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Tekken 7 Collaboration DLC Pack

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 30, 2022.

By Myke on May 30, 2022 at 9:49 PM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    The Tekken 7 Collaboration DLC Pack, previously teased around 2 months ago, has been formally announced and will be available from 1st June 2022 on the Playstation 4! Read on for all the details on the contents of the DLC, character and BGM assignments.


    English Trailer

    Japanese Trailer

    Tekken 7 Collaboration DLC Contents
    • 19 Tekken 7 Character Costumes
    • 20 Tekken 7 BGM Tracks
    • Tekken 7 Battle UI
    • 2 Tekken 7 Collaboration Titles

    Tekken 7 Collaboration Character/BGM Details
    Below you'll find all the Character assignments and stage BGM!

    Akira Yuki
    Tekken 7 Costume: Kazuya Mishima
    Tekken 7 BGM: Dojo 1st
    image52.png image60.jpg

    Aoi Umenokouji
    Tekken 7 Costume: Asuka Kazama
    Tekken 7 BGM: Inari 1st
    image46.jpeg image61.jpg

    Brad Burns
    Tekken 7 Costume: Claudio Serafino
    Tekken 7 BGM: Violet Systems
    image48.jpeg image62.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: Alisa Bosconovitch
    Tekken 7 BGM: A Grain of Sand
    Note: Thrusters will always be shown
    image50.jpeg image70.jpg

    El Blaze
    Tekken 7 Costume: King
    Tekken 7 BGM: Attack on Rhythm 1st
    image51.jpeg image71.jpg

    Goh Hinogami
    Tekken 7 Costume: Bryan Fury
    Tekken 7 BGM: Precipice of Fate 1st
    image49.jpeg image63.jpg

    Jacky Bryant
    Tekken 7 Costume: Paul Phoenix
    Tekken 7 BGM: Lonesome City Jazz Party 1st
    image44.png image64.jpg

    Jean Kujo
    Tekken 7 Costume: Jin Kazama
    Tekken 7 BGM: The Motion
    image53.png image78.jpg

    Jeffry McWild
    Tekken 7 Costume: Marduk
    Tekken 7 BGM: Poolside (Curvaceous Mix)
    image57.jpeg image65.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: Lars Alexandersson
    Tekken 7 BGM: Abandoned Temple Final 1st
    Note: Cape omitted
    image56.png image66.jpg

    Lau Chan
    Tekken 7 Costume: Heihachi Mishima
    Tekken 7 BGM: Empty Your Mind 1st
    image54.png image67.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: Eddy Gordo
    Tekken 7 BGM: Glow
    image55.jpeg image68.jpg

    Lion Rafale
    Tekken 7 Costume: Violet
    Tekken 7 BGM: Duomo Di Sirio 1st
    image45.jpeg image69.jpg

    Pai Chan
    Tekken 7 Costume: Lili
    Tekken 7 BGM: Jungle Outpost 2
    image43.jpeg image72.jpg

    Sarah Bryant
    Tekken 7 Costume: Nina Williams
    Tekken 7 BGM: Arctic Snowfall 1st
    image41.jpeg image73.jpg

    Shun Di
    Tekken 7 Costume: Lei Wulong
    Tekken 7 BGM: Moonsiders 1st
    image42.jpeg image74.jpg

    Taka Arashi
    Tekken 7 Costume: Bob
    Tekken 7 BGM: A-U-N 1st
    image58.jpeg image75.jpg

    Vanessa Lewis
    Tekken 7 Costume: Master Raven
    Tekken 7 BGM: Equator Line 1st
    Note: Scarf omitted
    image47.jpeg image76.jpg

    Wolf Hawkfield
    Tekken 7 Costume: Armor King
    Tekken 7 BGM: Distorter 1st
    image59.png image77.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: N/A
    Tekken 7 BGM: Metallic Experience 1st

    Get ready for the next battle!

    What do you think of this collaboration with a major rival? Are you happy with the Character and BGM assignments? Let us know your thoughts below!


Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 30, 2022.

    1. Hobo-Jho
      No balance patch or netcode updates?!? Yes! Just what I always wanted!
    2. smbhax
      This is the lowest VF has ever been.
    3. MadeManG74
      I personally don't want balance changes, the game is fine IMO.
      Netcode update is a massively expensive and time consuming update, I doubt it'll ever happen.

      I think it's a cool idea to have more costumes for the game, it's a good way to add some content that doesn't negatively affect gameplay.
      I personally don't really like Tekken aesthetics so I'll sit this one out, but it's nice to see more cosmetic options made available.
      Chanchai and ToyDingo like this.
    4. SUGATA
      The game needs its BASE update:
      - SAVE REPLAY with FRAME DATA displaying and BWD/fwd scrolling. It needs for analysis, for cyber sport. The most prev VFs and many other fightings has this one. VF5US does not
      - promised mode: Team battle with round counting.
      - bug fixes: room netcode indicator, search rooms filter bugs, matchmaking options.
      - in training frame data display for BOTH fighters not only for the player.

      The T7 DLC is the most frustrating dlc from the release:
      - no any new items or costumes from FS
      - the most costumes are wrong: Goh, Jacky, Lei fei, Kage, Taka, etc
      - less content than in prev Yakuza DLC.
    5. Razinoff
      OT but there is no such thing. It was never promised. They announced round counting as the tie breaker in case of a tie between multiple players, which is already implemented in leagues etc, as promised.

      There, wasted my special first vfdc message on this.. but it just might be worth it if I don't have to see that point in every thread now.
    6. SUGATA
      You are wrong. 2nd variant TB with round counting was promised by Seiji Aoki when he announced TB and League update, he said it will be added later.
      League is a different thing.
    7. Adam Gibson
      Adam Gibson
      I thought Kage would have a yoshimitsu costume. Very disappointed.
      VanguardBronze and WolfKing like this.
    8. SSShinji
      One-Year Anniversary update without meaningful additions or improvements to animations, gameplay, stages, or anything else besides cosmetics.
      I understand where this is going now until the second anniversary. Most likely, it's going to be just more cosmetics, soundtracks, and more collab outfits DLC. Then VF6 or the New titled game would be revealed during VF5US/VFes 2nd Anniversary in 2023.
      SEGA is currently in full force developing the next VF successor! :X3::D(y)
    9. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      Seiji Aoki talked about some news in June, so can we expect something next month or the Tekken DLC was "the news"?
    10. SUGATA
      The only thing we can do is to ask Seiji Aoki, SEGA, VF team to make better the game's BASE, not only the customization!

      For ex, i asked in twitter for more cybersport features:

      "Add the SAVE REPLAY feature + display FRAME DATA + FWD/BWD frame-by-frame skipping = like in VF4Evo and later VF games! This is important for cybersport analysis and for new and pro players to learn the game and matchups! Add SAVE REPLAY feature in Room Spectator & VFtv on Title screen!

      Add display FRAME DATA for BOTH players in Training (player and AI), not only for player. Now in VF5US we dont have the way to analyze frame data of matchup! Or release this as a paid DLC - any price!"

      Here is the links, so you can post your wishes under Devs' new posts - do it! Posts here on VFDC unfortunately will not help us...




      @Myke what about to create a new Wishlist for VF Devs, for giving them a RIGHT direction of "2nd year support plan for VF5US"?
      VanguardBronze likes this.
    11. SSfox
      Weird choice for some, i would have put Lei Fei as Feng Wei and Kage Maru should've been Yoshi
      VanguardBronze and GreatDeceiver like this.
    12. VanguardBronze
      I can't get over Brad as Claudio.
      masterpo likes this.
    13. SDS_Overfiend1
      Sega went Hard Af to incorporate BGM and even UI. DOA actually added VF characters in their Game. You couldn’t do ANYTHING to push the game forward after 12 years? The more I think about it. This isn’t a good look. I’m not bashing it cause I exercise my option not to buy it but…….. I’m like Tekken is your competition sega. Instead of updating the whole game in which you had a year… You choose to celebrate Halloween in June. This shit is beyond stupid. Instead of giving us the whole Customization from FS in which we can make Tekken costumes they do this. Please I’m sorry… don’t mind me y’all. It’s head scratching. I would’ve rather Last Bronx or Fighting vipers customs. Eff you Sega. You making this fanbase look stupid af and taking us for a joke.
    14. masterpo
      Yea for me its very hard to look at.....

      We definitely should have got the rest of the VF5FS customization before getting this, and its not clear to me whether we should have ever gotten Tekken. There are characters from

      • Fighting Vipers
      • Judgment
      • Shenmue

      that could have been added that would have not made us the laughing stock of the FGC. I can see it now some of the famous Tekken streamers are going to have a field day with this:(
      SDS_Overfiend1 likes this.
    15. break
      Wow, took a break from playing but this is an exciting discovery !
      Looking forward to getting back into the game now and seeing all of the cool customizations.
      Hope that we get a Street Fighter DLC this year.
    16. SDS_Overfiend1
      This is what I’m saying…. The joke is gonna be relentless. Virtua Fighter is the lil brother wearing the big brothers hand me downs. In 12 years we Got a new version of a old stage. I’m thru with Sega.
    17. nou
      Not giving Lion the Lucky Chloe outfit was the only miss with this DLC. I didn't mind the Lars costume as much as I thought I would, even though it still has a little of that Tekken-chonk to it. Everything else is cool!
      masterpo likes this.
    18. RawrCookie
      I noticed something! That Tekken character designs is really untraditionally cool compared to VF characters that are so basic and boring in style. VF designs needs refresh. Also Tekken BGM & UI is better than ultimate showdown.

      It would've been better if Tekken handled VF5US aesthetics and AM2 handled game balance lol at least Tekken doesn't have this large weight gap that do not gives your light weight character any advantage in back or this foot position that affect your combos cause this is so stupid, not a fun add and unfair. That's why for me VF5FS is a bad a game wise compared to its previous sequels. It made tier list gap and its categories rating even more manifested.

      But since SEGA are obsessed now with aesthetics so much; instead of adding tons of petty DLC that you even can't customize their parts and only comes as a separate skin to milk money and ignore important stuff (Not saying customizations isn't fun part that should be invested in) why they don't fix characters creepy faces first?! They literally ruined my favorite character face lol i don't recognize her anymore she looks like someone granny with crooked jaw! She is the most one who was treated bad in ultimate showdown.

    19. masterpo
      @nou It makes sense that you would favor the Lucky Chloe outfit...

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