It would be so sick to see VF characters again with next gen and 4k graphics...

      VF5/VF5FS already feels a bit like a reboot right ?
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    4. MDog
      I agree with Ed Boon that there should be some kind of Virtua Fighter release, but I disagree on a "reboot" and also think his games are pants.
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    5. MadeManG74
      I think his games are good for what they are, in fact I think he does single player content and casual content better than anyone else by a country-mile. It's also the reason that MK outsells every fighting game consistently too.

      Having said that, I don't think he could do a Virtua Fighter game justice, but nice to see he's a fan.
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    6. Ali
      I like Ed's MK and relatively Injustice too. It's a totally different game than the usual Japanese fare.

      I don't agree with him tho. I think his tweet should have been "SEGA needs to do a VF6".

      I just can't imagine anybody else other than AM2 doing this.
    7. masterpo
      This is so correct. And for some reason the single player and casual content thing seems to escape some of the big fighting game producers.

      Yes the online community keeps the fighting game's name in the news 'so to speak' but the single player and casual content is what sells millions of copies. TBH once those copies are sold they are sold and even if there was no online play, the money is made. But when online modes are included, the online community does kick in and does help keep the name alive, until it comes time to sell the next release. But if these fighting games continue to diminish single player and casual content, each release will sell fewer copies until its no longer profitable to make fighting games (regardless to the success of the e-sports activities):cool:

      For example Tekken 7 has sold a lot of copies and many many many players purchased it assuming/hoping that it would have at least as much single player and casual content as Tekken 6. Once they found out that it didn't , it was too late. But the hope remains that somehow Namco will release through DLC or update or something the missing single player and casual content. But if they don't, and the missing single player and casual content never finds its way into Tekken 7, then Tekken 8 sales (If There's a Tekken 8) will suffer dramatically.

      There's an old shaolin saying: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. :LOL:
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    8. JCnextinc
      No need to Reboot the game even with the argument of "everybody's getting too old and Lau's desease" etc..
      It's a video game. But for people ho really care for the story the time line , just make it to be a tournament 1 year after the last one for instance.

      All modes you've mentioned are very good ideas. But 'm not against MORE solo content to appeal casuals and a realy good story mode to highlight how elegant charismatic and well designed are VF characters.(Sega has a huge brand new Mo Cap Studio the biggest in Japan.Use it now It wouldn't be that expesnsive regarding team Ryu Ga Kotoku already working a lot and experimented. Things could be done very fast now.)

      The lack of story was a problem to bring more people to VF.It's sad to see People who don't know the game still say that VF characters are bland bla bla

      A good story mode can put a good higlight and beautify even very ugly Tekken's characters (PAUL Jack Kuma Nina Devil jin throwing lasers and farting etc... moving like marionnettes.oh god.. ) So imagine what we could do with VF..! :).

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    9. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      In fact VF characters are godlike and so catchy that you really want to play them all...
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    10. masterpo
      @JCnextinc You're right. Even though the game has a very big focus on individual and unique fighting styles. Each character has a story and a stage and there is a big focus on the character's story and the stage. So all three are also important in VF.

      People call VF bland because there are no explosions, fireballs, special moves, whirlwinds, or sparks. But the lack of all of that Bull$hit is what makes VF elite and superior.:cool:
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    11. GustavoHeisenberg
      I hate to say it but VF6 would need/have BS DLC to be profitable, games are very expensive nowadays.

      I think their best business model could be free to play with only 3 characters, +6 with gamepass/psnow, the rest would be DLC packs. 2 for €120.

      BTW I only became a VF fan because of the 360 demo that got me to play as Akira and Blaze.
    12. masterpo
      No man! Developing a brand new game from scratch can(or might) be expensive. But Sega AM2 already has character models, animations, graphic assets, motion capture data, stage designs, and OST for the Virtua Fighter series. They already own all of the key licenses and patents. They already have the reference port that was made for Yakuza 6 Besides all that the software development tools, and game engines available today are easier to use, and simplify and streamline workflow like never before.

      Sry dude, on the contrary an upgraded VF should be cheaper to make now than at any time in the past.

      Also all that games are expensive to make $hit is mostly Bull$hit propaganda than these game publishers use to rape the $hit out of consumers. You want to know how easy it is to make a game. Download and work with Unreal Engine , or Unity, for a couple of weeks. If you've got graphics skills get Blender its free. I'm not saying that Unreal Engine, Unity, or Blender is all there is to it, but they should give you some idea what developers are working with.

      Many of the costs have to do with licensing, internationalization, etc. All of which Sega AM2 already have most of the ownership of for Virtua Fighter.

      So no man! No need for micro-transactions, or DLC to pay for the game. Just think about it, a functional Virtua Fighter was included for free in this Gen's Yakuza 6:holla:

      Don't believe the hype, just say no to micro-transactions, say no to season passes, say no to live service gaming. They're bad for gaming, and bad for gamers:mad:
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    13. beanboy
      Reboot? Dude,.....Heck no.
      I'm kinda sick of reboots. Continue the story from where VF5 left off, and no stupid nerfs and missing moves in VF6 please.
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    14. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      Just make a new VF as good as the previous ones.
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    15. GustavoHeisenberg
      I get your point but I doubt many assets would be portable/reusable.

      VF5FS looks like arse compared to Tekken 7 and MK11, so it would need unreal engine 4's graphics engine - which isn't cheap.

      Porting what is a decade old game in VF5FS isn't going to cut it with the casuals - hate it or love it, they make things profitable.
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    16. masterpo
      Good point,

      But have you seen real engine licensing options lately?

    17. MadeManG74
      It looks better than those shit-shows.
    18. Unicorn
      I am quite convinced reboot is the way to go.

      In order to succeed, new VF will need to appeal to people outside of "core" community (which is incredibly small). Doing it through "hey here is 6th installment of the game you never played!" will make it harder.

      Also, modern FGs needs single player content in order to succeed. While I believe Quest mode from old times will be PERFECT for this, you are also expected to have story nowdays. VF6 will make it hard, while "VF Reboot" will be able to reuse all the story arcs that where never in game but in other resources.

      As for the look, while VF5FS looks still good (not great for sure) in it's own terms, it have many issues that are expected to be nonexistant nowdays. The graphical "reboot" is necessary.
      On other hand, may assets are reusable for sure: the motion capture data in VF are awesome and definitely will work with pretty low effort. Character models IMO are good enough to be used as "core" for new ones which can be modeled out of them instead of from scratch. Arenas on other hand will need to be done from scratch.

      Anyway, while I will LOVE to see VF6/Reboot, I am very skeptical for 2 reasons:
      1) Sega stopped VF6 development at least 3 times already. I doubt they will start for the 4th time again. Not to mention their focus do not seem to be set towards FGs anymore and let's be honest - VF might a great brand when it comes to "added value" but pretty poor as for "monetary value". Sega did a LOT to kill it.
      2) If there will ve VF6/Reboot, I doubt it will be anything like older VFs. It will either be made by "outsiders" not from AM2 who will see VF heritage in many things but not in the overall "clean" gameplay I believed most of us loves most out of everything about this game... Or it will be done by AM2 but in "modern terms" which requires simplifying, spectacularity and flashies. Overall, I am quite sure new VF will be nothing like VF4/VF5 oin terms of gameplay. You may get same characters with same moves under same inputs, but the game system will be completely different. It may be good still, but it will NOT be VF as we know and love it.

      So, to sum it up:
      I will love to see new VF game. I will buy and play it for sure.
      On other hand, I am very sure this new VF will be nothing like VF we have and love currently.
      And I am convinced new VF will not happen, at least not in close future
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    19. Coroo
      truthfully i think now is the best time to get them to work on a new game. this community is fudging great. they do what they did with the release of 5:FS with the weekly shows. but take more input from the community, maybe peroidically bring memebers of that local vf scene to test out and we get their inputs and help us all get hyped. i agree with mostly everyone ideas. i want a return to quest mode.

      i rather have closer to Evolution's rather then 5's because the older varient had more to do. dispite less arcades to visit. i loved loved the underground turnys ^_^ honestly speaking while i enjoyed the setup for our outfits and whatnot. it's 2020 they need to step up their game abit more. maybe make that 10 point system change to 20. or something. i want more win poses, and if at all possible i want a return of classic stage. say what you will about tecmo and the tekken devs when they revisit old stages they make it pop. that's all i'mma say. XDDD
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