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Tekken 7 Collaboration DLC Pack

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 30, 2022.

By Myke on May 30, 2022 at 9:49 PM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    The Tekken 7 Collaboration DLC Pack, previously teased around 2 months ago, has been formally announced and will be available from 1st June 2022 on the Playstation 4! Read on for all the details on the contents of the DLC, character and BGM assignments.


    English Trailer

    Japanese Trailer

    Tekken 7 Collaboration DLC Contents
    • 19 Tekken 7 Character Costumes
    • 20 Tekken 7 BGM Tracks
    • Tekken 7 Battle UI
    • 2 Tekken 7 Collaboration Titles

    Tekken 7 Collaboration Character/BGM Details
    Below you'll find all the Character assignments and stage BGM!

    Akira Yuki
    Tekken 7 Costume: Kazuya Mishima
    Tekken 7 BGM: Dojo 1st
    image52.png image60.jpg

    Aoi Umenokouji
    Tekken 7 Costume: Asuka Kazama
    Tekken 7 BGM: Inari 1st
    image46.jpeg image61.jpg

    Brad Burns
    Tekken 7 Costume: Claudio Serafino
    Tekken 7 BGM: Violet Systems
    image48.jpeg image62.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: Alisa Bosconovitch
    Tekken 7 BGM: A Grain of Sand
    Note: Thrusters will always be shown
    image50.jpeg image70.jpg

    El Blaze
    Tekken 7 Costume: King
    Tekken 7 BGM: Attack on Rhythm 1st
    image51.jpeg image71.jpg

    Goh Hinogami
    Tekken 7 Costume: Bryan Fury
    Tekken 7 BGM: Precipice of Fate 1st
    image49.jpeg image63.jpg

    Jacky Bryant
    Tekken 7 Costume: Paul Phoenix
    Tekken 7 BGM: Lonesome City Jazz Party 1st
    image44.png image64.jpg

    Jean Kujo
    Tekken 7 Costume: Jin Kazama
    Tekken 7 BGM: The Motion
    image53.png image78.jpg

    Jeffry McWild
    Tekken 7 Costume: Marduk
    Tekken 7 BGM: Poolside (Curvaceous Mix)
    image57.jpeg image65.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: Lars Alexandersson
    Tekken 7 BGM: Abandoned Temple Final 1st
    Note: Cape omitted
    image56.png image66.jpg

    Lau Chan
    Tekken 7 Costume: Heihachi Mishima
    Tekken 7 BGM: Empty Your Mind 1st
    image54.png image67.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: Eddy Gordo
    Tekken 7 BGM: Glow
    image55.jpeg image68.jpg

    Lion Rafale
    Tekken 7 Costume: Violet
    Tekken 7 BGM: Duomo Di Sirio 1st
    image45.jpeg image69.jpg

    Pai Chan
    Tekken 7 Costume: Lili
    Tekken 7 BGM: Jungle Outpost 2
    image43.jpeg image72.jpg

    Sarah Bryant
    Tekken 7 Costume: Nina Williams
    Tekken 7 BGM: Arctic Snowfall 1st
    image41.jpeg image73.jpg

    Shun Di
    Tekken 7 Costume: Lei Wulong
    Tekken 7 BGM: Moonsiders 1st
    image42.jpeg image74.jpg

    Taka Arashi
    Tekken 7 Costume: Bob
    Tekken 7 BGM: A-U-N 1st
    image58.jpeg image75.jpg

    Vanessa Lewis
    Tekken 7 Costume: Master Raven
    Tekken 7 BGM: Equator Line 1st
    Note: Scarf omitted
    image47.jpeg image76.jpg

    Wolf Hawkfield
    Tekken 7 Costume: Armor King
    Tekken 7 BGM: Distorter 1st
    image59.png image77.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: N/A
    Tekken 7 BGM: Metallic Experience 1st

    Get ready for the next battle!

    What do you think of this collaboration with a major rival? Are you happy with the Character and BGM assignments? Let us know your thoughts below!


Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 30, 2022.

    1. masterpo
      @RawrCookie let it all hang out bro... Obviously Seiji Aoki and RGG agree with you;)
    2. shad

      Tekken 7 (WOWWOWWOW) musics are very weak compared to Tekken 3,4,5 and even 6. All VF5 musics are great and fit very well the spirit of the game, love the new ones on US (a bit modernized but still melodics)
      On the Picture you choose, Us Eilleen face is way better (better eyes, more human and les alien kind).

      Lucky Chloe is more close to Eilleen than Lion in term of fighting style.

      My review on the last dlc :

      Beside, i like most of the costumes, Love El blaze and Vanessa . Some choices are really odd (Pai, Jacky, Taka, Eilleen, Leifei). Bob clothes aren't floating enought, Shun di doesn't look like Lei wulong with that costume, they should have pick his traditionnal one. Overhall I think they did a pretty good job on. So it's ok but...

      Still I'm quite disappointed with the content and the way it arrives without significant patch.

      First of all, The dlc comes way too late (2 mounths and half after the announcement) and it's really inappropriate to release it right on the anniversary date of VF5us. Out of flavor and it seems like a trick to justify not offering anything more (a bit like a parent offering a late birthday gift on Christmas day to his kid...).

      Also, the critical issues that everyone has been screaming about for a year still haven't been fixed (wifi indicators, replays, etc.... Even additions that wouldn't require too much effort are still absent (original mode solo, Dural playable offline, VF1 stage legend playable online, possibility to toggle off hit sparks against cpu, etc.)

      I'm probably going to buy it because I'm weak but good god it's not reassuring...

      On the content, it's still cosmetics all the way that only requires graphic designers, and the content is increasingly meager... In addition to the costumes, there may have been a way to include at least one real character from Tekken and adapting it to VF philosophy. Lydia would have been a great choice for example, cause she fits well VF martial art spirit. Where the fun Sega ?

      Another missed opportunity, while we had a VF1 stage in the DLC legend, it would have been nice to put a Tekken stage with some modifications for the ring out or the breakable walls, not too complicated... (Dragon's nest would have been a great choice in terms of flavor with the dragon engine ^^).

      It's good to make money, maybe it will attract some casuals but at some point after 1 year after the game's release and 12 years without having anything in terms of creativity, Sega has to move is ass !
      Sega must propose things to build the legacy of the game and make the artist Sega talk, the one who offer pioneers break through ideas to players : Update moves, at least one real new character, new stages with moderate updates for old ones, etc Well, thing that require design choices. It would allow to build some bases of the future VF6 for the better thanks to the feedback of the players much like Capcom did with Luke on SF5. I still pray for that happend and for the actual cosmetic pattern doesn't repeat endlessly.
      Last edited: Jun 2, 2022
    3. SDS_Overfiend1
      That’s why FS had a robust customization system. To make bland 15 year old outfits look good. Tekken basic outfits ain’t that far ahead of VF. Come on now lol.
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    4. ICHIBANin10000
      This is the best Tekken Characters have ever looked. It attracts more Tekken players to VF. I'm not gonna lie , I hated Master Raven in Tekken 7 because it subtracted one of the few Black male characters from Tekken. Vanessa in Master Ravens outfit looks fucking sick , though, so it changes my perspective on the character.
    5. DepressedHippie
      I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I have really come to dislike character customization in fighting games. The visual appeal use to be a selling point of fighting games, as they use to be the visual show piece of their respective console generation. But now I find them all visually unpalatable. I mean, I can't play Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter or DOA without seeing people seemingly vomit a rainbow out on to the characters and subjecting the world to them. In fact I think I rarely see the default cast at all when it comes to Soul Calibur and I think that's not only detrimental to the game but potentially irreversibly harmful to it's brand. This is also the reason why I dislike guest characters as well , and this DLC pack happens to check both those boxes, so this is a hard pass for me.
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    6. GustavoHeisenberg
      I wish we had a PC version, we could add more options
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    7. SSfox
      Yeah, both don't have the same personality at all, but i guess their logic here it's because both being italians.
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    8. SUGATA
      Strange logic. What is the logic for Lei = Eddy Gordo? At least half of the cast are missed and failed.
    9. Dreamboat
      both lei fei and eddy gordo do weird dancing around that frightens and confuses the unwary
    10. masterpo
      No the logic of which characters got which skins is really based on folks who are detached from and don't care about the history and prestige of the Virtua Fighter series.

      Clearly the people involved in the decision making are not familiar with Virtua Fighter folklore. They are not familiar with the Virtua Fighter martial arts styles. They are not familiar with the Virtua Fighter World Martial Arts Tournaments. They are not familiar with the Virtua Fighter character movelists. Their decisions were made as outsiders to the game and they made correlations between Virtua Fighter and Tekken using shallow, superficial and naive connections and comparisons. In some cases the choices were simply arbitrary. They couldn't figure out who should get what so they just randomly assigned a skin to this or that Virtua Fighter character as an after thought.:cautious:

      Someone had specific ideas for Jean, Akira, and Lau, and the rest were all more or less random. After looking at the entire Virtua Fighter x Tekken debacle, its apparent that Seiji Aoki and RGG really don't know what direction to take the game in, and at this point they are totally grasping at straws:meh:

      I would have rather had Ed Boon be the producer of the next Virtua Fighter he obviously has passion for the game:holla:


      I'd rather have fatalities than this Hit Spark heavy, Tekken-lite BullSH#T:mad:
      Last edited: Jun 6, 2022
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    11. MarlyJay
      Tbf this idea probably started with 3-5 cast members only then they realised they should do everyone else. I admire this bit of work. It looks well done and is actually fitting for a game I consider VF: Tekken edition anyway. I'm just disappointed time was spent doing this and not fixing the broken stuff in the game.

      People will say maybe this will fund fixes but my question is what has been fixed since the last DLC pack (Yakuza) that improves the end user experience?
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    12. akai
      Got to play the game yesterday, and the Tekken pack costumes are well done, imo. I am not familiar with PC mods to games. If people are already making stuff to that level for other games, color me impressed.

      I don't think the money gained from these DLC packs funds the fixes. As for fixes that improves the end user experience since December...
      • pause option for an ongoing room tournament, league, team match
      • quality of life fixes to the beta tournament (which unfortunately is still in beta and apparently need more work done to it, imo!)
      • fixed the "You are 10 years too young" 10th-Kyu Akira bug and Shun drink desynchronization issues.
      • apparently fixed an issue for PS4 spectators watching a room match between 2 PS5 users.
      I admit, mostly minor fixes/updates only. Sunday online play after the update, the only time I could not spectate a full match was due to a player getting disconnected mid-match.
    13. SSfox

      Also just notice they gave Pai Lili's outfit, i would have give her Ling's personally.
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    14. masterpo
      Anybody that knows both games and are familiar with both styles would have given Pai Ling's outfit. The fact that they paired Pai with Lili is just further evidence that the decision as to which VF characters got which Tekken skins was for the most part arbitrary and based on a whim:meh:
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    15. SSfox
      It's weird, but i don't really care tbh. At this point for me they just need to set VF6 right and not fail hard like they did with VF5US, VF6 need to be top notch. After so long and the V5US hard fail cf. God aweful netcode, insane lack of cosutmization, ect and all this after the LONG LONG WAIT also, they can't afford another fail no more.
    16. SUGATA
      Guys, lets talk honestly: the post release support of VF5US is terrible. This is a fact.
      After 1 year:
      - 2 cosmetic DLCs (Legacy is not counting b/c was on release), which are nit required too much resources.
      - many QOL bugs are not fixed
      - the most requested features are seems even not in development (not announced), for ex Save replays w frame data.

      NRS with Ed Boon is the best at the moment company from post release support of the game pov. MK11 has all QOL features which VF5US must to be have: save replay, in game frame data, fighting patterns analysis, single player modes, many different modes aka challenges, in depth tutorials, story, huge customizing, etc
      - MK11 has 17 huge patches during 1st year VS 11 mostly minor patches VF5US
      - many combat packs for loyal price
      - many in-game events
      Last edited: Jun 6, 2022
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    17. masterpo
      VF5FS was fully ported customization, modes and all to the PS4 at the release of Yakuza 6 and maybe even before then.:holla:


      VF5US was supposed to be a celebration for the Sega 60th anniversary. However, since Seiji Aoki and RGG already had a complete port of VF5FS they could have just released the Full Port of VF5FS for the PS4 and the Xbox in celebration for the 60th. The fans for both PS4 and Xbox would have been totally happy with the full port.

      Obviously, Seiji Aoki and RGG had different plans for VF from the start. They wanted to begin the process of redefining the Virtua Fighter series as something other than what it is.

      For the first time in the history of the Virtua Fighter franchise Seiji Aoki and RGG changed the iconic Virtua Fighter series by putting in the game:
      • Yakuza Skins
      • Tekken Skins
      • Tekken Music
      • Tekken UI
      • Red, Purble, Blue and Yellow Tekken; 7 (or SF 6) style Hit Sparks
      @SUGATA It was never about giving the fans what they want like QOL replays with frame data, or roll back netcode, or all the customization and modes from VF5FS. The full port was already done under Yakuza 6 maybe earlier. They could have easily gave PS4 and Xbox fans what they wanted. It was never about that. :cautious: VF5US was meant to begin the rebranding and redefinition of the Virtua Fighter series so that it would be more contemporary with the Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 6 (yes RGG knew what SF6 was going to look like). There's a lot of insider espionage:ninja:

      They're using the VF streamers, and Twitch-Tv streamers to prop up the game while they switch things over and rebrand VF.

      Seiji Aoki and RGG wants the new Virtua Fighter series to appeal to a new generation of gamers. They really don't GAF about all the old VF heads, the old VF veterans that played VF over the last 2 1/2 decades. Seiji Aoki and RGG are ready to take the Virtua Fighter series into a totally different direction. :mad: And VF5US is the beginning of that process The next generation is more open to exploitation by micro-transactions and NFT's


      Seiji Aoki was put in charge to take out the old and bring in the new:sneaky: For Sega its all about rebooting the Virtua Fighter IP into a more profitable offering based on current video game monetization schemes

      So folks its not about satisfying all the old veterans than want Roll Back Net Code, Replays, Better Dojo Practice options, QOL fixes to the rooms, Frame Data for both the player and the computer, or more modes. Its not about that. Its about re-branding Virtua Fighter as something very different from what we all came to know as Virtua Fighter.

      For proof , all you have to do is see a Virtua Fighter match featuring Alisa vs Master Raven with a Tekken UI , listening to Tekken music, with Red, Purple Yellow , and Blue hit sparks and it should be obvious that this is an attempt at re-branding and re-defining the Virtua Fighter series.:mad:

      The problem is this re-branding won't work. Tekken has their style on lock. VF will never have the budget to be a better Tekken than the original Tekken. Tekken will always win that fight. Street Fighter has their style on lock. VF will never have the budget to be a better Street Fighter than the original Street Fighter. The Virtua Fighter niche is its roster of unique and authentic fighting styles, balanced engine and ;no nonsense clean visual presentation and graphics. That's what VF is good at and known for. If Virtua Fighter abandons that, its all over. :whistle: The only thing left would be for VF to be marketed as a mobile game with predatory micro-transactions.

      Somebody (Maybe Ed Boon) other than Seiji Aoki and RGG needs to step in an save the franchise while its still possible to save:oops:

      Seiji Aoki, and RGG are taking the Virtua Fighter series in the wrong direction. At this rate there won't be a viable VF community in 2024:notworthy:
      Last edited: Jun 7, 2022
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    18. SUGATA
      Sadly, i agree.
      I think VF needs another producer than Seiji Aoki. The producer which will push the VF series forward VIA its VF-specific exclusive features, but NOT via mimicry to any other fighting series:
      - by authentic, more realistic gameplay with innovative 3D mechanics
      - by more realistic photorealistic presentation
      - by innovative graphics technology.

      Only when VF will stay and be SPECIAL, not like others - only then it will survive. It requires brave risky decisions, but not copy-past others which looks successful atm.
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    19. masterpo
      @SUGATA VF4 introduced the idea of a trainable AI. in addition to your suggestions the next VF should innovate on this AI for the training Dojo not only with advanced frame information, but more advanced attack and defensive setups, more advanced mixups by the AI, more advanced wall situations, etc. The innovation could be extended to not only the AI's attacks and defenses but 'stored scenarios' for example setting up scenarios where player is facing:

      • down by 2 rounds (come back scenarios)
      • opponent is using rush down, high pressure
      • opponent plays distance and uses hit and run tactics
      • opponent uses advanced combo setups to end up with ring out opportunities
      • opponent is throw happy (opponent uses primarily throws)
      • opponent uses primary low attacks with throw mixups, etc

      using these kind of 'stored scenario templates' in combination with an adaptable AI would set Virtua Fighter way ahead of anything anybody is doing. If Sega/RGG wants to make VF e-sports then they should take it all the way. VF should have advanced dojo with maximum frame and scenario information and scenario practice. Adaptable scaleable AI, And the player profile should store statistics in (Ranked, VS, SP modes) on:

      • Win/Loss
      • Failed Throw Escapes
      • Successful Throw Escapes
      • Avg # Dropped Combos per match
      • Avg # Carried Combos per match
      • % 3 hit combos for matches won/loss
      • % 4 hit combos for matches won/loss
      • % 5 hit combos for matches won/loss
      • % 6+ hit combos for matches won/loss
      • % of wrong guesses in 50/50 for matches won/loss
      • Number of 3 hit combos allowed for matches won/loss
      • Number of 4 hit combos allowed for matches won/loss
      • Number of 5+ hit combos allowed for matches won/loss
      • % of matches won in under 2 minutes
      • % of matches loss in under 2 minutes
      • Top 5 character nemesis (Top 5 characters you lose to the most in ranked order)
      VF4, VF4EVO and VF5 gives the player strengths and weaknesses analysis. The new VF could use legit (but simple) machine learning to give a similar but more accurate, useful and comprehensive player assessment;) The new Virtua Fighter should add a new AI based dojo coach mode.:cool:

      The next Virtua Fighter could distinguish itself and carry on the Virtua Fighter tradition by just being better than the competition at the very idea of a 3D arcade fighting game.

      There is no need to play follow the leader with Tekken and Street Fighter. VF has always been superior and everybody knows that (except Seiji Aoki):whistle:

      VF should be leading the pack, not following Tekken and Street Fighter:mad:
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    20. JCnextinc
      @RawrCookie Tekken looked like trash in comparison of Virtua Fighter 5 in 2005 bro.

      Tekken has maybe improved with time but you still have these ugly legacy designs like Paul hair, Jack's proportions. Farting Bears Pandas and devils wings.
      Ridiculous stances. A lot of characters like Nina has this weird rigid stance like sh'es has a bromstick stuck in the ass.:ROTFL:
      It still looks like a Korean/Chinese game rather than a real Arcade Game (When Japanese where the best devs in the wolrd )

      Physics animations and transitions are WAY WAY better in VF. I hope they'll NEVER change that to please wider audience or Tekken exclusive players who feel EVERYTHING different than their game is or bad design or bad mechanics or whatever.

      Foot postion , weight stage postion is the beauty of VF like in a real martial fight!

      It doesn't take that much to learn except if you just want to mash buttons , do your random set ups regardless of on hit or guard,whatever the position as if you were just playing street fighter..
      If they remove all that depth in VF then just ask for bars,supers and other bullshit to replace that depth

      Let Tekken be Tekken and let VF be VF.
      VF is not unfair . Just learn how to play the the game.
      Last edited: Jun 8, 2022
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