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Ultimate Showdown - Lion Rafale Resources

Discussion in 'Lion' started by DomAug, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. DomAug

    DomAug dom Content Manager Lion Bronze Supporter

    Ultimate Showdown Lion Rafale Resources

    IT’S SHOWTIME! If this is your first time browsing VFDC looking for Lion content, welcome! You’re in the right place to get tons of resources for the little Mantis-style pest. Get ready to annoy your opponents.

    This thread will include an abundance of resources for you to get started learning and using Lion.

    Reading Material:

    1. VF5 Wiki

    If you’re new to VF5US or VF games in general, definitely start here. This is a very thorough resource in learning the core fundamental elements of the game. While it was written with Final Showdown in mind, the gameplay of Ultimate Showdown / x esports is identical to that of Final Showdown, so this all applies.

    2. Lion Wiki

    This page will give you a general grasp of Lion as a character, as well as some basic combos to get you started.

    3. Lion’s Best Moves

    VFDC Contributor (and excellent Lion player) @Chibitox created this overview of all of Lion's strongest moves. It’ll give you a great sense of the moves you should familiarize yourself with and master as you progress with your Lion strategies.

    4. Lion Strategy

    This strategy guide, also written by @Chibitox, is a very thorough and detailed look at structuring Lion’s game plan and lists his strengths and weaknesses. Check it out!

    5. Lion Punishment

    I almost want to omit this one because Lion’s punishment game is rather lacking, but nonetheless, you can take a look at the small portion of his Wiki page to get an understanding of punishment options up to 19 frames. I’m only partially kidding about the part about omitting this link.


    1. Lion Command List / Frame Data

    This is your master reference for all of Lion’s weapons and tools. This handy page will list all of Lion’s attacks and provide valuable information such as execution frames, active frames, damage, advantage or disadvantage on guard/normal/counter, sobering capabilities for Shun, and which direction the attacks track, if any. Bookmark this and refer to it often.

    To quote @BlessyVF who quoted @Seidon 'This is worth keeping open while you practice and play. I would personally recommend hitting view in the corner and setting it to a Flat List View so you can have everything on one page.


    When you're on the command list you can sort by the columns at the top. For example, if you click GRD, you can sort based on moves which have the best or worst frame advantage on block.


    This is also useful when looking at other characters’ moves as you can quickly find out what is block punishable.

    Additionally, you can click a move for a more detailed breakdown on it and an image of what the move looks like.


    2. Lion Combo List

    Lion has a very deep bag of tricks when it comes to his combo game, and this page is a great reference for the many situational combos he can use. The page is designed to be as user-friendly as possible; hovering over a symbol will explain what it does too!

    If you're looking for combos against one specific character, you can select that character from the list below to see combos specific to them.


    If you want to find the most damaging combos (well, as much as you can muster with Lion, that is), you can sort the list by clicking the DMG column on the top.


    Watch List:

    I will populate this list with some Lion content creators that I think you should check out. While I am a Lion main myself and create content (Twitch and YouTube), I will prioritize other names below.

    Chanchai: Twitch - YouTube
    @Chanchai is arguably one of the top Lion players in the US. Not only is he a strong VF player, but he also gives out advice to everyone who wants it. He's fantastic to watch for anyone looking for advice in improving or just high level play vs top West Coast VFers. He's very pleasant and plays a strong Lion so definitely check him out.

    Ares-olimpico: YouTube
    @Ares-olimpico is a very strong Lion player in Europe. He contributed a great deal of Lion information to VFDC over the years and uploads YouTube videos of Lion combos as well as his matches vs other top European VFers. He is definitely a wealth of knowledge of Lion so check out his content as well.

    Chopper Lion: YouTube
    Chopper Lion is arguably one of the strongest Lion players in the world at the time of writing this post. He is a top Lion player in Japan and regularly has run-ins with some of Japan's top players and he makes Lion look like a nightmare to play against. He's been uploading some of his battles on YouTube, so definitely check him out.

    Tomalion: YouTube
    If it's not Chibita or Chopper Lion taking the title for World's Strongest Lion, it's most likely Tomalion. Like Chopper Lion, he also uploads some of his matches on YouTube and there's no shortage of quality Lion content here. The man plays such a strong style, so check out his matches.

    This page will be updated with more information as it comes. If you have any Lion information you would like to share, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll throw it in this thread!
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  2. DomAug

    DomAug dom Content Manager Lion Bronze Supporter

    Placeholder for future content...
  3. PoisonKid13

    PoisonKid13 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this Dom! We need to play each other sometime!
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