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Tekken 7 Collaboration DLC Pack

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 30, 2022.

By Myke on May 30, 2022 at 9:49 PM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    The Tekken 7 Collaboration DLC Pack, previously teased around 2 months ago, has been formally announced and will be available from 1st June 2022 on the Playstation 4! Read on for all the details on the contents of the DLC, character and BGM assignments.


    English Trailer

    Japanese Trailer

    Tekken 7 Collaboration DLC Contents
    • 19 Tekken 7 Character Costumes
    • 20 Tekken 7 BGM Tracks
    • Tekken 7 Battle UI
    • 2 Tekken 7 Collaboration Titles

    Tekken 7 Collaboration Character/BGM Details
    Below you'll find all the Character assignments and stage BGM!

    Akira Yuki
    Tekken 7 Costume: Kazuya Mishima
    Tekken 7 BGM: Dojo 1st
    image52.png image60.jpg

    Aoi Umenokouji
    Tekken 7 Costume: Asuka Kazama
    Tekken 7 BGM: Inari 1st
    image46.jpeg image61.jpg

    Brad Burns
    Tekken 7 Costume: Claudio Serafino
    Tekken 7 BGM: Violet Systems
    image48.jpeg image62.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: Alisa Bosconovitch
    Tekken 7 BGM: A Grain of Sand
    Note: Thrusters will always be shown
    image50.jpeg image70.jpg

    El Blaze
    Tekken 7 Costume: King
    Tekken 7 BGM: Attack on Rhythm 1st
    image51.jpeg image71.jpg

    Goh Hinogami
    Tekken 7 Costume: Bryan Fury
    Tekken 7 BGM: Precipice of Fate 1st
    image49.jpeg image63.jpg

    Jacky Bryant
    Tekken 7 Costume: Paul Phoenix
    Tekken 7 BGM: Lonesome City Jazz Party 1st
    image44.png image64.jpg

    Jean Kujo
    Tekken 7 Costume: Jin Kazama
    Tekken 7 BGM: The Motion
    image53.png image78.jpg

    Jeffry McWild
    Tekken 7 Costume: Marduk
    Tekken 7 BGM: Poolside (Curvaceous Mix)
    image57.jpeg image65.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: Lars Alexandersson
    Tekken 7 BGM: Abandoned Temple Final 1st
    Note: Cape omitted
    image56.png image66.jpg

    Lau Chan
    Tekken 7 Costume: Heihachi Mishima
    Tekken 7 BGM: Empty Your Mind 1st
    image54.png image67.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: Eddy Gordo
    Tekken 7 BGM: Glow
    image55.jpeg image68.jpg

    Lion Rafale
    Tekken 7 Costume: Violet
    Tekken 7 BGM: Duomo Di Sirio 1st
    image45.jpeg image69.jpg

    Pai Chan
    Tekken 7 Costume: Lili
    Tekken 7 BGM: Jungle Outpost 2
    image43.jpeg image72.jpg

    Sarah Bryant
    Tekken 7 Costume: Nina Williams
    Tekken 7 BGM: Arctic Snowfall 1st
    image41.jpeg image73.jpg

    Shun Di
    Tekken 7 Costume: Lei Wulong
    Tekken 7 BGM: Moonsiders 1st
    image42.jpeg image74.jpg

    Taka Arashi
    Tekken 7 Costume: Bob
    Tekken 7 BGM: A-U-N 1st
    image58.jpeg image75.jpg

    Vanessa Lewis
    Tekken 7 Costume: Master Raven
    Tekken 7 BGM: Equator Line 1st
    Note: Scarf omitted
    image47.jpeg image76.jpg

    Wolf Hawkfield
    Tekken 7 Costume: Armor King
    Tekken 7 BGM: Distorter 1st
    image59.png image77.jpg

    Tekken 7 Costume: N/A
    Tekken 7 BGM: Metallic Experience 1st

    Get ready for the next battle!

    What do you think of this collaboration with a major rival? Are you happy with the Character and BGM assignments? Let us know your thoughts below!


Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, May 30, 2022.

    1. masterpo
      The only 3D arcade fighter that ever really competes with VF IMO is Soul Calibur. It was always a true competition between AM2 and Project Soul

      Soul Calibur is VF's true nemesis. Soul Calibur has if not better graphics, certainly equal graphics The 8 way run system in Soul Calibur is second to none. The character design in soul calibur are superb. The fighting system in general rivals VF. I would always give VF the edge because it did not have all of the fireworks and on screen pyrotechnics that Soul Calibur had. But now..... now that VF has Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow large hit effects on screen. I may have to change my ranking. I see Soul Calibur slowly moving into first place as VF sucks the D!@# of Tekken.

      VF's graphics are superior to Tekken's. They always have been. The VF fighting engine is superior to Tekken it always has been.

      VF's character models are superior to DOA's character models, but DOA's stages give VF stages a run for the money. Reasonable people could legitimately argue about the overall graphic presentation between VF and DOA. VF's fighting engine is superior to DOA's fighting engine. VF's balance is superior to DOA's balance.

      VF's graphics are not superior to Soul Calibur. Soul Calibur's character models are either equal or better than VF's. Soul Calibur's stages overall are superior to VF's stages. Soul Calibur has a monster fighting engine.

      And if we're talking about bang for the buck, Soul Calibur is a better and bigger game overall. It has much better customization than VF. It has more modes than VF. Its graphics are amazing. Its music is amazing. Its story modes are amazing. I suspect VF's roster may be more balanced than Soul Calibur's. Soul Calibur's lore and back story are second to none. Soul Calibur's animations and motion capture are superior to VF animations and motion capture. Soul Calibur has an active online community. Soul Calibur is more fun...:ROTFL:

      If I were stranded on an island and could only have one game and I had to choose between VF and Soul Calibur, I would choose Soul Calibur simply because of all it has to offer.

      Now that VF has hit sparks.,., It no longer has that advantage over Soul Calibur.

      If Soul Calibur had no hit sparks, it would have been superior to VF in almost every way.

      But reasonable people could argue who's the best between these two games and it would be a legitimate argument:)
    2. akai
      Is this the first time Jean has eyebrows that is not white?
      masterpo likes this.
    3. shad
      At least, VF made Paul Phoenix a better martial artist...
    4. masterpo
      I think this is the first time Eileen has had full fingered gloves;)

    5. MarlyJay
      I've been asking for streets of rage dlc this entire time. Infact given the structure of the packs, give us a Sega generations dlc. With skins for all of the main Streets of Rage characters, as well as Shinobi, golden axe and whatever else. Now that would be sick.
    6. SDS_Overfiend1
      A lot of the customs for the original cast can be made in FS. I have a Axel Jacky custom and a Adam.
      JCnextinc likes this.
    7. nou
      This is what I made in FS or at the very least, close approximations. Even in US, Shinobi callouts can still be made. I'd rather Sega pulls from Sega though. While I like the T7 dlc (still haven't purchased it), I'd rather see other Sega series featured in the game.
    8. JCnextinc
      Hire this man SEGA..!

      Or take notes for god sake..! :cry:
    9. ProximoDius
      How did you get these screens from customisation menu?

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